Fixed Remuneration Sample Clauses

Fixed Remuneration. During the period from the Commencement Date until the Termination Date, the Bank must pay the Executive the Fixed Remuneration (Base Remuneration plus Superannuation), determined under this clause 4, or as otherwise agreed between the parties in writing.
Fixed Remuneration. For your work as manager your gross annual remuneration shall be €. 72.303,97 (seventytwothousand threehundredandthree/97), gross of tax withholdings and social security contributions. This amount is comprehensive of any entitlements included in the art. 10 of current Dirigenti C.C.N.L. for Industry (“transfers and missions”). Such remuneration includes all elements of remuneration under the National Agreement.
Fixed Remuneration. In remuneration for the proper performance of the Services pursuant to the Agreement, IED shall pay the Service Provider a total fixed amount of [… ] euros (Inclusive of all taxes whatsoever).The Service Provider’s remuneration shall be paid as follows:[To be adapted]A first instalment of 15% at reception of the inception report, i.e. the amount of [… ] eurosA 65% instalment when the draft report is approved by the Managing Entity, i.e. the amount of [… ] eurosA final instalment of 20% on approbation of the final deliverable, i.e. the amount of [ ]eurosThis price is fixed and cannot be changed during the term of the Agreement. This price is deemed to be the full price. It includes, in particular, any tax charges, charges similar to tax charges or any other charges to which the Services are mandatorily subject. This fixed amount shall cover all the Services described in Appendix 1, including all fees, costs, charges and various expenses linked to the Services.
Fixed Remuneration. The Bank shall pay to the Executive an annual amount of $1.7 million being fixed employment cost comprising salary payable in fortnightly instalments (commencing on 4 March 2004), and annual leave loading. The Executive may elect to sacrifice salary to obtain additional superannuation benefits by making additional contributions up to 8% of salary under the terms of the Superannuation Fund and/or up to 2 motor vehicles, in accordance with the Bank’s policies from time to time, calculated after tax adjustments. The fixed employment cost will not vary during the Term.
Fixed Remuneration. The fixed remuneration of Mr. Abiteboul will comprise a basic salary and an expatriation allowance.
Fixed Remuneration