Interpretative Sample Clauses

Interpretative. MattersWhenever the context requires:
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  • Interpretative Matters In this Agreement, unless otherwise specified or where the context otherwise requires:

  • Interpretative Provisions (a) All terms used herein which are defined in Article 1, Article 8 or Article 9 of the UCC shall have the meanings given therein unless otherwise defined in this Agreement.

  • Other Interpretative Matters All accounting terms not specifically defined herein shall be construed in accordance with GAAP. All terms used in Article 9 of the UCC in the State of New York and not specifically defined herein, are used herein as defined in such Article 9. Unless otherwise expressly indicated, all references herein to “Article,” “Section,” “Schedule”, “Exhibit” or “Annex” shall mean articles and sections of, and schedules, exhibits and annexes to, this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, the other Transaction Documents and all such certificates and other documents, unless the context otherwise requires: (a) references to any amount as on deposit or outstanding on any particular date means such amount at the close of business on such day; (b) the words “hereof,” “herein” and “hereunder” and words of similar import refer to such agreement (or the certificate or other document in which they are used) as a whole and not to any particular provision of such agreement (or such certificate or document); (c) references to any Article, Section, Schedule, Exhibit or Annex are references to Articles, Sections, Schedules, Exhibits and Annexes in or to such agreement (or the certificate or other document in which the reference is made), and references to any paragraph, subsection, clause or other subdivision within any Section or definition refer to such paragraph, subsection, clause or other subdivision of such Section or definition; (d) the term “including” means “including without limitation”; (e) references to any Applicable Law refer to that Applicable Law as amended from time to time and include any successor Applicable Law; (f) references to any agreement refer to that agreement as from time to time amended, restated or supplemented or as the terms of such agreement are waived or modified in accordance with its terms; (g) references to any Person include that Person’s permitted successors and assigns; (h) headings are for purposes of reference only and shall not otherwise affect the meaning or interpretation of any provision hereof; (i) unless otherwise provided, in the calculation of time from a specified date to a later specified date, the term “from” means “from and including”, and the terms “to” and “until” each means “to but excluding”; (j) terms in one gender include the parallel terms in the neuter and opposite gender; (k) references to any amount as on deposit or outstanding on any particular date means such amount at the close of business on such day and (l) the term “or” is not exclusive.

  • Other Interpretative Provisions With reference to this Agreement and each other Loan Document, unless otherwise specified herein or in such other Loan Document:

  • Interpretive Matters Whenever required by the context, pronouns and any variation thereof shall be deemed to refer to the masculine, feminine, or neuter, and the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa. The term “include” or “including” does not denote or imply any limitation. The captions and headings used in this Agreement are inserted for convenience and shall not be deemed a part of this Award or this Agreement for construction or interpretation.

  • Interpretation, etc Any of the terms defined herein may, unless the context otherwise requires, be used in the singular or the plural, depending on the reference. References herein to any Section, Appendix, Schedule or Exhibit shall be to a Section, an Appendix, a Schedule or an Exhibit, as the case may be, hereof unless otherwise specifically provided. The use herein of the word “include” or “including,” when following any general statement, term or matter, shall not be construed to limit such statement, term or matter to the specific items or matters set forth immediately following such word or to similar items or matters, whether or not no limiting language (such as “without limitation” or “but not limited to” or words of similar import) is used with reference thereto, but rather shall be deemed to refer to all other items or matters that fall within the broadest possible scope of such general statement, term or matter.

  • Interpretations Nothing herein expressed or implied is intended or shall be construed to confer upon any person other than the Secured Party any right, remedy or claim under or by reason hereof.

  • Neutral Interpretation This Agreement constitutes the product of the negotiation of the parties hereto and the enforcement hereof shall be interpreted in a neutral manner, and not more strongly for or against any party based upon the source of the draftsmanship hereof.

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