Initiatives Sample Clauses

Initiatives. If any New City Law is enacted or imposed by a citizen-sponsored initiative or referendum, which New City Law would conflict with the Project Approvals or this Agreement or reduce the development rights or assurances provided by this Agreement, such New City Law shall not apply to the Property or Project; provided, however, the Parties acknowledge that City’s approval of this Agreement is a legislative action subject to referendum. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no moratorium or other limitation (whether relating to the rate, timing, phasing or sequencing of development) affecting any entitlements or permits to use that are approved or to be approved, issued or granted by City shall apply to the Property or Project. Developer agrees and understands that City does not have authority or jurisdiction over any other public agency’s ability to grant governmental approvals or permits or to impose a moratorium or other limitations that may affect the Project. City shall reasonably cooperate with Developer and, at Developer’s expense, undertake such actions as may be necessary to ensure this Agreement remains in full force and effect. City, except to submit to vote of the electorate initiatives and referendums required by law to be placed on a ballot and fulfill any legal responsibility to defend a ballot measure passed by its voters, shall not support, adopt or enact any New City Law, or take any other action which would violate the express provisions or spirit and intent of this Agreement.
Initiatives. The District and Association both recognize the power and value of timely, regular, objective and formative feedback to improve educational programs and utilization of both capital and human resources. A system which provides input from teachers to improve programs and building efficacy is beneficial to all stakeholders. An initiative shall be defined as any PreK-12 program, procedure, or process which directly affects the work environment or teaching methods of a teacher, grade level, building faculty, or academic discipline. Teachers will be informed at the time a new initiative is presented whether it is mandatory or optional. Initiative implementation may include stakeholder input prior to and during implementation.
Initiatives. Contractor shall inform and direct their employees to keep the Wi-Fi Equipment turned on at all times. Contractor shall inform and direct their employees to: (a) make timely announcements to passengers on Equipped Aircraft regarding the availability of Wi-Fi Services for customers to use; and (b) keep the seatbacks on the Equipped Aircraft stocked with seatback cards containing information about Wi- Fi Services at all times.
Initiatives.  Section III.A.1.a–d (various Collection Furnisher initiatives).  Section III.A.3.b. (instruct Collection Furnishers on the use of the Metro 2 comment codes for “paid by insurance” and “being paid by insurance”).  Section III.A.5.a (Illegal Lender identification initiative).  Section III.B.3.a (various initiatives relating to the sharing of, obligations upon receipt of, and reporting of Disputed Deceased Indicators).  Section III.B.3.b (various initiatives relating to the sharing of, obligations upon receipt of, and education to consumers regarding Death Notices and other information relating to deceased consumers).  Section III.B.3.c.iii (develop guidelines and procedures for communicating with consumers about mixed files and create educational content about mixed files generally).  Section III.B.5 (provide consumer right to request one additional free annual credit report disclosure during the twelve-month period following a change to the consumer’s file).  Section III.B.6.a (update terms of use agreed to by furnishers using e-OSCAR, as well as the ACDV and AUD certifications made by furnishers through e-OSCAR).  Section III.B.7.d (update CRAs’ websites and with educational material regarding disputes that qualify for escalated handling).  Section III.C.1.a (initiatives relating to enhancing the consumer experience on  Section III.C.1.b (various initiatives relating to enhancing CRAs’ websites and with educational material for consumers regarding the dispute process).  Section III.E.4.b (Working Group review of CRAs’ policies and procedures pertaining to data accuracy and furnishers in order to identify potential best practices). Phase 3 Initiatives  Section III.A.1.e (additional Collection Furnisher initiatives).  Section III.A.2 (migrate to Metro 2 data reporting format for all furnishers; no longer accept Metro 1 data reporting format).  Section III.A.3.a, 3.c (medical debt collection initiatives relating to preventing the reporting of and potential suppression of certain medical debt data).
Initiatives. The parties will cooperate in developing and implementing joint and separate initiatives to market, promote and advertise the Connectivity Services. Neither party will undertake any material promotion without obtaining the written approval of the other party (the term “promotion” for this purpose includes, without limitation, offering Connectivity Services for free or at discounted test or promotional rates).
