Inception Sample Clauses

Inception. The mandatory scheme must be taken out to commence on or before 1 July 2003 and must as a minimum include: - Cover for both examinations and operations/treatment performed on an outpatient basis/during hospitalization - Cover for treatment of mental disorders (including acute emergency relief, also in the event of private incidents) - There must be no limitations (number of treatments or months) on the cover for treatment of mental disorders - Treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor - No waiting period for new illnesses/accidents - A maximum of two years’ waiting period for cover of existing disorders - Cover continues in case the employee is posted abroad for the company - Free hospital choice in the Nordic countries and at least one other country - Option for the employee to supplement his or her group insurance contract with contracts for spouse and children - Continuation option in the event of resignation/pensioning - The insured should be given an option of advice in connection with the choice of place of examination/treatment - As a declaration of intent, the aim should be for examination/treatment to be performed within a maximum of two weeks.
Inception. Membership in the Consortium is open to each invited party on an annual basis. Collaborator’s Member rights under the Consortium take effect immediately when each Party has signed the Agreement and Collaborator has provided its first payment of dues as set forth under the Agreement.
Inception. The project will commence with an inception meeting. In addition to a general discussion of the methodology, at this meeting we would seek to discuss: The background of the commissioning of the study and the prospects for repeating the survey Appropriateness of, and how to negotiate access to, existing data on organisational performance in culture and sport Scope of the secondary data analysis in terms of duration (we initially suggest the last five years for which data is available) Any further suggestions of key sources for the literature review beyond those contained in the ITT How the break clause in the contract would operate given that our methodology differs from the method that is assumed within the ITT Agree milestones, deliverables, timescales and project management protocols. All key members of the delivery team will attend this meeting and the results of the meeting will be prepared as a Project Initiation Document (PID) that will act as the cornerstone for the project in terms of what both parties have agreed to. Any subsequent changes to the workplan would require an updating of the PID to reflect the changes.
Inception. 28. Immediately after signing of the Implementation Agreement by the respective Implementing Countries and upon receipt of fund, the Implementing Countries shall initiate the inception of the Project and begin the implementation of activities.
Inception. 2.1.1 Receive, appraise and report on the client's requirements with regard to: • the client’s brief • the site and rights and constraints • budgetary constraints • the need for consultants • project programme • methods of contracting
Inception. We would suggest holding an initial inception meeting in order to discuss and agree the approach, including the definition of cultural investments to be used in the study, the relevance criteria for inclusion of evidence (including type of investment, location, date of assessment, scope of study) and the framework for assessment of quality. Following the meeting, we would produce a short inception note which details any resulting action points and sets out the agreed work programme and milestones.
Inception. Initially the selected artist will be required to meet with the project management team and other stakeholders to ensure their requirements are incorporated into the design process. The artist will be required to produce details of their method of involving the public in the design process and a detailed work programme from inception to completion on site. It is a requirement that the project is completed by October 2010.
Inception. A project initiation meeting between the Authority and the Contractor shall take place at the start of the project. The purpose of this meeting shall be to:
Inception. The Reinsurer’s liability shall begin on the Effective Date of this Agreement for in force business. For new business, the Reinsurer’s liability shall begin when the Ceding Company’s liability begins.