Medium Sample Clauses

Medium. An Incident should be categorized with the priority "Medium" if normal business processes are affected. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment. A message should be categorized with the priority "Medium" if normal business transactions are affected.
Medium term priorities for collaboration for 2008-2013 The following priorities for collaboration have been selected in response to current public health concerns and ongoing national efforts to improve the performance of the health system. Setting medium-term priorities for 2008–2013 will facilitate the strategic orientation of collaboration.
Medium. Anecdotal data from non-experts, Internet information that cites anecdotal non-expert sources, Internet information from uncertain/uncited sources, Unpublished reports from uncertain sources, General web pages, Literature and data obtained from similar agent/host species (e.g. the same family or genus). Low There is a risk that increasing the acceptable level of confidence in the quality of the data will reduce the quality of a prediction by reducing representativeness. Sensitivity analysis is needed to determine the influence of poor quality data. Effort can then be directed to verifying influential, poor quality data. Insufficient data If there is insufficient data on a particular disease agent or its potential hosts to model the potential range, then the cost-sharing model defaults to a population basis, i.e. the percentage contributed by each state and the Northern Territory is determined based on the population, where the combined percentages for each state and Northern Territory is equal to 100. Preferred datasets Catchment maps, since incursions move upstream and downstream from the index case. Climate data from the Bureau of Meteorology can be used for actual climate variables—as opposed to WorldClim, which tends to be based on averages. Since many incursions originate from ports, aquaculture facilities or towns, a distance to ports, aquaculture facilities and towns is very useful. Similarly, water feature data can be analysed based on, for example, the distance to perennial or ephemeral rivers or lakes. Additional data sets that may be used as secondary data are: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) land use/cover Heritage features, such protected sites, World Heritage Areas and the national estate. Due to the scale of the input data, the analysis should be made at the native resolution level and presented as a 10 km x 10 km grid. Modelling software Climatch (Euclidian matching as implemented by ABARES) is the preferred climate modelling software. While Climatch, like all models, has limitations, its overall logic is sound and it has the advantage of producing a single, reproducible climate match output from a set of agreed inputs. While it is acknowledged that the predictions have uncertainty attached to them, there will be no systematic errors that consistently disadvantage a particular jurisdiction. Climatch uses a number of data parameters, such as temperature and rainfall, to match regions of Australi...
Medium. The form of payment will be (choose only one of (i) - (iv)): x (i) Cash only. ¨ (ii) Property only. ¨ (iii) Property or cash (or both).
Medium. An error occurs in the software or hosting environment that results in the loss of critical functionality of the maintained Services, but for which a workaround is available; or non-critical functionality or interface issues for which there is no workaround.
Medium. There is loss of functionality with no requirement for a work around as there is no significant impact upon the Customer;
Medium. A medium Incident is when the following occur cumulatively: (1) partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the services, (2) impaired operations of some components but allows the Authorized User to continue using the services. Low: A low Incident is when the following occur cumulatively: (1) general usage questions, (2) cosmetic issues and (3) documentation errors. Nakisa, in its discretion and based on the circumstances of the Incident, reclassify an Incident from one priority level to another and notify the Client to this effect.
Medium. Entries must be an original multi-coloured painting in the artist’s choice of medium (with the exception for pastel). No mechanical reproduction is permitted anywhere in the final submission. • Pastel submissions will not be accepted due to the fragile nature of this medium and challenges associated with the reproduction of Stamp products.
Medium. The Buyer requires information or assistance on the usage of the Software. The Buyer submits an evolution request or a defect report describing a problem that does not significantly affect the usage of the Software. The Buyer reports an incident that does not significantly affect the Buyer’s activity. Both parties agree to the following response times: CLASSIFICATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF BUYER’s REQUEST (Business Days) PROVIDE WORKAROUND SOLUTION, PROCEDURE OR TEMPORARY SOLUTION* (Business Days) PROVIDE PLAN FOR PERMANENT SOLUTION** (Business Days) Critical [*] [*] [*] High [*] [*] [*] Medium [*] [*] [*] * Such workaround solution, procedure or temporary solution will correct the applicable Incident and be cost effective for Buyer to use and practical for Buyer’s long term use until the permanent solution is provided by Seller. ** The plan for permanent solution will cover analysis, commitment and schedule for completion. AVA - A320 Family PA AMENDED AND RESTATED LETTER AGREEMENT N° 18 The Seller shall answer in writing or by telephone (and if by telephone, the solution shall be confirmed promptly in writing). Said solution shall be based on the information related to the Incident reported by the Buyer: Said solution shall come with the relevant instructions. An Incident that arises during the term of Buyer’s license of the Software shall be corrected by Seller providing to Buyer [*] charge one of the following solutions: • A workaround solution, or • A procedure, or • A temporary solution or • An update of the Software. The Seller shall be responsible for the choice of the adapted solution. Any temporary solution, procedure or workaround solution shall be replaced by a permanent solution at the occasion of the release of a new Software version.
Medium. An Incident should be categorized with the priority "Medium" if normal business processes are affected. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment. A message should be categorized with the priority "Medium" if normal business transactions are affected./ Menengah: Suatu Insiden akan dikategorikan dengan prioritas "Menengah" jika transaksi bisnis normal terdampak. Masalah ini disebabkan oleh fungsi xxxx xxxxx atau tidak bisa dioperasi dalam Lingkungan Komputasi. Sebuah pesan akan dikategorikan dengan prioritas "menengah" jika transaksi bisnis yang normal terpengaruh.