Junior Sample Clauses

Junior. Junior to any issued and outstanding class or series of capital stock established after the Original Issue Date by the Board of Directors, the terms of which class or series expressly provide that it ranks senior to the Series I Preferred Shares as to dividend distributions and distributions upon any Liquidation Event (collectively referred to asSenior Securities”). The Corporation may issue Junior Securities and, subject to Section 5(c)(2) of this Statement of Designation, Parity Securities from time to time in one or more series without the consent of the holders of the Series I Preferred Shares. The Board of Directors has the authority to determine the preferences, powers, qualifications, limitations, restrictions and special or relative rights or privileges, if any, of any such series before the issuance of any shares of that series. The Board of Directors shall also determine the number of shares constituting each series of securities.
Junior. A Junior labor category has less than three (3) years of experience and a Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. A Junior labor category is responsible for assisting more senior positions and/or performing functional duties under the oversight of more senior positions.
Junior. The Junior prospect is located nearly four kms northwest of Orange Mountain. The zone of veins has a reported strike length of up to 1.2 km long and 75 m wide. A sample of chalcedonic vein float contained 2.2 g/t Au.
Junior. Junior Executive Membership is available for responsible, creative, devoted and peace-driven young people who are currently holding key leadership positions in international, regional or national youth organizations or associations; and whose functions are consistent with or relevant to the mission, vision and purposes of the Organization. Junior Executive Members shall be between twenty-one (21) years and forty (40) years of age. Junior Executive Members shall have the right to participate in the Organization’s meetings and activities, including the right to vote on some issues, as long as they remain active members.
Junior. Junior members must be between 4 and 14 years of age, and in any event must be under the age of 14 as of 1 July 2022.
Junior. Junior Members with a game day admittance included must be 16 years or under when attending a Central Coast Mariners home game and provide proof of age when requested. Central Coast Mariners does not provide, nor is it responsible for, supervision of Junior Members. Children aged 3 and under at the time of purchase are admitted free if they sit on the knee of an adult, however if they take up a seat, they must pay the applicable junior rate.
Junior. The preparation, tracing or revision of drafting detail documents of simpler variety from provided source information, e.g. layouts, schematics, standards, sketches, marked prints, written or oral instruction. The amount of direction and checking varies with experience and ability. TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR SPECIAL A position contributing at a level significantly beyond that required of a Technical Illustrator I, recognized and consulted by others (such as other technical illustrators, designers, project groups, engineering, as a technical illustrating authority. May also be required to act as a consultant to customers and vendors. May be required to direct others on specific projects. TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR I This classification comprises the layout and preparation of complex technical illustrations from information gathered from engineering drawings, engineering personnel or actual components or installations. Complexity Incumbent occasionally is required to illustrate objects which are still in conceptual stages which cannot be observed or copied. Incumbent is required to confer and work directly with Management and works directly under a supervisor who not an illustrator. of responsibility Work is typically reviewed in terms of whether it meets the objectives for which the illustration is to be used rather than for technical matters the use of perspective, medium or design.