Flow Control Sample Clauses

Flow Control. HPL or its designee shall operate the flow control portion of the HPL Facilities to ensure that gas deliveries are equal to nominations, plus or minus tolerances generally acceptable in the intrastate natural gas pipeline industry.
Flow Control. 2.1 The Parties agree that the CSO is responsible for flow control at the Interconnection Point. 2.2 For each Day, the CSO shall use all reasonable endeavours to steer a quantity of gas equal to the Agreed Target Quantity prevailing following each Nomination or Renomination Cycle (but subject to the requirements of Annex A and Annex C) .
Flow Control. 7.1 Should it be necessary to implement flow control to avoid excessive delays..........ACC and ...... ACC would coordinate for an acceptance number of aircraft per hour. All such coordination shall be terminated as soon as circumstances permit for normal flow of air traffic movement.
Flow Control. All WASTE which is not diverted shall be removed and deposited at the LANDFILL pursuant to the terms of this AGREEMENT and that separate franchise agreement with Clover Flat Landfill (AGENCY Agreement #95-06). In the event that the LANDFILL is unable to accept all of part or the WASTE for reasons beyond the control of the AGENCY, AGENCY reserves the right to manage flow control of AGENCY's SOLID WASTE stream, including the right to direct deliveries to designated processing facilities, transfer stations or disposal sites, to require DIVERSION in addition to what is otherwise required by this AGREEMENT, to require waste to energy undertakings, and to require such other enterprises and undertakings as may be based upon future technologies and new concepts in the field of SOLID WASTE management, DIVERSION, energy projects, and WASTE disposal.
Flow Control. INC agrees to provide an Ultrasonic Flow Meter and all associated parts (herein referred to as Equipment), for a Rental Period not less than five (5) days. This rental period will begin when the Equipment is picked up or shipped to renter and will end when the equipment is received back at FLOW CONTROL, INC.
Flow Control. INC shall not be liable to Renter for any loss, delay or damage of any kind resulting from defects in or inefficiencies of the Equipment or accidental breakage thereof. FLOW CONTROL, INC is not responsible to any party for misused procedures or misinterpretation of Equipment data.