Malfunctions Sample Clauses

Malfunctions. See above.
Malfunctions system malfunction, equipment failure (whether Customer's equipment or GFX's equipment),system interruption or system unavailability, (d) Delay: delays, failure or errors in implementing any instruction, or (e) Information: inaccurate or incomplete instructions received by GFX from Customer.
Malfunctions of stereo systems, cabin lights, air-conditioning, fridges, microwaves, sink water pumps, and other Vehicle features that do not affect Vehicle operability, are not considered mechanical breakdowns, and Traveller’s Autobarn will not refund rental fees or provide a rental extension or be responsible for any other payment to you because of any downtime of these systems and features.
Malfunctions. System malfunction, equipment failure (whether Trader’s or FXAMN ’s equipment), system interruption or system unavailability; (d) Delay: Delays, failure or errors in implementing any instruction; and (e) Information: Inaccurate or incomplete instructions received by FXAMN from Trader. Additionally, Trader agrees to indemnify and hold FXAMN , its affiliates, employees, agents, successors and assigns harmless from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys fees resulting from use of programmable trading systems, whether built by Trader himself or by any third party and executed on or using the FXAMN Trading Station or any other trading platform offered by FXAMN .
Malfunctions. Each party shall notify the other party immediately upon discovery of any evidence which might indicate that any of the MAS Processing Services are not satisfactory. Upon such notification, both parties shall consult and test in a manner that MAS deems appropriate to solve the problem. If we determine that the problem arises from hardware, software, personnel or other items within our control, we shall correct within a reasonable time not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date on which any such errors are brought to our attention. If we determine that the problem arises from the equipment, software, personnel procedures, communication or site facilities or other items within your control, you at your own cost shall correct the problem within a reasonable time not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date on which any such errors are brought to your attention.
Malfunctions. We do our best to ensure that all appliances, utilities and amenities do not fail but cannot guarantee. Upon notice from guest, immediate efforts will be made to remedy any problems. Guest understands and agrees that there are circumstances beyond property manager and cabin owners control and no recourse of action will be brought against them for these circumstances. If an ongoing power or other utilities failure exists, property manager will work with guest to ensure fair and partial refund if stay is shortened. In case of failure of appliances or other on site amenities, property manager will do all that is possible to repair or replace in a timely manner the failure. Potential discounts or refunds will be discussed on a case by case situation. Parking: Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Parking on yard is not permitted. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing with applicable fines/towing fees being sole responsibility of vehicle owner. Overflow parking is available off site at most cabins and will be made available to guests. Specific cabin arrangements will be discussed upon check in.