Homes Sample Clauses

Homes. Owner shall pay such fees to Builder in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, provided, however, all unpaid fees shall be due and payable in full, irrespective if the Homes have been constructed or sold, One (1) year from the date of termination by Owner without cause under this Paragraph 29. Owner shall provide Builder with reasonable access to the Property and all portions of the Project for the purposes of removing its movable personal property as described in Paragraph 33 In the event Builder does not remove an item of its movable personal property with Thirty (30) days following such termination, in addition to Owner's rights pursuant to Paragraph 33, Owner shall have the right to use such property in completing the Project or any portion thereof, free of charge and without liability to Builder for the use thereof or damage thereto.
Homes. 20.1 The parties acknowledge that the Purchaser has or is about to enter into a Relationship & Option Agreement pursuant to the KiwiBuild Programme whereby the Purchaser’s Development will become a KiwiBuild Qualifying Development and form part of the KiwiBuild Programme on the basis that the Dwellings identified as KiwiBuild herein will be KiwiBuild Homes.
Homes. All homes must be 16’ wide or wider. All homes must be in excellent physical condition, repair and properly painted. All homes are to be double blocked and anchored. Skirting must be installed within 30 days of date of occupancy. All homes must have a 4’ X 8’ deck located at the front door. All steps and decks must be approved by the office. All additions to the homes, such as skirting, porches, awnings, decks and storage sheds must be kept repaired, painted and neat. All mini blinds and items in the windows must be kept repaired, NO TIN FOIL, BLANKETS, NEWSPAPER, SHOWER CURTAINS, WRAPPING PAPER, PLASTIC, BEDDING or any other items cluttering the windows. Only blinds or curtains should be visible from outside the window.
Homes. The PARTIES indicate their homes for the purposes of notifications of character extrajudicial or judicial proceedings in connection with the Contract, Multiple, which refer, respectively, in the STATEMENTS of the Contract Multiple. However, the PARTIES may change or point in the future, any other address, by notice given to the other PARTY with at least 10 (ten) Business Days in advance, on the understanding that, not provided such notice of change, each and every one of the notifications that will be made to the PARTY concerned at the address now points out, are deemed to be legally performed to your detriment. The extrajudicial notifications you have to make the PARTIES shall be in writing and addressed to the other party by personal delivery with acknowledgement of receipt at the respective address, and will be delivered on the date on which they are received by the PARTY to whom they have been directed. Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraphs first and third of this CLAUSE, the extrajudicial notifications that are related to the requirement of the payment of the Credit to the BORROWER, may be made by the ACREDITANTE in any address of the authoritative knowledge of the ACREDITANTE, in writing and delivered in a personal way without acknowledgement of receipt.
Homes. First Society agrees to notify the properly elected local representative and an Ontario Public Service Employees Union representative two (2) months in advance of the expected date of implementation of a lay-off. However, in cases of emergencies that are beyond Homes First Society's control, Homes First Society will give as much notice of the lay-off as possible. Homes First Society further agrees to meet with the Union, through the Labour/Management Committee, to review:
Homes. This system includes the main control hub, 1-Doorbell camera, 1- property camera (Your home may need two cams), 1 -thermostat (Some homes require 2), 1- pool heat control, electric door locks for entry, all owner’s closets, and patio/entry door sensors, etc. (Approx. cost $2600 +or- depending on equipment)
Homes. First Society shall provide accommodation for a handicapped employee who has been disabled through injury or illness in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Homes. The effect of applying flat rate increases both inside and outside the bargaining unit, given the preexisting rate differential between Homes and Centers, is to widen the gap between bargaining unit providers and the Centers.18 The Union argues that the gap should be closed somewhat by larger increases in compensation for Licensed and Exempt Homes. These increases are supported, contends the Union, by comparison to the statutory comparables, i.e. a comparison of the subsidy rates provided by public agencies, including counties and municipalities, along the west coast of the Unites Sates.19
Homes. The Homes are described in Exhibit "B". The Homes shall be purchased at MDMC's cost of $220,501. The purchase price for the Homes (the "Home Price") shall be in addition to the Purchase Price.
Homes. The buildings located at Drive in East York are two separately licensed nursing homes and as such, will be operated independently of each other. For the purpose of this collective agreement, persons will be employed at Leisureworld or Leisureworld Part time employees (employees who work less then twenty four (24) hours per week may be employed at more than one location covered under this collective agreement, however, each location is deemed a separate entity for employment purposes. DATED AT TORONTO THIS DAY OF FOR THE EMPLOYER FOR THE UNION APPENDIX For existing North employees who elected, as their option. status North Proration Formula Accrual and payment of paid holidays and all benefits including shared cost for all employees shall be on a prorated basis of hours regularly worked in relation to (75) hours The calculation of proration percentage shall be determined by dividing the hours paid in the previous predetermined period by and then multiplying by Effective July the prorate formula divisor will be changed to hours. The predetermined period shall coincide with the posting of the seniority list) Hours paid in calculating proration formula will include When an employee is on: