Include, Includes, Including Sample Clauses

Include, Includes, Including. Whenever the words “include”, “includes” or “including” are used in this Agreement, they shall be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation”, whether or not they are in fact followed by those words or words of like import.

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Number; Inclusion references to the plural include the singular, the plural, the part and the whole; "or" has the inclusive meaning represented by the phrase "and/or," and "including" has the meaning represented by the phrase "including without limitation";
Singular Includes the Plural; Gender; Title Reference Whenever the singular number is used in this Contract and when required by the context, the same shall include the plural, and the use of any gender, be it masculine, feminine or neuter, shall include all of the genders, and the word “person” or “entity” shall include corporation, firm, partnership, or any other combination or association. The use of the title “Bidder”, “Vendor”, “Contractor” or “Consultant” within this contract or associated bid documents shall be deemed interchangeable and shall refer to the person or entity with whom the City of Sparks is contracting for the service or product referenced within this contract.
Services Not Exclusive Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or restrict USBFS from providing services to other parties that are similar or identical to some or all of the services provided hereunder.
References to Interest Unless the context otherwise requires, any reference to interest on, or in respect of, any Note in this Indenture shall be deemed to include Additional Interest if, in such context, Additional Interest is, was or would be payable pursuant to any of Section 4.06(d), Section 4.06(e) and Section 6.03. Unless the context otherwise requires, any express mention of Additional Interest in any provision hereof shall not be construed as excluding Additional Interest in those provisions hereof where such express mention is not made.
Number; Gender Whenever the context so requires, the singular number shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular, and the gender of any pronoun shall include the other genders.
References to Time All references in this Agreement to times of the day shall be to New York City time.
Rights Not Exclusive The rights provided for in this Agreement and the other Loan Documents are cumulative and are not exclusive of any other rights, powers, privileges or remedies provided by law or in equity, or under any other instrument, document or agreement now existing or hereafter arising.
References to Statutes Each reference to a statute or statutory provision includes any statute or statutory provision which amends, extends, consolidates or replaces the statute or statutory provision or which has been amended, extended, consolidated or replaced by the statute or statutory provision and includes any orders, regulations, by-laws, ordinances, codes of practice or instruments made under the relevant statute.
Agreement Not Exclusive Customer is free to enter into agreements to license, use, and promote the products and services of others.