Monthly Principal Payment Rate Sample Clauses

Monthly Principal Payment Rate. The average of the Monthly Principal Payment Rates for the three prior Collection Periods is less than 21%;
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  • Minimum Monthly Principal Payments Amortizing payments of the aggregate principal amount outstanding under this Note at any time (the “Principal Amount”) shall begin on December 1, 2004 and shall recur on the first business day of each succeeding month thereafter until the Maturity Date (each, an “Amortization Date”). Subject to Article 3 below, beginning on the first Amortization Date, the Borrower shall make monthly payments to the Holder on each Repayment Date, each in the amount of $187,500, together with any accrued and unpaid interest to date on such portion of the Principal Amount plus any and all other amounts which are then owing under this Note, the Purchase Agreement or any other Related Agreement but have not been paid (collectively, the “Monthly Amount”). Any Principal Amount that remains outstanding on the Maturity Date shall be due and payable on the Maturity Date.

  • Principal Payment Date Any unpaid principal of this promissory note (this "Demand Note") shall be paid on the Demand Date.

  • Principal Payment Dates Subject to the Subordination Provisions set forth below, payments of the principal amount of this Company Note shall be made as follows:

  • Principal Payment The Borrower shall fail to pay any principal of any Note when the same becomes due and payable as set forth in this Agreement;

  • Scheduled Principal Payments The Borrower shall make payments of principal to Holder as follows: (i) on the first anniversary of this Note, the sum of $279,500, which represents 10% of original principal amount of this Note, (ii) on the second anniversary of this Note, the sum of $1,118,000, which represents 40% of original principal amount of this Note, and (iii) on May 18, 2010 (the “Maturity Date”), a final payment of the sum of the outstanding principal balance of this Note, including the amount of any PIK Interest, together with accrued and unpaid interest thereon, and all other obligations and indebtedness owing hereunder, if not sooner paid.

  • Optional Principal Payments 11 2.8 Method of Selecting Types and Interest Periods for New Advances..........................................12 2.9 Conversion and Continuation of Outstanding Advances......................................................12 2.10 Changes in Interest Rate, etc...........................................................................12 2.11

  • Mandatory Principal Payments If, on any day, the Total Outstandings exceed the Maximum Loan Amount, then the Borrower shall make a principal payment to Administrative Agent in the amount of such excess, in immediately available funds within ten (10) Business Days of demand from the Administrative Agent (a “Mandatory Principal Payment”); with such payment being applied to the principal balances due hereunder is such fashion as the Borrower may designate; provided, however, that if during such ten (10) Business Day period, the Borrower delivers to the Administrative Agent Funding Evidence, such ten (10) Business Day period shall be extended for such additional time as the Administrative Agent determines, in its reasonable discretion, to be required by the Borrower to make the Mandatory Principal Payment but in no event shall such period exceed a maximum of sixty (60) days from the date that the Mandatory Principal Payment would otherwise be due hereunder.

  • Principal Payments Originator is authorized and directed by SPV to enter on the grid attached hereto, or, at its option, in its books and records, the date and amount of each loan made by it which is evidenced by this Subordinated Note and the amount of each payment of principal made by SPV, and absent manifest error, such entries shall constitute prima facie evidence of the accuracy of the information so entered; provided that neither the failure of Originator to make any such entry or any error therein shall expand, limit or affect the obligations of SPV hereunder.

  • Determination of Monthly Principal The amount of monthly principal to be transferred from the Principal Account with respect to the Notes on each Transfer Date (the “Monthly Principal”), beginning with the Transfer Date in the month following the month in which the Controlled Accumulation Period or, if earlier, the Early Amortization Period, begins, shall be equal to the least of (i) the Available Principal Collections on deposit in the Principal Account with respect to such Transfer Date, (ii) for each Transfer Date with respect to the Controlled Accumulation Period, the Controlled Deposit Amount for such Transfer Date, (iii) the Collateral Amount (after taking into account any adjustments to be made on such Distribution Date pursuant to Sections 4.5 and 4.6) prior to any deposit into the Principal Accumulation Account on such Transfer Date, and (iv) the Note Principal Balance, minus any amount already on deposit in the Principal Accumulation Account on such Transfer Date.

  • Applicable Interest Rate 5.10.1 In respect of Pre-Delivery Interest Periods or Interest Periods pursuant to Clause 5.3.1 and subject to Clause 5.3.1, Clause 5.12 and Clause 6, the rate of interest applicable to the Loan (or relevant part in the case of the division of the Loan under Clause 5.8) during a Pre-Delivery Interest Period or an Interest Period shall be the Floating Interest Rate.

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