Informational Sample Clauses

Informational. Workshops shall be developed and facilitated by CONTRACTOR, except as directed otherwise by the OCWIB, and shall be made available to all One- Stop customers. Workshops shall augment individualized service and provide the customers with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify potential job prospects, fill out an application, or construct a resume. Additional workshops shall help customers gain marketable skills to ensure successful job retention. Customers shall not be required to attend workshops in any particular sequence.
Informational. The LPA in Monterey and San Xxxxxx Counties will hold quarterly stakeholder meetings to review and update the LPA. These meetings will include any community or generic partner that would like to participate. There will be part of the meeting held to highlight one of our community or core partners. Core partners will meet for 30 minutes prior or after the meeting to connect. We will send the updated LPA to the CHHS on a yearly basis but keep the local LPA updated quarterly. The Core and Community partners and anyone on the distribution list will be given a copy. The distribution list will be held on the LPA Community Partners directory. Stakeholders, both community and core, will share trainings, workshops and/or events that are held to the public so that all have the option to attend. Functional Appropriate consent forms will be held by all parties for individuals to sign to release information so that agencies are able to communicate and support the individual with the appropriate partners needed. We will continue to work with community and core partner stakeholders to identify ongoing gaps and barriers to the system transition and adult system for competitive and integrated employment and the available resources and ways to overcome them. We will be holding quarterly stakeholder meetings to update, change and continue to grow the LPA so that our partnership, knowledge and systems stay current. We will include portions of the meeting for feedback from the community and individuals we are serving. System Measures The LPA will be collecting, monitoring, and reporting transition and CIE Data. The research processes will be supported by: The LPA will be collecting, monitoring, and reporting transition and CIE Data and reporting back to its LPA stakeholders on a yearly basis. Below are some of the systems in place to collect data on individuals working in competitive and integrated employment. State Council Data Dashboard xxxxx:// Department of Developmental Services Data Dashboard xxxx:// San Andreas Regional Center CIE Data Collection California Department of Education WorkAbility I Database Annual Follow Ups on Individuals who have graduated Department of Rehabilitation AD Hoc Reports TPP data Obtain Consumer and Family feedback to measure the success of the LPA. Use surveys that each entity already uses.
Informational. Briefs given to provide a status update or promote discussion on a particular topic. Such briefs are not designed to result in a decision, but they may generate action items for future consideration.
Informational. Request for information only Within 1 business day Single point of contact response will be determined using the following criteria: Definition Response Time
Informational. The original commercial cannot be altered except to insert; destination, points of departure, times, telephone numbers, rates, prices, cross references to alternate media information etcetera. Inserts of this nature may be made without additional fee on national commercials only.
Informational. The School District and the Union agree that any description of insurance benefits contained in this Article are intended to be informational only and the eligibility of any teacher for benefits shall be governed by the terms of the insurance policies contracted by the School District and the insurance carriers pursuant to this Article. The School District's only obligation is to contract for insurance policies and contribute such amounts as established by this Article.
Informational. Event has occurred and information is being logged detailing the event. System is fully functional.
Informational. The LPA will maintain ongoing communication amongst all core partners. Meetings will be established at mutually agreed upon intervals for the purpose of dialogue related to training opportunities, best practices and sharing resources. Email group, sharing ongoing transition/employment information, upcoming webinars, etc.
Informational. Local: The SDLPA will maintain ongoing communication among all core partners. Meetings will be established at mutually agreed upon intervals for the purpose of dialogue related to training opportunities, best practices, and sharing resources. Developed materials, programming documents and success stories will be shared with stakeholders including families and individual with disabilities using the following methods: Transition related blogs Workshops San Diego Regional Center website DOR Internet Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) State Level: Communication is maintained with the CIE Leadership Team Members through California State Advisory Committees. Technical assistance is received as needed.
Informational. The ACCLPA will hold quarterly meetings to review and update the LPA. The core partners will work together to determine how to best share information with community stakeholders. Core partners and community stakeholders will share information and attendance at trainings, workshops, and related events. FUNCTIONAL Release of Information/Consent forms will be available to allow Core Partners to communicate and best support the individual. Core partners and stakeholders will continue to identify gaps or barriers impacting individuals in their pursuit of competitive and integrated employment. Core partners will organize and facilitate meetings to update, change, and expand the LPA to ensure that the partnership, and systems remain current. Portions of the meetings will allow and encourage community feedback. Core partners will expand and develop additional community partnerships aimed at providing access to all resources and workforce systems not historically utilized. Core partners commit to assign a school district point of contact for RCEB. Core partners commit to further explore organizational structure within the LPA, to be functional within the local planning area, including the exploration of subcommittees to focus on specific interests.