Innovative Sample Clauses

Innovative. We try new things and are not afraid to fail. We think outside of the box to take the ordinary to the extraordinary. QUIET TIMES WE WILL BE QUIET BETWEEN 22:00 and 08:00. • We will always consider our fellow students throughout the day and never make excessive noise. • During exam times we understand that the quiet times might change. • We will control and manage our visitors to avoid any nuisance or disturbance to our fellow students and the surrounding neighbourhood.
Innovative. High expectations are held for all students and their engagement and achievement is a priority • Teachers engage in innovative and cross curricular programme design and planning • Appraisal focuses on teacher improvement and is underpinned by Teaching as Inquiry (teacher as self-reflective practitioner) • Professional development links to appraisal, staff needs Leadership Team teaching and engaging programmes with cross curricular HOFs strands MH, All staff PLC Committee
Innovative. 3. Enhance the forest resource
Innovative. We try new things and are not afraid to fail. We think outside of the box to take the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Innovative. Schedules other than those included Articles and may be developed in order to improve quality of life, continuity of patient care, ensure adequate resources, and support efficiency. parties agree that innovative may be locally by Hospital the Association subject to the following principles: MARCH
Innovative. Innovative's switching services will be available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Innovative shall meet the quality standards described in Exhibit A, and shall provide all services as further describe in Exhibit A. Services shall be provided in a good and workmanlike manner. Carrier Management. The parties shall cooperate to facilitate Innovative's provision of Carrier management, as more fully described in Exhibit A. Call Records. INNOVATIVE will capture Call Detail Records hereinafter "CDR" for each of Client's calls entering and exiting INNOVATIVE's equipment. CDR will be stored at the switching location and transferred to a location designated by Client.
Innovative. Relates to the extent to which there is a requirement to vary from or make changes to accepted processes and systems. Imparted to another, directions given. INTERPRET To clarify or explain, translate.
Innovative. Early advice to avoid potential problems as early as possible • Test failure investigation, practical advice and reporting • Test consolidation for multiple approvals • Pragmatic test planning to minimise test failures and delays The CML Certification Promise
Innovative. Members of our community explore a variety of tools to creatively solve problems and develop ideas. Ethical: Members of our community commit to demonstrating digital citizenship by engaging in respectful discourse and appropriate use of available resources.
Innovative. How has innovation been incorporated into the solution? How is the solution different from comparable projects?‌