Initiatives. The Health Organization acknowledges that Initiatives, as described in Section 3.4, might impact some aspect of the Health Organization’s operations or services. As a WOHT Member, the Health Organization will have access to information about active Initiatives. If an Initiative is likely to have a material impact on the Health Organization, then the Health Organization will be given the opportunity to assign one or more of its Health Organization’s staff or leaders serve on that Initiative. Participation on an Initiative includes involvement in the work of the Initiative, access to documentation and draft recommendations, and all the opportunities, rights, and responsibilities described in the remainder of this Section. If the Health Organization has not participated on an Initiative that develops recommendations that impact the Health Organization, the Health Organization will have the opportunity to provide input to any draft recommendations as well as feedback to the sponsoring Working Group or the Coordinating Council. This feedback may cover any aspect of the recommendations as well as the Health Organization’s position regarding its willingness to participate in the implementation of any recommendation should it be approved for implementation. If the Coordinating Council approves a recommendation for implementation that is likely to impact the Health Organization, the WOHT will invite the Health Organization to participate in the implementation planning recognizing that the Health Organization has the sole authority to control the extent and nature of any changes it may chose to make to its own operations and services and the extent to which the Health Organization works with other WOHT Members to jointly implement any recommendation.1 The WOHT acknowledges that the Health Organization can not be directed to implement any WOHT decision, rather that implementation depends on the voluntary agreement and collaboration of the Health Organization along with other WOHT Members impacted by a decision. The Health Organization acknowledges responsibility to cover its own costs and address any human resource considerations, internal operations or service changes that result from implementing any recommendation that the Health Organization has agreed to implement on its own or in collaboration with one or more other WOHT Members.
Initiatives. Level of Activity - Check all that apply Local DTO Focus Multi-State DTO Focus International DTO Focus Interdiction Focus Does this Initiative Routinely Provide Information to the HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISDC)? YES NO SECTION 2: PROFILE Initiative Description Oakland County Sheriff's Office Enter Lead Agency: Pontiac Enter Location of Initiative (City): Check All That Apply Initiative is Collocated with other HIDTA Initiatives Initiative is Staffed with Full-Time Federal and Full-Time State/Local Personnel Full-Time Members of Initiative are Collocated and Commingled with Federal and State/Local Personnel Revised November 2017 Initiative Description and Budget Proposal Instructions Enter your initiative description and budget detail in the text box on the following page. The text box is not character limited, nor is it limited to the visible field on the page. It works best to compose the narrative in Word and copy into the text field on the following page. Please use narrative only to complete this section. The PMP software will not accept graphs, tables, charts, images, etc. The narrative section is intended to describe the mission and proposed activities for your initiative (dismantling DTOs, meth labs, interdicting drugs/money, apprehending fugitives, etc.) and detail your initiative's funding request. This description should indicate when the initiative was first funded by HIDTA. Your narrative must be clear, concise and complete. Do not include a long narrative detailing the history or accomplishments of your initiative. Please limit your initiative description to several short paragraphs. The first paragraph should clearly identify the threat (drug problem, violent crime, money laundering) in your area. ONDCP expects detailed information regarding the threat in the HIDTA county/counties which your initiative serves. Describe the types of drugs being trafficked, the presence/activities of gangs and drug-related violent crime. Include information on DTOs and MLOs operating in your area. DO NOT use specific names/addresses for any organizations or provide any information which is law enforcement sensitive or classified. Referring to the Michigan HIDTA Annual Threat Assessment/Drug Market Analysis is essential when describing the threat in your region. In the next paragraph discuss your plan to attack the threat in your region. Describe your initiative and detail your plan to address the specific threats/problems in your area and achieve you...
Initiatives. The introduction of a formal requirement on the Department, Employing Authorities and other arm’s length bodies to consider and consult on new initiatives and proposals which have the potential to increase teacher 2 xxxxx:// xxxxx:// service.pdf xxxxx:// xxxxx:// ni-1988-no-299
Initiatives. The parties will cooperate in developing and implementing joint and separate initiatives to market, promote and advertise the Connectivity Services. A recent presentation by Aircell regarding proposed initiatives is attached hereto as Exhibit H. A marketing team consisting of representatives of both parties will work together in good faith to agree upon an initial marketing plan based upon Exhibit H within 30 days following the execution of this Agreement and will meet at least quarterly thereafter to review proposed initiatives and update the plan by mutual agreement. Each such plan (the “Marketing Plan”) will set forth the initiatives to be undertaken in the subsequent three months (or such other period on which the joint marketing team agrees), as well as the schedule and amounts budgeted for implementation of such initiatives. [***]. Neither the approval of the initial Marketing Plan nor any revision or update thereto will require an amendment to this Agreement. Neither party will undertake any material promotion without obtaining the written approval of the other party (the term “promotion” for this purpose including, without limitation, offering Connectivity Services for free or at discounted test or promotional rates).
Initiatives. For Initiatives, Client shall pay Contractor such amounts as may be determined through the provisions of Section 9 hereof.