Frames Sample Clauses

Frames. One set of frames is covered every twenty-four (24) consecutive month period, provided the frames are used with lenses prescribed after an eye examination. Frame allowance: $30.00. When new frames are not required, the payment allowed for frames may be applied toward the cost of lenses.
Frames. The Program covers plastic, metal or wire eyeglass frames which are adequate to hold the prescribed lenses. The Program pays up to $14.75, less the co-payment amount. For covered services and supplies from a non-participating provider, the program will pay 75% of the provider's reasonable charge for vision examinations less the $5.00 co- payment amount and will pay for lenses, frames and dispensing fees on a pre- determined set fee level. The patient pays the provider any other charges.
Frames. Welded hollow metal, 16-gauge at interior, 14-gauge galvanized at exterior, size as required, factory prime, field painted, labeled at rated walls and partitions.
Frames. Benefits will be paid for one frame for each covered person in any 24 month period.
Frames. The Plan must make available a selection of frames from which the patient may choose and/or enable patients to access their material benefits from a retailer. The wholesale allowance for frames shall be $75.
Frames. Spring unit mounted to heavy duty wood frame with 1” x 4” side and end rails and 1” x 3” slats.
Frames. One standard frame provided one (1) time in twenty-four (24) months.
Frames. All frames shall be 8'-0" height of welded hollow metal construction with painted finish or pre-finished three piece metal construction with snap on covers (Timely). Provide UL fire rating labels as required.