International Chamber of Commerce Sample Clauses

International Chamber of Commerce. The arbitration shall be held in San Francisco. The award rendered by the arbitration shall in any case be final and binding upon the parties hereto.

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  • Uniform Customs and Practice The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits as published by the International Chamber of Commerce most recently at the time of issuance of any Letter of Credit shall (unless otherwise expressly provided in the Letters of Credit) apply to the Letters of Credit.

  • Uniform Customs and Practices The Issuing Lender may have the Letters of Credit be subject to The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, as published as of the date of issue by the International Chamber of Commerce (the "UCP"), in which case the UCP may be incorporated therein and deemed in all respects to be a part thereof.

  • Rules of Arbitration 1. Within 10 working days of receipt of the Federation's notice of its intent to arbitrate a grievance, the Federation shall call upon the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for a list of five potential arbitrators. The federation will provide the employer with a simultaneous copy of the arbitration panel request.

  • International Standards 1. Each Party shall use relevant international standards, guides, and recommendations, to the extent provided in Articles 2.4 and 5.4 of the TBT Agreement, as a basis for its technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures. 2. In determining whether an international standard, guide, or recommendation for purposes of Articles 2, 5, and Annex 3 of the TBT Agreement exists, each Party shall apply Decision of the Committee on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations with relation to Articles 2, 5 and Annex 3 of the Agreement (Annex 4 to G/TBT/9), adopted on November 13, 2000 by the WTO Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade.

  • Terms of Arbitration The arbitrator chosen in accordance with these provisions will not have the power to alter, amend or otherwise affect the terms of these arbitration provisions or the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Customs Valuation The Parties shall determine the customs value of goods traded between them in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of the GATT 1994 and the WTO Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of the GATT 1994.

  • Notice of Arbitration If a Person asserts that there exists a Dispute, then such Person (the “Disputing Person”) will give each other Person involved in such Dispute a written notice setting forth the nature of the asserted Dispute. If all such Persons do not resolve any such asserted Dispute prior to the 10th business day after such notice is given, then any of them may commence arbitration pursuant to this Paragraph 19 by giving each other Person involved in such Dispute a written notice to that effect (an “Arbitration Notice”), setting forth any matters which are required to be set forth therein in accordance with the AAA Rules.

  • Standby An employee who is required to remain available for duty on standby, outside the normal working hours for that particular employee, shall receive standby pay in the amount of $3.20 per hour for all hours on standby. Standby pay shall, however, cease where an employee is called in to work, and works during the period of standby.

  • Level Four - Arbitration If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Level Three, within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of the Board's response at Level Three, the grievance may be appealed to arbitration by the Association. Within ten (10) calendar days after such written notice of the appeal to arbitration, the Superintendent and the Association will attempt to agree upon a mutually acceptable arbitrator and to obtain a commitment from such arbitrator to serve. If the parties are unable to agree upon an arbitrator or to obtain such a commitment within the ten (10) day period, a request for a list of seven (7) arbitrators may be made to the Oregon Employment Relations Board by either party. The parties may mutually agree to request arbitrators who reside or maintain an office in Oregon. The parties will then be bound by the AAA Rules in the selection of an arbitrator. The arbitrator selected will hold a hearing promptly and will issue a decision not later than thirty (30) days from the date of the close of the hearing. The arbitrator's decision will be in writing and will set forth his/her findings of fact, reasoning and conclusions on the issues submitted to the Board and the Association and will be final and binding upon the parties. The arbitrator shall not add to, subtract from, modify, or amend any terms of this Agreement. The arbitrator shall have no power to substitute his/her discretion for that of the Board in any manner not specifically contracted away by the Board. The decision of the arbitrator within the scope of his/her authority shall be binding on the parties. The costs for the services of the arbitrator, including per diem expenses, if any, and travel and subsistence expenses and the cost of any hearing room will be borne equally by the Board and the Association. All other costs will be borne by the party incurring them.

  • Cost of Arbitration In respect of the cost of arbitration of grievances, the parties shall share equally the fee and expenses of the sole arbitrator or the chair of the arbitration board and where applicable each party shall be responsible for the expenses of their respective nominee to the board of arbitration.