LOA Sample Clauses

LOA. Bank One and XXXX agree that LOA requires no further amendment, as it is coterminous with the Guaranty Agreement.
LOA. Xxxxx agrees to execute letter of authorization forms related to the service as reasonable requested by Xxxxxx. If Xxxxx adds lines during the course of this Agreement, Xxxxx's original Letter of Authorization provides Seller with authorization to add such lines and such authorization will be deemed to comport with federal and state unauthorized carrier change regulations, laws, administrative Orders and other legal guidelines.
LOA. For the safety of your vessel and fellow vessel owners around you, the Marina reserves the right to confirm the measurement of your vessel. If vessels LOA exceeds the limit for the assigned slip, the Marina reserves the right to relocate said vessel to a larger slip, if available. The vessel owner will be responsible for any additional fees charged for said larger slip. If a larger slip is not available, the vessels owners’ license agreement will be terminated and vessel must be removed from the Marina. Slips are assigned according to vessel length overall (LOA) as defined in the Dockage/Mooring License.
LOA. The Employer will notify a Nurse returning from a leave of absence in writing if she will not be reinstated to her former position as soon as reasonably possible prior to her return.
LOA. A worker may be paid accumulated vacation pay at the start of any approved LOA, provided that she/he must make such a request by the Monday preceding the Thursday on which the vacation pay is to be paid.
LOA. The Contractor further agrees that pre-estimated damages mentioned in RFP Document, are fair and genuine pre-estimates and not by way of penalty. The Contractor shall not dispute the same in future in any manner.
LOA. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, either Party to this LOA may terminate it at any time, with or without cause, by providing written notice to the other Party, provided that the Parties shall, in any event of termination under this section, cooperate to ensure that rotations then in place are terminated in a manner that is not likely to affect current Trainees.
LOA. Bank One and TERI agree that LOA requires no fuxxxxr amendment, as it is coterminous with the Guaranty Agreement.
LOA. The Contracting Officer will provide LOA for official travel OCONUS, when applicable, supporting the Contract. The LOA will identify local authorizations, privileges, etc. as specified by DoD requirements. All defense contractors working under this Contract shall carry the LOA, when applicable, with them at all times while deployed OCONUS.
LOA. Office and this Aareement MUST be signed by a Member in Good Standing.