Large Sample Clauses

Large. Scale Drawings of Equipment Rooms shall show layout of all equipment rooms to ensure that the proposed equipment will fit in the allotted space.
Large. Format Photographs - 5x7”, black and white, fiber paper prints will be mounted on archival card stock and labeled in the appropriate manner.
Large.  CISCO: 4404 Series, 5508 Series, 5760-100 Series, 5760-250 Series, 5760-500 Series, 7500 Series, 8500 Series, Wireless Service Module 1 and 2 (“WiSM”) (WiSM will invoice as two large devices)  ARUBA: 3400 Series, 3600 Series, 5000 Series, 6000 Series, 7030 Series, 7200 Series
Large scale and grid-connected facility‌ The large-scale system (as depicted in Figure 2) is connected to the electricity grid and runs continuously throughout the year. The utilization rate of the system is above 96%. It is assumed that the system requires 14 days of planned service and maintenance but runs the rest of the year with maximum capacity utilization. In the following section the results for the large scale system are presented.
Large scale recombinant adenovirus preparation The protocol provided allows efficient large-scale recombinant virus prepara- tion under optimum conditions. Perform large-scale preparation of recombinant viruses according to this pro- tocol to amplify large quantities of viruses. A high virus titer is essential for efficient amplification. If the virus titer is un- known, first determine the titer of the virus according to with section VII. D Viral titration.
Large scale application‌ In the next experiment, we analyze TBs of data to estimate the popularity of web domains. Our sshell script mimics the behavior of LinkRun [138], an application that mines the datasets crawled Invoke S3 I/O Time (min) 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Compute Sync Sort Time (min) 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 stateful stateless 000 000 000 400 500 600 # parallel jobs Figure 17: Ranking web domains by popularity. monthly by the Common Crawl foundation using Apache Spark. In detail, our script first downloads the web pages in the target dataset, and extracts all the out- going links. Then, to evaluate the popularity of a domain, the script counts the number of times the domain is mentioned in each page. These results are aggregated over the whole dataset and sorted to construct the output.11 The Common Crawl datasets are stored in AWS S3, in the same region as where the experiment runs (us-east-1). A monthly crawl consists of 56,000 WAT files. Each file is an archive of around 400 MB, for a (compressed) total size of 20.17 TB. Performance analysis Figure 17 reports the completion time of sshell to execute the above task. Figure 17(left) presents the performance with increasing levels of parallelism. The performance is split into five parts: (Invoke) invoking sshell in parallel; (S3 I/O) downloading the WAT archives; (Compute) extracting then processing these files; (Sync) merging the results between the sshell invo- cations using the IPC layer; and (Sort) ranking the domains based on their popularity. At maximum speed, with 400 jobs, sshell completes this task in 28 min. This is close to two times faster than with 200 jobs, and four times faster than with 100 jobs. Interestingly in Figure 17 (right), sorting the output is always a fast operation (less than 35 s). This comes from the fact that this computation is run in the IPC layer, following a stateful approach (see §4.2.5). In the script, each job extracts locally from the archive a map that stores the popularity of the domains it encountered. The job then merges this local map in a red-black tree stored in the IPC layer and shared across all jobs (precisely, a meargeable map stored in DSO). The content of this tree is then extracted to obtain the final output. It is possible to follow a stateless approach to sort the domains (similarly to Figure 9 wrt. to Figure 11). The client is then in charge of constructing the final result (e.g., with awk). As seen in Figure 17 (right), the sorting phase in th...
Large. If you are not an OSBCR certified small business contractor, please complete the following information on all subcontractors and consultants you will use in the performance of this contract and identify those that qualify as an SBE.
Large trash Cartons, boxes, crates, sticks of wood or other solid matter shall not be stuffed in trash compactor chute. Items of this nature shall be left at service elevator areas between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and service employee summoned to dispose of them by way of the service elevator.
Large. 1.4 Company/charity registration number (where applicable) N/A 1.5 VAT number (where applicable) 239 2916 42 1.6 Applicant address 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 1.7 Applicant address (row 2) Westminster 1.8 Applicant address (row 3)
Large sized classes (secondary physical education, band, vocal music, and the Fusion Program) are exceptions to the guidelines in