For Personal Sample Clauses

For Personal. Online Banking, as the authenticated primary user of the Service for your Account, you have the ability to entitle another person or persons (each, a “Subuser”) with access to your online banking site and with certain authorities with respect to your accounts (“Shared Access”). Such Shared Access includes view- only access, making transfers between designated accounts and initiating payments from designated accounts, granted individually or in combination. You have sole authority and control in sharing access with, managing and disabling Subusers and/or their respective authority. You authorize us to act on transaction instructions initiated under the credentials of a Subuser, just as if it was initiated under your credentials. When granting Shared Access, you assume total liability for any and all activities of a Subuser with respect to your accounts, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claim arising out of a Subuser’s breach of your agreement with said Subuser pursuant to Shared Access.
For Personal. Xxxxx’s Leave where a new Staff Member has had continuous period/s of employment, this is determined by assessing the prior service history of the Staff Member.

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  • Leave for Personal Reasons (a) An employee may be allowed a leave of absence without pay for up to thirty (30) days for personal reasons if:

  • Personal medical leave, serious health condition leave, or serious injury or illness leave covered by family medical leave may be taken intermittently when certified as medically necessary. Employees must make reasonable efforts to schedule leave for planned medical treatment so as not to unduly disrupt the Employer’s operations. Leave due to qualifying exigencies may also be taken on an intermittent basis.

  • Religious Holidays When a religious holiday, not observed as a holiday, as provided in Section 2 above, falls on a supervisor's regularly scheduled work day, the supervisor shall be entitled to that day off to observe the religious holiday. Time to observe religious holidays shall be taken without pay except where the supervisor has sufficient accumulated vacation leave or accumulated compensatory time, or, by mutual consent, is able to make the time up. Supervisors shall notify the Appointing Authority at least twenty-eight (28) calendar days prior to the leave.

  • Family Sick Leave An employee may use sick leave credits for family illness or injury only if the employee must provide direct care to an immediate family member. For purposes of family sick leave, “immediate family member” will mean the employee’s parent, spouse, or child, including step-child and xxxxxx child.

  • Internet Banking service by means of which it is possible to exercise various transactions posted by the bank at the special web page of the bank xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx (without visiting the bank) by the client, according to the regulations established by the bank;

  • Title to Personal Property Each of the Company and its subsidiaries has good and marketable title to, or have valid and marketable rights to lease or otherwise use, all items of personal property owned or leased (as applicable) by them, in each case free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, claims and defects and imperfections of title except those that (i) do not materially interfere with the use made and proposed to be made of such property by the Company and its subsidiaries or (ii) could not reasonably be expected, individually or in the aggregate, to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Personal Illness Employees may use accumulated sick leave for hours off due to personal illness. The employee may be required to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness or physical disability in order to qualify for paid sick leave as per District practice. Accumulated sick leave may also be granted for such time as is actually necessary for office visits to a doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc.

  • Other Personal Property Unless at the time the Secured Party takes possession of any tangible Collateral, or within seven days thereafter, the Debtor gives written notice to the Secured Party of the existence of any goods, papers or other property of the Debtor, not affixed to or constituting a part of such Collateral, but which are located or found upon or within such Collateral, describing such property, the Secured Party shall not be responsible or liable to the Debtor for any action taken or omitted by or on behalf of the Secured Party with respect to such property.

  • Religious Objections An employee who is a member of a bona fide religion, body, or sect which has historically held conscientious objections to joining or financially supporting public employee organizations, shall not be required to join or financially support the Union. Such employee shall, in lieu of periodic dues or Fair Share Fees, pay sums equal to Agency Shop Fees to a non-religious, and non-labor charitable fund exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Such sums shall be paid through payroll deduction to eligible charitable agencies available through the Los Angeles County Charitable Giving Program.

  • Personal Belongings Tenant agrees not to leave any personal belongings (including lawn furniture) in the parking areas, common halls, sidewalks, lawn areas or other common areas of the apartment community.