Floor Sample Clauses

Floor. The minimum increase in the CPI that shall be taken into account shall be as follows: Effective Date Minimum CPI Increase That of Adjustment Shall Be Taken Into Account Dec. 31, 1999 4% of March 1995 CPI plus 4% of March 1997 CPI
Floor. .. Rate of Duplex / Row House per square feet of Carpet area of unit allotted : Rs. /- Total price (in rupees) Rs. /- Details of Pricing Particulars Price Price of Carpet Area of Duplex / Row House Rs Price of Balconies + Wash Area Rs Corner Charges Rs Park Facing Charges Rs Wide Road Facing Charges Rs External Electrification Charges; Water Connection Charges; Documentation Charges, etc. Rs Club Membership Charges & Maintenance Charges till 31/12/2017 Rs 0/- Zero Transferable Society Security Fund Charges Rs G.S.T Charges (12% of the basic price) Rs G.S.T Charges (18% of the PLC & Other fixed charges) Rs Total: Rs Maintenance Charges Rs. 20/- per Sqm of carpet area per month Provided that the amounts mentioned under the heads, Taxes, Maintenance Charges, Any Extra Charge for Amenities/Facilities, Service Charges and other heads of like nature, shall not be taken into account, while determining the Market Value of the said Row House/ Duplex for the purpose of calculation of the Stamp Duty, Registration Charges and any other incidental expenses, for the execution and registration of this Agreement to Sale or the Conveyance/Sale Deed to be executed in future, with respect to the said Duplex / Row House Explanation:
Floor. Vendor shall conduct nationwide criminal background checks on Vendor Personnel and shall not utilize any such personnel in the performance of this Agreement who have been convicted of any crime of dishonesty, including fraud, or otherwise convicted of any felony or misdemeanor offense for which incarceration for up to one (1) year is an authorized penalty.
Floor. The floor section shall be constructed of 8" waffled structural pre-cast concrete. The ribs shall be 2'-0" O.C. transverse and 4'-0" O.C longitudinal. All surfaces shall be smooth. The interior surface shall be covered with 1/8" X 12" X 12" square vinyl floor covering, bonded with a waterproof contact adhesive.
Floor. The undersigned tenant (“Tenant”) hereby certifies to Third Party and Landlord as follows:
Floor. A minimum of 140 lbs. per sq. ft. as defined in "Uniform Distributed Load", ASCE 7-88. The battery area should be reinforced to support 5000 lbs. per battery rack. The battery area will be shown on the floor plan.
Floor. Timber floor boards on joists. Acoustic insulation between different occupiers to meet the requirements of Building Regulations and sufficient to acoustically separate each part of the building, notably floors that separate workspaces from other occupiers.
Floor. (a) Floor shall be of a smooth finish, without depressed or raised areas and level to 1/4” in 10’-0” each direction.
Floor. The floor inside the plant will be carried out by Bautec company. It will be carried out in concrete H30 of 16 cm thickness with steel mesh. Finishing of floor with metal hardener not mechanically smoothed. Boards between 1,000 m2 and 2,000 m2 without intermediate joints. xxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx
Floor. The royalty rates set forth in Sections 5.1(c)(i) and (ii) may not be reduced for a given country in the Royalty Territory by application of the adjustments set forth in Section 5.1(c)(iv)(A) in the aggregate to less than the greater of (1) [***] percent ([***]%) of Net Sales and (2) [***] percent ([***]%) of the applicable royalty rate of Net Sales set forth in Sections 5.1(c)(i) or (ii).