Interpretative Sample Clauses

Interpretative. MattersWhenever the context requires:

Related to Interpretative

  • Interpretative Matters Unless otherwise indicated or the context otherwise requires, (i) all references to Sections, Schedules, Appendices or Exhibits are to Sections, Schedules, Appendices or Exhibits contained in or attached to this Agreement, (b) words in the singular or plural include the singular and plural and pronouns stated in either the masculine, the feminine or neuter gender shall include the masculine, feminine and neuter, (c) the words “hereof,” “herein” and words of similar effect shall reference this Agreement in its entirety, and (d) the use of the word “including” in this Agreement shall be by way of example rather than limitation.

  • Interpretative Provisions (a) All terms used herein which are defined in Article 1, Article 8 or Article 9 of the UCC shall have the meanings given therein unless otherwise defined in this Agreement.

  • Guidance This communications protocol will guide all planning, development and implementation of Communications Activities with a view to ensuring efficient, structured, continuous, consistent, and coordinated communications to the Canadian public.

  • Other Interpretative Provisions With reference to this Agreement and each other Loan Document, unless otherwise specified herein or in such other Loan Document:

  • Interpretive Matters Whenever required by the context, pronouns and any variation thereof shall be deemed to refer to the masculine, feminine, or neuter, and the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa. The term “include” or “including” does not denote or imply any limitation. The term “business day” means any Monday through Friday other than such a day on which banks are authorized to be closed in the State of Texas. The captions and headings used in this Agreement are inserted for convenience and shall not be deemed a part of the Award or this Agreement for construction or interpretation.

  • Interpretive Letter Counterparty agrees and acknowledges that this Transaction is being entered into in accordance with the October 9, 2003 interpretive letter from the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission to Xxxxxxx, Sachs & Co. (the “Interpretive Letter”) and agrees to take all actions, and to omit to take any actions, reasonably requested by Dealer for this Transaction to comply with the Interpretive Letter. Without limiting the foregoing, Counterparty agrees that neither it nor any “affiliated purchaser” (as defined in Regulation M (“Regulation M”) promulgated under the Exchange Act) will, directly or indirectly, bid for, purchase or attempt to induce any person to bid for or purchase, the Shares or securities that are convertible into, or exchangeable or exercisable for, Shares during any “restricted period” as such term is defined in Regulation M. In addition, Counterparty represents that it is eligible to conduct a primary offering of Shares on Form S-3, the offering contemplated by the Underwriting Agreement complies with Rule 415 under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and the Shares are “actively traded” as defined in Rule 101(c)(1) of Regulation M.

  • Clarifications and Interpretations It may be determined that clarifications or interpretations of the Contract Documents are necessary. Upon direction by the ODR such clarifications or interpretations will be provided by the A/E consistent with the intent of the Contract Documents. The A/E will issue these clarifications with reasonable promptness to the Contractor as Architect’s Supplemental Instruction (ASI) or similar instrument. If Contractor believes that such clarification or interpretation justifies an adjustment in the Contract Sum or the Contract Time, the Contractor shall so notify the Owner in accordance with the provisions of Article 11.

  • Interpretation, etc Any of the terms defined herein may, unless the context otherwise requires, be used in the singular or the plural, depending on the reference. References herein to any Section, Appendix, Schedule or Exhibit shall be to a Section, an Appendix, a Schedule or an Exhibit, as the case may be, hereof unless otherwise specifically provided. The use herein of the word “include” or “including”, when following any general statement, term or matter, shall not be construed to limit such statement, term or matter to the specific items or matters set forth immediately following such word or to similar items or matters, whether or not non-limiting language (such as “without limitation” or “but not limited to” or words of similar import) is used with reference thereto, but rather shall be deemed to refer to all other items or matters that fall within the broadest possible scope of such general statement, term or matter. The terms lease and license shall include sub-lease and sub-license, as applicable.

  • Interpretations Nothing herein expressed or implied is intended or shall be construed to confer upon any person other than the Secured Party any right, remedy or claim under or by reason hereof.

  • Neutral Interpretation This Agreement constitutes the product of the negotiation of the parties hereto and the enforcement hereof shall be interpreted in a neutral manner, and not more strongly for or against any party based upon the source of the draftsmanship hereof.