Instrumentality Sample Clauses

Instrumentality. Point of Discovery School will be an instrumentality of the District. As an instrumentality of the District, Point of Discovery School shall be afforded the immunities and protections of Wis. Stat. Sec. §893.80. In addition, those individuals acting on behalf of Point of Discovery School as teachers/instructors shall have protections provided by the District as allowed and required under Wis. Stats., Sec. §895.35 and §895.46.
Instrumentality. The NMCS shall be an instrumentality of the Madison Metropolitan School District.
Instrumentality. FWA will be an instrumentality of the HASD. 37 38
Instrumentality. Tesla will be an instrumentality of the AASD.
Instrumentality. Instrumentality" shall mean by, through or of the DEVELOPER including: (i) the DEVELOPER itself, (ii) the employees of the DEVELOPER and (iii) any person that the DEVELOPER controls or exercises control over.
Instrumentality. Classical School will be an instrumentality of the AASD.
Instrumentality. Appleton Bilingual School will be an instrumentality of the AASD. Educational Program. A description of the educational program of the school and methods used to enable pupils to attain the educational goals under Wis. Stat. § 118.01. Example: Appleton Bilingual School will enroll students, with a targeted enrollment of 196, in Kindergarten through 6th grade. These students are enrolled in grade level classrooms (grades kindergarten through grade three). Students will be enrolled in multi-age classrooms (grades four through six). In 2011-12, Appleton Bilingual School will begin with grades kindergarten and first grade. ABS will expand its enrollment by one grade level class per year. Additional expansion decisions will be based on enrollment and space availability. The educational program of Appleton Bilingual School will consist of these main features: Appleton Bilingual School students will receive instruction in a dual language (bilingual) educational model, specifically in Spanish and English. Both Spanish-dominant and English-dominant students will be paired together in each grade level in an approximately 50/50 ratio of each language group. The non-sectarian, standards-based curriculum of ABS will be developed out of the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (CCS-ELA) and adapted for a dual language model. The Appleton Bilingual School will adapt the AASD standard elementary curriculum and adapt it by offering an interdisciplinary approach to instruction. A key difference between ABS and traditional elementary schools is the implementation of this interdisciplinary instruction. Traditional subject areas like mathematics, science, social studies, and literature will be infused with strategically-placed literacy instruction in both Spanish and English. Thematic units based on math, science, and social studies content, adapted from the standard AASD curriculum, will be developed to serve as a focus and a connecting point for the language and literacy instruction. ABS will develop a curriculum and follow an educational design model based on current recommended practices in the areas of bilingual and biliteracy teaching. The research of Xxxxx Xxxxxxx (1979), Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxxx (1997 and 2004), Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx (2001), and the Center for Applied Linguistics support the effectiveness of the dual language model. Bilingual teachers will use visuals, real objects, oral language, TPR (Total Physical Response), and graphic organize...
Instrumentality. Appleton eSchool will be an instrumentality of the AASD.
Instrumentality. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Elementary Charter School will be an instrumentality of the AASD.

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  • Government I also assign to or as directed by the Company all my right, title and interest in and to any and all Inventions, full title to which is required to be in the United States by a contract between the Company and the United States or any of its agencies.

  • Agency The Manager shall act as agent of the Company in making, acquiring, financing and disposing of Investments, disbursing and collecting the Company’s funds, paying the debts and fulfilling the obligations of the Company, supervising the performance of professionals engaged by or on behalf of the Company and handling, prosecuting and settling any claims of or against the Company, the Board of Directors, holders of the Company’s securities or the Company’s representatives or properties.

  • Governmental Body “Governmental Body” shall mean any: (a) nation, state, commonwealth, province, territory, county, municipality, district or other jurisdiction of any nature; (b) federal, state, local, municipal, foreign or other government; or (c) governmental or quasi-governmental authority of any nature (including any governmental division, department, agency, commission, instrumentality, official, organization, unit, body or Entity and any court or other tribunal).

  • Governmental Authorizations means all approvals, concessions, consents, franchises, licenses, permits, plans, registrations and other authorizations of each applicable Authority.

  • Intergovernmental Organizations As instructed from time to time by ICANN, Registry Operator will implement the protections mechanism determined by the ICANN Board of Directors relating to the protection of identifiers for Intergovernmental Organizations. A list of reserved names for this Section 6 is available at xxxx:// Additional names (including their IDN variants) may be added to the list upon ten (10) calendar days notice from ICANN to Registry Operator. Any such protected identifiers for Intergovernmental Organizations may not be activated in the DNS, and may not be released for registration to any person or entity other than Registry Operator. Upon conclusion of Registry Operator’s designation as operator of the registry for the TLD, all such protected identifiers shall be transferred as specified by ICANN. Registry Operator may self-­‐allocate and renew such names without use of an ICANN accredited registrar, which will not be considered Transactions for purposes of Section 6.1 of the Agreement. SPECIFICATION 6 REGISTRY INTEROPERABILITY AND CONTINUITY SPECIFICATIONS

  • Governmental Entity The government of Singapore, any political subdivision of Singapore (which, for the avoidance of doubt, includes a state, province, county, or municipality), or any wholly owned agency or instrumentality of Singapore or any one or more of the foregoing (each, a “Singaporean Governmental Entity”). This category is comprised of the integral parts, controlled entities, and political subdivisions of Singapore.

  • Governmental Authority Any national, state or local government, independent system operator, regional transmission owner or operator, any political subdivision thereof or any other governmental, judicial, regulatory, public or statutory instrumentality, authority, body, agency, department, bureau, or entity, excluding the Town.

  • LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (HRM Charter), Part VIII, Planning & Development. RECOMMENDATION It is recommended that North West Community Council:

  • Governmental Agencies Subject to Section 7.8, each party may communicate with any governmental agency, including but not limited to governmental agencies responsible for granting regulatory approval for the Products, regarding the Products if, in the opinion of that party’s counsel, the communication is necessary to comply with the terms of this Agreement or the requirements of any law, governmental order or regulation. Unless, in the reasonable opinion of its counsel, there is a legal prohibition against doing so, a party will permit the other party to accompany and take part in any communications with the agency, and to receive copies of all communications from the agency.

  • No Governmental Prohibition No order, statute, rule, regulation, executive order, injunction, stay, decree, judgment or restraining order shall have been enacted, entered, promulgated or enforced by any court or governmental or regulatory authority or instrumentality which prohibits the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.