Industry Sample Clauses

Industry. 1. There will be free movement of industrial goods free of any restrictions including customs and import taxes between the two sides, subject to each side's legislation.
Industry. The aim of cooperation in this area is to facilitate the restructuring and modernisation of the South African industry while fostering its competitiveness and growth and to create conditions favourable to mutually beneficial cooperation between South African and Community industry. The aim of the cooperation shall be, inter alia:
Industry. CompBioMed will target the HPC and biomedical (including pharmaceutical) industries, including software and hardware resource users, resource providers, developers, researchers, CEOs and other leaders. The XxX will act as an innovation incubator. Academia will work with industry to exploit the XxX’x capabilities by raising awareness of and providing support within industrial contexts especially, but by no means exclusively, in SMEs. This is a key activity to ensure the wider impact of HPC in this sector. It will include meaningful intellectual engagement between experts working in academia and users based in industry, with knowledge of HPC and an ability to facilitate access to the appropriate scale of resources required. Our dissemination channels and involvement in events (described in Sections 8 and 9) will also target industry stakeholders. The pharmaceutical industry is represented by our engagement with core partners Xxxxxx and Xxxxxxx, as well as our associate partners AstraZeneca, Institut Xxxxx and GSK. Also included in our consortium; Acellera, an R&D company that provides new technologies for the study of biophysical phenomena; and DNAnexus, a company that provides a global network for sharing and management of genomic data and tools to accelerate genomics. We will track work done by the ASME sub-committee V&V-40 on the verification and validation of modelling and simulation for the design and assessment of biomedical products, and the related USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Fast Track initiative, for the use of computer modelling and simulation results in regulatory processes. We will also monitor the work of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) with the European Medicine Agency (EMA) in relation to pharmaceutical products. We will seek to include representatives of these bodies in our activities. Through the involvement of our industry partners, we also expect to disseminate the importance of computer based, predictive, multiscale mechanistic modelling and how it can impact on drug design in an increasingly personalised environment, and to co-design industry- oriented added-value workflows that will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the XxX. The importance of serious compute capability is represented through our partnership with Atos. Despite the inexorable advances in medical science, the cost of discovery and bringing to market of new drugs is becoming prohibitive. The pharma R&D mo...
Industry. (A) In general The term ‘‘industry’’ means the producers as a whole of a domestic like product, or those producers whose collective output of a domestic like product constitutes a major proportion of the total domestic production of the product.