Firms Sample Clauses

Firms. With respect to: (i) each contract estimated to cost the equivalent of $100,000 or more; and (ii) each contract estimated to cost the equivalent of less than $100,000 during the first year of Project implementation, the procedures set forth in paragraphs 2, 3 and 5 of Appendix 1 to the Consultant Guidelines shall apply.
Firms. Where this Agreement is signed on behalf of a firm, all such undertakings, agreements, obligations, warranties, liabilities and pledges of the Customer shall be binding both on the present partners and on the persons from time so time carrying on business in the name of such firm or under the name in which the business of such firm may from time to time be continued, notwithstanding the retirement or death of any partner or the introduction of any further partner.
Firms. In the game with J > 2 challengers, let the equilibrium profits of the jth player from sales of its product be given by ΠN# (see Figure 11). We model these similarly to those in the triopoly where the first two players earn profits equal to that of the brand and the first generic in a triopoly, and all the later entrants equally share profits associated with the third player in a triopoly (an alternative is to to set the profits of later entrants to zero which did not change our results in any significant way). Thus, for instance, in the post patent period with no AGs, the profits would be given by (ΠT0, ΠT0, ΠT0/(J − 1), . . . , ΠT0/(J − 1)) and hence the final j payoffs are accounted using the values ΠT# depending on the entry order. Then the Γj subgame would be as shown in the figure below. Figure 11. Game Tree (Γj) with J > 2 players Note that if B looses to the j-th challenger (j > 1), then the choice to launch AG or not in the Γj,G is the same as before. Further, if AG is launched, the first mover advantage does not go to the winning challenger. The latter earns ΠT1 in the current period and δΠT0/(J − 1) in period 2, while if the AG is not launched, it earns a duopoly profit in the current period and grabs the first mover advantage earning ΠD0 and δΠT0 in the first and second periods respectively.
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Firms individuals and entities wishing to be considered shall include in their submissions the steps they will, if selected, implement and adhere to for the recruitment, hiring and retention of former employees of the City who have been displaced due to layoff or outsourcing of functions and services formerly provided by the City. Families Forward will not need additional staff to implement the proposed Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program and does not plan to make any grant-related hires if awarded. Qualifications & Experience of the Firm: Describe the qualifications and experience of the organization or entity performing services/projects within the past two years that are similar in size and scope to demonstrate competence to perform these services. Information shall include:
Firms. If the individual, firm or organization qualifies under any of these four categories, the individual, firm or organization shall set forth the basis so that the City of Reading can determine which categories (s) are applicable. QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE Provide a detailed description of your firm’s approach to providing the requested scope of services. The following is a list of required information that must be provided by the proposer. Provide your response in the same order in which it is requested using numbered side tabs that correspond with each of the numbered items below. Cover Letter: Provide a letter of introduction with a brief description of your firm, indicating the location of primary office for the performance of the services, the type of firm, areas of specialization, project lead, and any staff members who would participate in the analysis, meetings and report. Include a company name, a contact name and title, contact information, website address, and any sub-contractors who would be used. A brief history and description of the entity/firm submitting the proposal. b. The name, title, telephone number and email address of the individual within your firm who will be City of Xxxxxx primary contact concerning this RFP. The primary contacts name, title, telephone number and email address for each sub consultant who will perform work under this contract. A statement to the effect that your firm is willing to perform all services identified and will abide by the terms of the RFP, including all attachments.
Firms. Labor is the only production factor. Homogeneous good x is produced with a constant returns to scale technology, requiring one unit labor to produce one unit of output. It is freely traded without tariffs across countries and serves as the numeraire. Differentiated good q is produced in country s, where there is one leader s and ıs domestic followers. Leader s produces q for both the domestic and foreign markets, taking leadership in both countries. The followers produce q only in the domestic market. The non-negative number ıs of followers is endogenously determined by the free entry and exit of followers. Each firm incurs a constant marginal cost c to produce one unit of good. The profit of leader s consists of the profits from the domestic and foreign markets given by s ss ss sj sj v£ = (p£ — c)q£ ‡ (p£ — c)q£ , (3) where the second term vanishes in the case of autarky. The profit of domestic follower h (= fi, ..., ıs) in country s is given by sh sh sh vE = (pE — c)qE — Ts, (4) where Ts is the fixed cost to enter the market in country s. Assume TfiT2 and c = 0 without much loss of generality.