Naming Sample Clauses

Naming. The Authority will have the exclusive right to name the Facility and any parts thereof.
Naming. (a) Except as provided in this Section 9.2, the Tenant may establish one or more names to be used in conjunction with the Stadium Component or parts of it (each, a “Name”), each of which shall:
Naming. The Authority or the relevant School Board will have the exclusive right to name the Schools and any parts thereof and to retain all rights, trademarks, naming and branding regarding the Schools and any parts thereof.
Naming. PUC will have the exclusive right to name the UDM System and any parts thereof.
Naming. (a) OSEG shall not name, or permit or cause to name, any of the Components, the Urban Park and/or any part of the Project Lands in any manner other than as expressly provided for in this Agreement, the Stadium Lease or the Retail Lease.
Naming. Partner will follow City Code and ordinances regarding the naming of places and features in the Park.
Naming. (i) The Board, which has the right to name facilities that are dedicated to school use, xxxxxx agrees to name the Field after Xxxx Xxxx. The Board acknowledges the desire of the Foundation to have the Field named after Xxxx Xxxx in perpetuity.
Naming. All such policies which name both Landlord and Tenant as additional insureds shall, to the extent obtainable, contain agreements by the insurers to the effect that no act or omission of any additional insured will invalidate the policy as to the other additional insureds.
Naming. Both parties shall display a word, phrase, or logo ------ (respectively, "Globe Brand" and "SmartAge Brand") when marketing and promoting the Banner Exchange Service to existing and prospective Globe Members. The parties agree that, if approved by Globe's counsel, the Globe Brand shall include the phrase "Clicks" (e.g., GlobeClicks) and the SmartAge Brand shall be "Powered by SmartAge" or similar phrase. Both the Globe and SmartAge Brands shall be in size, form, design and page location as mutually agreed.
Naming. The name of this consortium shall be "SoundUD Consortium" (hereinafter referred to as "this Consortium").