HOT Sample Clauses

HOT. WORK PERMIT Each hot-work permit shall include the following appropriate information:
HOT. TX represents and warrants as of the Sixth Amendment Effective Date that HOT-TX is and will not be using “plan assets” (within the meaning of Section 3(42) of ERISA or otherwise) of one or more Benefit Plans with HOT- TX’s entrance into, participation in, administration of and performance of the Loans, the Loan Documents, the Guarantied Obligations or this Guaranty Agreement.
HOT. Dip Galvanizing: Certificate of compliance signed by galvanizer, with description of material processed and ASTM standard used for coating.
HOT. (a) As per labour and local agreements presently effect. It understood that hot meals not be paid to employees on regularly scheduled twelve hour shifts. SAFETY MEETINGS Safety meetings will be as past and any problems occurring will be dealt with by the Health and Safety Committee. A five day week-long course be from Monday to Friday inclusive, with Saturday and Sunday off. of training will be from a.m. to p.m. each day. Employee will be paid his normal scheduled hours, from Sunday to Saturday, had he worked. HEIGHT PAY Height pay will be paid at the rate of tune and one-half for work performed in areas forty feet over above a solid work on Sundays, statutory Holidays, days off, and after eight hours in any one day, the employee shall a further premium of fifty percent of his regular rate. DAYS OFF; SCHEDULING, POSTING Schedules shall be in each department not later than p.m. Thursday each week showing the crews for the following week. If any changes are made to the schedule thereafter, the Company will attempt to notify the employees affected. Such schedules shall show the day or days off for each man the crew. an employee wishes to change his scheduled or designated days off, he will supervisor at least twenty-four hours in advance and such a change is mutually agreed upon by the employee and his supervisor, then the employee will work at straight time rates on the day days originally scheduled as his scheduled or days off. On the other hand, if he is to work on the alternate days, mutually agreed upon as his days off, he shall be paid at the overtime rate. the event of a major breakdown, an employee may be to work on his scheduled designated day or days off for which he be paid at straight time rates provided he has given at least hours advance and granted another day days off as mutually agreed upon for which he be at the overtime rate required to work on these days. Any worker called in on Sunday who works eight hours or and not scheduled to work on that day, shall not have to take designated day during the week, and shall work on his scheduled working day at time and one-half if he so desires. If a employee works a twelve hour shift on Sunday, he may be scheduled to work two more twelve hour shifts the week to his week at straight time. If a a and less he hour hour days at straight day worker called in after midnight, receive time off (at straight equal to the time midnight and a.m. he is a.m. the day and reports at deferred starting time. Rest pay ...
HOT. TUB – No children under the age of 12 permitted in hot tub at any time. When using the hot tub, remember there is certain health risk associated with this facility. Use at your own risk. Our housekeepers sanitize and replenish chemicals in tub prior to your arrival; therefore, it may not be warm till later that evening. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVER, it can break and you may be charged for replacement. Remember when not using the hot tub, leave cover on so hot tub will stay clean and warm, and locked if you have small children.

Related to HOT

  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Xxxxxxx Park District does not provide catering.

  • Welding Welding and use of cutting torches or cutoff saws will be permitted only in areas that have been cleared or are free of all material capable of carrying fire. Flammable debris and vegetation must be removed from within a minimum 10-foot radius of all welding and cutting operations. A shovel and a 5-gallon standard backpack water container filled and with handpump attached shall be immediately available for use in the event of a fire start. C8.212 – MARKET-RELATED CONTRACT TERM ADDITION (11/08). The term of this contract may be adjusted when a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred in accordance with 36 CFR 223.52. The Producer Price Index used to determine when a drastic reduction in price has occurred is stated in A20. Purchaser will be notified whenever the Chief determines that a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred. If the drastic reduction criteria specified in 36 CFR 223.52 are met for 2 consecutive calendar quarters, after contract award date, Contracting Officer will add 1 year to the contract term, upon Purchaser’s written request. For each additional consecutive quarter such a drastic reduction occurs, Contracting Officer will, upon written request, add an additional 3 months to the term during Normal Operating Season, except that no single 3-month addition shall extend the term of the contract by more than one year. Contracting Officer must receive Purchaser’s written request for a market-related contract term addition before the expiration of this contract. No more than 3 years shall be added to a contract's term by market-related contract term addition unless the following conditions are met:

  • Wash all machine-washable bedding, drapes, and clothing, on the hottest water temperature and dry on the highest heat setting. Items that cannot be washed must be taken to a dry cleaner who MUST be informed of the issue. You must safely discard ALL items that cannot be decontaminated.

  • Water This lease does not grant permission, express or implied, to Lessee for water exploration, drilling, or establishing water xxxxx without the written permission of the surface owner. If Lessor is the surface owner, said permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. If Lessee desires to establish or adjudicate any water right for beneficial use on the leased land, any such adjudication or application shall be in the name of Lessor if Lessor is the surface owner. The same shall apply to any non-tributary water rights established on the leased land which may be put to beneficial use off said land.

  • Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.

  • Laundry Uniforms provided by the Employer to employees will be laundered by the Employer.

  • Irrigation The City shall provide water to the Premises for the purpose of irrigating the facility. The City specifically reserves the right to restrict water usage under this Agreement if water restrictions are placed on other water users within the City. Prior to the start of the season, City will provide charge up and run through the automatic irrigation systems to check for proper operation. City will provide Lessee with a radio for remote operation of the irrigation system, which Lessee shall use for the day to day maintenance, repair, and monitoring of the irrigation system. If the radio is lost, stolen, broken, or is rendered unusable, Lessee shall pay $1500 for the replacement radio. City is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the following irrigation elements, to the extent applicable: curb stops, backflow prevention devices, backflow enclosures, main line pipings, electric control valves, and controllers. Lessee shall notify Parks Division Water managers by email if any of these irrigation elements are malfunctioning or broken.

  • Heating The Hirer shall ensure that no unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises when open to the public without the consent of the management committee. Portable Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG) heating appliances shall not be used.

  • Ventilation The Company shall ensure that adequate local exhaust ventilation systems are installed on all sources of hazardous airborne contaminants and must be maintained on a regular basis.

  • Fuel 28.1 The Vehicle must be returned with the amount of fuel equal to that at the time of the commencement of the rental. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference will be charged to You at a rate of $5.00 including GST per litre (which includes a service component).