Lumber Sample Clauses

Lumber. All lumber is sold in its nominal dimensions which is larger than the actual standard dimension. For example, a 4” x 4” piece of lumber of any lengthy is less than 4” in width and less than 4” in depth, and the length may not be precisely true.
Lumber. 5. Drywall Where one or more of these construction materials have been combined by a manufacturer with other materials through a manufacturing process, Buy America requirements do not apply unless otherwise specified. Furnish construction materials to be incorporated into the work with certificates of compliance with each project delivery. Manufacturer’s certificate of compliance must identify where the construction material was manufactured and attest specifically to Buy America compliance. All manufacturing processes for these materials must occur in the United States. Buy America requirements do not apply to the following:
Lumber. Lumber shall be 2" x 6" (nominal)
Lumber. After experiencing a lean period, the province’s lumber industry is once again exhibiting positive growth. Preliminary estimates for 2004 indicate that lumber production increased by 30% over its 2003 level to 125 million board feet. After weak market conditions forced them to shut down for most of 2003, the province’s two largest sawmills resumed production last year. Production is expected to approach full capacity once again in 2005. Lumber prices increased substantially in 2004 due to strong demand from residential construction in both the United States and Canada. Xxxxxx averaged US$394 per thousand board feet, up 42% from US$277 in 2003. €LMDA funds could be used to: • Support new skills associated with the value added wood products sector. • Provide research assistance to develop the forest product industry in Labrador and utilize TWS and SEB as adjustment measures for individuals to become gainfully employed. €LMDA funds could be used to: • Support new skills associated with the value added wood products sector. • Provide research assistance to develop the forest product industry in Labrador and utilize TWS and SEB as adjustment measures for individuals to become gainfully employed.
Lumber. “I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with the Xxxxxx XxXxxxxx House Charities Pittsburgh and Morgantown. There is no price you can place on the value of hope, connection, and friendship. Those are just a few examples of what this charity provides to families during times that otherwise feel hopeless. I am humbled by the fact that our team at Xxxxxx Xxxxx Insurance Services plays a role in that.” - Xxxxxx Xxxxx Insurance Services “Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud partner of Xxxxxx XxXxxxxx House Charities as they provide a safe and welcome home-away-from-home for non-local families with children who need critical care.” - Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield 4 Your Support The pandemic continued to influence the Charity’s special events. We were thrilled to once again host golfers at the Big Mac Open and adjusted the Red Shoe Ball to be a virtual event with a live streamed program. Both events were very successful, in large part due to the generosity and dedication of our partners. Together, we reimagined ways to reach our goals and provide the support that families are counting on us. 29th Annual Big Mac Open June 20, 2022 Pittsburgh, PA After suspending the outing in 2020, golfers were eager to get back on the course this past fall. Over 90 golfers celebrated golf’s return and raised an incredible $80,000+. We look forward to enjoying a day of great golf, good food, prizes and more this summer. The Mega-Square raffle will be front and center once again. 11th Annual Red Shoe Ball Gala Pittsburgh, PA Fully expecting to have an in-person event in 2021, the Red Shoe Ball committee had to once again pivot and design a new way to deliver the Ball. Adding to the success of the online auction, the program was live-streamed, creating a feeling of community and togetherness virtually. We look forward to celebrating RMHC Pittsburgh and Morgantown with a special evening this fall, sharing heartwarming stories of families who have benefited from your generosity. Make a House a Home From private rooms or suites to communal gathering spaces, both the Pittsburgh and Morgantown Houses offer the feeling of home and keep caregivers close to their child during their medical journey. Families are asked to contribute just $20 a night, but are never turned away due to an inability to pay, thanks in part to generous community support. Continue this legacy by becoming a Suite or Space Sponsor. Your gift will be a reminder to families of your support*...
Lumber. A. Furnish lumber S4S unless otherwise noted. Sizes shown are nominal; provide actual sizes in accordance with CBC Standard 23-1.
Lumber. 1) Used lumber shall have all nails withdrawn before stacking.
Lumber. Provide kiln dried lumber of any grade or species.
Lumber. Lumber of the different species herein specified for the various parts of the structure shall be well seasoned, sawn straight, sundried or kilndried and free from defects such as loose unsound knots, pitch I~- pockets, sapwood, cracks and other imperfections impairing its strength, durability and appearance.
Lumber. Lumber of doors, windows and jambs, and panels when required, shall be kiln-dried with moisture content of not more than 14% and shall be of the specie indicated on the Plans and/or specified under Item 1003 on Carpentry and Joinery Works.