Metropolitan Sample Clauses

Metropolitan shall not be responsible for, and the Warranty shall not cover, extended damage which occurs because of Buyer’s failure to notify Metropolitan promptly in writing of apparent defects.
Metropolitan. Updated underserved zip codes.
Metropolitan. Updated the set-aside to “target at least 25% of total LIHTCs available”• Added, “proposals may not be awarded based on underwriting criteria, lack of sustainable market conditions, unfavorable or unpredictable conditions, or other factors which indicate higher than normal risk.”• If set-aside is not met, KHRC will award in another set-aside
Metropolitan. KHRC will awardtarget at least 3625% of LIHTCstotal available LIHTCs for new construction applications in the following counties:DouglasJohnsonSedgwickShawneeWyandotte In the event of an inadequate number of eligible or viable applications, KHRC will make additional awards in the Rehabilitation and/or Rural other set-asides. Proposals may not be awarded based on a final score that is below the median for this category; or on underwriting criteria, lack of sustainable market conditions, unfavorable or unpredictable environmental conditions or other factors which indicate high risk.
Metropolitan. Transportation Authority (7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Floors) – Brokerage Agreement between Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. and 333W34 SLG Owner LLC dated February 2010.
Metropolitan is recognized professionally as having extensive experience in the performance of varied services to support its water system operations and Valley District, upon its request and authorization, and within Metropolitan’s operational requirements, desires to engage the specialized services of Metropolitan in areas including fabrication, coatings, welding, and unique shop maintenance work.
Metropolitan. The inspector shall be compensated by Valley District. The inspector shall be required to inspect the progress of the work performed by Metropolitan at the times specified in the Task Order or pursuant to other mutual arrangements. At the time the inspector determines that the work has been performed in compliance with the applicable Task Order, he/she shall document said approval in writing. The inspector shall have no direct control over the labor, materials or equipment used by Metropolitan in the performance of service for this Agreement, but shall provide the plans, designs and other requirements of Valley District to Metropolitan’s Agreement Administrator or on- site representative.
Metropolitan. MWDOC and the Orange County Water District have entered into an agreement dated , 2017 (“MWDOC-Metropolitan Cyclic Storage Agreement”) that provides for the delivery of water by Metropolitan to MWDOC in advance of demand for the water by MWDOC through a cyclic storage account (“MWDOC-Metropolitan Cyclic Storage Account”).
Metropolitan. KHRC will award 10 points to applications not in the following ZIP Codes: