Institutional Sample Clauses

Institutional. Institutional provides financial services through a number of specialized units to large multi-banked corporations, often global, which require sophisticated product and risk management solutions. Those financial services include loan structuring, foreign exchange, wholesale money market services and transaction banking. As at March 31, 2015, Institutional had total loans of $7.7 billion and total deposits of $13.5 billion.
Institutional strengthening
Institutional. Process Due Money and Wire/no Trade - Requests to subscribe money are received and acted upon, prior to DST receiving funding for these purchases. It is DST’s responsibility to track all unpaid purchases and report this information to Dreyfus in Uniondale, and the Fund Accounting area on a daily basis. This includes manual and Lion purchases. · Process As Of Purchases/Redemptions - (known as “Add-Ons”) Process trades received in the morning requesting that the previous days trade date and price be used. These trades are estimated and entered with the prior days trade date. This includes manual, Lion Account and DTCC trades. · Process Same Day Wires - Requests a redemption and immediate wire of funds prior to completion of the nightly cycle. Due money in a particular fund can result in a fund being “overdrawn” at the close of business. GAMA Servicing Functions Open new GAMA accounts; perform GAMA account maintenances; perform daily settlement of GAMA ACH, debit card, and check writing activity with the Dreyfus GAMA product service provider; provide system support for GAMA.
Institutional. Intended use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and other establishments which offer care to individuals of a medical nature.
Institutional. Beneficiaries commit to provide cash or in-kind contributions (except where social exclusion support provisions apply).
Institutional. These segments are supported by centralized back office and corporate functions. Life insurance and fund management products are developed and procured through ANZ Wealth’s group of companies, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of ANZ New Zealand. ANZ Wealth’s products are distributed through the Retail segment.
Institutional. The term
Institutional. Sustainable provision of timely hydrometeorological information for the study of patterns of drought and the development of early, medium and long-term warning methods A, C, R/E, F Drought monitoring and forecasting. Development of early, medium and long- term warning methods A, C, R/E, F Support for research aimed at describing the severity, spatial extent, trends, duration of droughts and their consequences for the social, environmental and economic aspects of the development of a region / country. A, C, R/E, F Scientific and applied research in the field of monitoring and forecasting droughts. Development of early, medium and long- term warning methods A, C, R/E, F Information exchange mechanism for improved mitigation of drought risks A, C, R/E, F Raising awareness of drought-dependent target groups A, C, R/E, F Creating a drought risk management system A, C, R/E, F Introduction of drought insurance systems. A, C, R/E, F Improving the education system and advanced training of specialists and interested target groups (farmers, entrepreneurs, etc.) A, C, R/E, F Development of educational programs for various levels of education A, C, R/E, F Settlement of the legal and institutional framework. Water laws and directives on possible actions in special circumstances in dry years A, C, R/E, F Development of critical threshold levels of droughts, forecasting future water use for distribution by zones A, C, R/E, F Creating a risk management system A, C, R/E, F Provide an understanding of effective decision-making in the context of drought risk management. A, C, R/E, F Tools and methodologies for early warning and decision support for drought preparedness planning and policy development. A, C, R/E, F To introduce legislative amendments guaranteeing free access to primary hydrometeorological information to increase the effectiveness of scientific and applied research A, C, R/E, F Development of a National Drought Program A, C, R/E, F Advocate for a national drought management program and improve public awareness A, C, R/E, F
Institutional. Within or across member states, division of responsibilities between institutions can form artificial barriers to development of the ESONET observatory network. There are further differences in relation to private enterprise and the degree to which private enterprise can be responsible for public infrastructure in different countries. Different funding and employment models can be barriers to collaboration. It is important for ESONET to identify the correct organisations for implementation of different aspects of the work in different countries. In particular, on the side of xxx xxxxxx and early warning it will be of paramount importance to coordinate information and efficient data exchange among civil protection of different countries. Some ESONET partners are involved in EC projects (e.g. NEAREST) that need to manage this topic. WP6 is dedicated to the spreading of excellence to socio-economic users in order to promote core services based on subsea observatories. WP5 task c) and task d) will facilitate the creation of mechanisms to overcome institutional boundaries and develop integrated projects.
Institutional. Number of agreed O&M plans operationalized (cumulative) - - 6 6 6 6