Interim Provisions Sample Clauses

Interim Provisions. Article 45. Until such time as all Arab States become parties to the Agreement, the representatives of the Arab States Parties which are members of the Council shall convene in the form of a board known as "The Arab Investment Agreement Board", which shall assume the competence of the Council in this respect, save for appointment of the president and members of the Court, a task which in all instances shall fall to the Council. The Economic Affairs Department of the League of Arab States shall carry out the secretarial tasks of the Board in accordance with internal regulations issued by the Council, which shall include the organization of the administrative affairs of the Board, the determination of its resources and the rules for the disposal thereof.
Interim Provisions. Each of the following provisions shall apply until such time as the IESO delivers notice to the ASP in accordance with Section 1.1(d) of this Schedule 3:
Interim Provisions. CLAUSE 16.1 - Until the ratification or execution of the VU-M, as the option of the PCS provider might be, both the roaming fees and the criteria for the processing and passing on of amounts between the Mobile Cellular Service providers and the Commuted Telephone Service shall remain unchanged. CLAUSE 17.1 - The Jurisdiction of the Federal Justice courts in Brasilia, Federal District, shall be competent to settle the issues arising herefrom.
Interim Provisions. During the period between the execution of this Agreement and the closing:
Interim Provisions. The instalment of the budget for 1966 is fixed at 1,5 million Swiss francs and is not subject to review. The budget for 1967 is fixed at 6 million Swiss francs. The increase in this budget resulting from the application of the CERN cost variation index shall be added to the budgets of the subsequent years. 67/731/ CERN/FC/956 The payment of the contributions of the three parties for 1966 and 1967 shall be made after the signature of the present contract, subject to deduction of the payments which they have already made by virtue of provisions existing prior to the signature of the present contract.
Interim Provisions. This Article sets forth the necessary provisions to enable the Company and the Union to carry out their agreement to describe and classify all jobs performed by employees and to eliminate any wage inequities which may exist. Until such time as the requirements of this Article are executed and made operative, the rates of pay set forth in Schedule “A” of this Agreement shall continue in effect and be applied to the respective employees in the manner provided. The Standard Hourly Wage Scale, as provided in Schedule “A”, and all other Sections dealing with its application shall be made operative on and after a date to be mutually agreed upon between the Company and the Union after all job descriptions, classifications, and the assignment of employees into the various rate classifications have been agreed upon. The assignment of employees to the rate classifications shall be carried out under the same procedures as those for handling job descriptions and classifications. If the Company and the Union fail to reach agreement upon any job description(s), classification(s) or assignment of personnel through the procedure provided in Article IV of the Manual, such matter(s) shall be processed in accordance with Articles 6.02(c) (3) and 6.02(c) (4) of the Manual if necessary, and resolution of such matter(s) shall be made before the Standard Hourly Wage Scale and all other sections dealing with its application shall be made operative.
Interim Provisions. Until assigned to Entrust with the requisite consent, ------------------ NTI shall hold each Assumed Contract in trust for the benefit of Entrust as of the Effective Date. NTI shall, at the request and expense (but only to the extent such expenses are reasonable) and under the direction of Entrust, take all such commercially reasonable actions and do or cause to be done all such commercially reasonable things as are necessary or proper in order that the obligations of NTI thereunder may be performed in such manner that the value of the Assumed Contract so held in trust is preserved and enures to the benefit of Entrust, and that the collection of any moneys to become due and payable after the Effective Date in and under the Assumed Contract are received by Entrust; and NTI shall pay over to Entrust all moneys collected by or paid to NTI in respect of every such Assumed Contract once a month. Entrust shall save NTI harmless from any claim or liability under or in respect of each Assumed Contract arising because of any action of NTI taken pursuant to the foregoing sentence.
Interim Provisions. Between the Effective Date and Closing Date, where Vendor is not Operator, Vendor shall, to the extent that the nature of its interest permits, continue to cause the Assets to be operated and maintained or, where Vendor is Operator, it shall operate and maintain the Assets in material compliance with the regulations and in a proper and prudent manner in accordance with good industry practices and the agreements governing the ownership and operation of the Assets. Vendor shall not, without the prior written consent of Purchaser:
Interim Provisions. 6.1 Assets to be Maintained in Proper Manner Possession of the Assets shall not pass to the Purchaser until after Closing on the Closing Date. The Seller shall maintain the Assets on behalf of the Purchaser in a proper and prudent manner in accordance with good oil field practice and the Regulations until Closing. The Seller shall maintain insurance respecting the Assets until the Closing Date.
Interim Provisions. Between the date of this Agreement and Closing Date, Vendor shall operate and maintain the Assets in a proper and prudent manner in accordance with good industry practices and any agreements governing the ownership and operation of the Assets. Vendor shall not, without the prior written approval of Purchaser, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld and shall be given in a timely fashion: