Hit Sample Clauses

Hit. “Hit” shall mean a [**] (a) that is confirmed as active against an Amgen Target, or (b) for which [**], which is [**]. For purposes of this Section 1.27, [**] shall mean that a [**] or [**] are [**].
Hit. The term

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  • Research Collaboration Upon FibroGen’s request, the Parties will discuss conducting a research program funded by AstraZeneca and directed toward franchise enhancement and lifecycle management for HIF Compounds or other topics that the Parties determine relevant to the Products and the Field. Upon agreement on the terms of such research program, the Parties will enter into a separate agreement or amend this Agreement accordingly.

  • RE-WEIGHING PRODUCT Deliveries are subject to re- weighing at the point of destination by the Authorized User. If shrinkage occurs which exceeds that normally allowable in the trade, the Authorized User shall have the option to require delivery of the difference in quantity or to reduce the payment accordingly. Such option shall be exercised in writing by the Authorized User.

  • Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing This plan covers human leukocyte antigen testing for A, B, and DR antigens once per member per lifetime to establish a member’s bone marrow transplantation donor suitability in accordance with R.I. General Law §27-20-36. The testing must be performed in a facility that is: • accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks or its successors; and • licensed under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act as it may be amended from time to time. At the time of testing, the person being tested must complete and sign an informed consent form that also authorizes the results of the test to be used for participation in the National Marrow Donor program.

  • Study Resolution of issues surrounding Keno facility are an important part of achieving the overall goals of this Settlement. Accordingly, the Secretary, in consultation with affected Parties, shall study issues specific to the Keno facility, with specific focus on addressing water quality, fish passage, transfer of title to the Keno facility from PacifiCorp to Interior, future operations and maintenance, and landowner agreements. The study of the Keno facility will be designed with the goals of addressing these issues and maintaining the benefits the dam currently provides.

  • Develop programs 1) The Employer will develop and implement health promotion and health education programs, subject to the availability of resources. Each Appointing Authority will develop a health promotion and health education program consistent with the Minnesota Management & Budget policy. Upon request of any exclusive representative in an agency, the Appointing Authority shall jointly meet and confer with the exclusive representative(s) and may include other interested exclusive representatives. Agenda items shall include but are not limited to smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, health education/self-care, and education on related benefits provided through the health plan administrators serving state employees.

  • Statistical Sampling Documentation a. A copy of the printout of the random numbers generated by the “Random Numbers” function of the statistical sampling software used by the IRO.

  • Research Plan The Parties recognize that the Research Plan describes the collaborative research and development activities they will undertake and that interim research goals set forth in the Research Plan are good faith guidelines. Should events occur that require modification of these goals, then by mutual agreement the Parties can modify them through an amendment, according to Paragraph 13.6.

  • Screening All drug screening tests shall be conducted by medical laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services or certified by a DHHS recognized certification program. No test shall be considered positive until it has been confirmed by a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry full scan test or its equivalent. The procedures utilized by the City and testing laboratory shall include an evidentiary chain of custody control. All procedures shall be outlined in writing and this outline shall be followed in all situations arising under this Article. The split sample method of collection shall be used and shall follow prescribed testing procedures. Collection of samples for all random testing shall take place in the police department.

  • Clinical Studies The preclinical studies and tests and clinical trials described in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus were, and, if still pending, are being conducted in all material respects in accordance with the experimental protocols, procedures and controls pursuant to, where applicable, accepted professional and scientific standards for products or product candidates comparable to those being developed by the Company; the descriptions of such studies, tests and trials, and the results thereof, contained in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus are accurate and complete in all material respects; the Company is not aware of any tests, studies or trials not described in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus, the results of which reasonably call into question the results of the tests, studies and trials described in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus; and the Company has not received any written notice or correspondence from the FDA or any foreign, state or local Governmental Authority exercising comparable authority or any institutional review board or comparable authority requiring the termination, suspension, clinical hold or material modification of any tests, studies or trials.

  • Selection Criteria Each Contract is secured by a new or used Motorcycle. No Contract has a Contract Rate less than 1.00%. Each Contract amortizes the amount financed over an original term no greater than 84 months (excluding periods of deferral of first payment). Each Contract has a Principal Balance of at least $500.00 as of the Cutoff Date.