Nurses Sample Clauses

Nurses. 8.08.02.A Work day for Nurses shall be established by the Building Principal and shall not exceed eight and one-half (8.5) hours including lunch.
Nurses. There shall be a minimum of seven (7) F.T.E.’s Throughout the remaining term of this contract, nurses will be staffed at a minimum ratio of one (1) nurse to 4,000 students. In addition to the above, Canyon Hills School will be assigned at least one full time nurse.
Nurses. Whenever scheduling permits, school nurses shall be on duty eight (8) hours including the duty- free lunch period. When scheduling problems require additional time, nurses shall be on duty (8) hours during a period extending over not more than nine (9) hours. Scheduling shall be the responsibility of a designated administrator.
Nurses. Nurses shall meet and develop a plan for preliminary assignments for the upcoming school year. This plan shall be provided to the Executive Director of Student Support for approval by June 1st. If there is a change in unit member personnel after the original plan has been submitted, the group shall provide an updated plan to the Executive Director of Student Support for approval.
Nurses. Nurses will be in a probationary status during the initial ninety (90) workdays of employment. During this time, the probationary nurse is subject to release or discharge by the District. Information forming the basis for such action shall be made available to the employee.
Nurses. The Superintendent will hire registered nurses with Ohio Department of Education certification/licensure to work as school nurses in the district.
Nurses. All school nurses hired by the School District shall be a RN (Non-BSN or a RN-BSN).
Nurses. Licensed school nurses shall be compensated pursuant to the teacher salary schedule on the appropriate lane and step.
Nurses. An employee with a nurse (2471) or nurse in a northern clinic (2491) job title who assumes the responsibilities linked to the orientation and clinical training of employees and student interns receives an hourly premium of five percent (5%) of her basic hourly salary plus the salary supplement and additional remuneration, if any, stipulated in Article 2 of Appendix 3 for each hour during which the employee assumes these responsibilities. Notwithstanding the preceding, an employee with one of the job titles stipulated in the first (1st) paragraph who assumes the responsibilities linked to orientation and clinical training of employees and student interns for more than half of her shift receives the hourly premium for her complete shift.