NYISO Sample Clauses

NYISO. (i) Before commercial operation of the Merchant Transmission Facility: New York Independent System Operator, Inc. Attn: Vice President, System and Resource Planning 00 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Rensselaer, NY 12144 Phone: (000) 000-0000 Fax: (000) 000-0000
NYISO. The New York Independent System Operator, Inc. is the administrator of the wholesale power markets in New York and manages the physical electrical operations of the New York Control Area. NYISO Capacity Market: Collectively, the wholesale markets for capacity administered by NYISO. NYISO Energy Market: Collectively, the wholesale markets for electric energy administered by NYISO. NYSERDA NYGATS Account: The NYGATS account established by NYSERDA into which Seller shall transfer Tier 4 RECs as performance under this Agreement.
NYISO. Developer, and Affected System Operator shall cooperate with each other in good faith in obtaining all permits, licenses and authorizations that are necessary to accomplish the EPC Services in compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations. With respect to this paragraph, Affected System Operator shall provide permitting assistance to the Developer comparable to that provided to the Affected System Operator’s own, or an Affiliate’s generation, if any. Suspension Developer reserves the right, upon written notice to Affected System Operator, National Grid, and NYISO, to suspend at any time all work associated with the construction and installation of the Affected System Upgrade Facilities required for only that Developer’s Large Generating Facility with the condition that the New York State Transmission System shall be left in a safe and reliable condition in accordance with Good Utility Practice and the safety and reliability criteria of Affected System Operator, National Grid, and NYISO. In such event, Developer shall be responsible for all reasonable and necessary costs and/or obligations in accordance with Attachment S to the ISO OATT including those which Affected System Operator (i) has incurred pursuant to this Agreement prior to the suspension and (ii) incurs in suspending such work, including any costs incurred to perform such work as may be necessary to ensure the safety of persons and property and the integrity of the New York State Transmission System during such suspension and, if applicable, any costs incurred in connection with the cancellation or suspension of material, equipment and labor contracts which Affected System Operator cannot reasonably avoid; provided, however, that prior to canceling or suspending any such material, equipment or labor contract, Affected System Operator shall obtain Developer’s authorization to do so. Affected System Operator shall invoice Developer for such costs pursuant to Article 7 and shall use due diligence to minimize its costs. In the event Developer suspends work required under this Agreement pursuant to this Article 3.11, and does not recommence the work required under this Agreement on or before the expiration of three (3) years following commencement of such suspension, this Agreement shall be deemed terminated. The three-year period shall begin on the date the suspension is requested, or the date of the written notice to Affected System Operator, National Grid, and NYISO, if no effective date is spec...
NYISO. The New York Independent System Operator, or such successor or other entity which oversees the integrated dispatch of power plants in New York and the bulk transmission of electricity throughout the New York power grid.
NYISO. SELLER shall use good faith efforts, including the timely filing of required documents with the NYISO, to ensure that the specified amounts of Contract Unforced Capacity are properly credited to BUYER; provided, however, in no event will SELLER be required to contract for, or take any other measure to obtain, additional Unforced Capacity to satisfy its obligations under this Article 4.
NYISO. (i) The Loan Parties will maintain at all times the status of the Project as a “System Resource” and “Installed Capacity Supplier” in the NYISO Markets and comply at all times with any other material requirements for recognition of the capacity of the Project in the NYISO Installed Capacity Market.
NYISO. The Authority shall act as the LSE with respect to the NYISO for the Full Requirements Customers. Each Partial Requirements Customer acknowledges that it is responsible for all appropriate NYISO charges, and that the Authority does not act as the LSE for Partial Requirements Customers with respect to the NYISO.