Finding Sample Clauses

Finding. The arbitrator will render his or her judgment or award within twenty (20) days following the conclusion of the arbitration proceeding.
Finding. I find that the above agreement is not an award for the purpose of Item 50 of the Workplace Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Act 1996. I direct that the file C37379/00 be closed.
Finding. Furthermore, we checked whether the totals billed for the four business units audited in the selected month equalled the total for invoices processed by the Service des finances. All of the tests demonstrated that they did. They cast no doubt on the reliability of the reports submitted by the incumbent supplier. FINDING Although the usage reports could have been altered to remove certain confidential data (e.g., prices billed), we found that none of them were included with the tender documents to provide prospective bidders with access to the same information on products used by city employees as that in the possession of the incumbent supplier. We feel that the Direction de l’approvisionnement did not in this respect adequately uphold principles of transparency and fairness. Consequently, the incumbent supplier, which has served as the city’s supplier for the past 17 or more years, had an undeniable advantage over other bidders. It had access to a wealth of information on the city’s usage patterns, so that it, unlike its competitors, could perform the analyses required to prepare its price submission. When preparing the pricelist form for high-consumption products, the Direction de l’approvisionnement accordingly analyzed prior year purchases (specifically those in 2008) to develop a list of products ordered most frequently by the city’s units and estimated the quantities to be included for high-consumption products on the form. The Direction de l’approvisionnement made a special request to the incumbent supplier to produce (in Excel) two specific reports covering September 1, 2007, to August 31, 2008, namely: • The list of the top 1,000 product purchases in terms of volume (quantity). • The list of the top 1,000 product purchases in terms of cost (quantity x price). According to the information obtained from those interviewed, the figures in these reports were assumed to be reliable, because the city no longer has an easy way to verify the accuracy of such data. Consequently, a file was created combining data from these two supplier reports: the list of high- consumption products from the previous call for tenders and a list of eco-friendly or “green” products. This electronic database was the main tool used by the Direction de l’approvisionnement in determining which 295 product types (comprising 600 product codes) would be included in the high-consumption product pricelist form. The review of the documents supporting the analysis and the information ob...
Finding. The proposed project will not be unreasonably detrimental to the economic welfare of the county and will not create excessive public cost for facilities and services for the following reasons: • Construction and operation of the project is desirable as it will benefit the local and regional economies. Construction will employ 150 to 250 workers at peak levels. The project, along with the construction workers, will further stimulate the economy through local purchases of goods and materials. The total value of goods and services that will be purchased locally (within Kittitas County) during the three construction seasons is estimated to be $97.5 million. • Project construction could also attract other related businesses to the local and regional area, resulting in longer-term economic benefits. • Operation of the project will employ a minimum of two to four O&M staff and potentially more for security and other functions. Fifty (50) percent of the onsite peak construction workforce of 450 is assumed to be from the local labor market (within Kittitas County) while the remaining 50 percent, or 225 peak period workers could come from outside the County and are assumed to relocate to Kittitas County for the duration of the construction period or phase. • The Applicant assumes that in general the project will be adequately served by existing facilities, as discussed below, and the economic benefits summarized above and in the Economic Impact Analysis for the Teanaway Solar Reserve Kittitas County, Washington are adequate to offset any minor public costs. However, the Applicant also understands that specific negotiations occur through the process of generating the DA. The project’s use of existing facilities is summarized as follows: PDX/ 3-9 TEANAWAY SOLAR RESERVE, KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT APPLICATION Highways and Roads. The site will be accessible via Kittitas County and private roads that interconnect with Highway 970 (see Figure 3). The major County access road is Red Bridge Road. Loping Lane and Weihl Road are private roads over which the Applicant has easement rights. Loping Lane is subject to several road use and cost sharing agreements, and Applicant will be subject to those agreements. The Applicant will additionally work with neighbors who use Loping Lane to identify improvements that will minimize disruption to their use during construction and to the roadway itself. The project will be internally served by a network of existin...
Finding. Upon becoming aware of the allegation, the superintendent, principal, vice-principal, program director, finance and operations manager, or residence manager will obtain further information regarding the allegation. The information will be used to determine if there is a need to reassign or suspend the accused employee. FACT-FINDING DOCUMENTATION The superintendent, principal, vice-principal, program director, finance and operations manager, or residence manger will write a detailed account of the facts surrounding the allegation, with a copy of such report sent to the Team Leader, Provincial Schools Project (or designate). REMOVAL FROM POSITION -INVESTIGATION Consideration will first be given to the feasibility of temporarily reassigning the employee within the workplace; however, it may be necessary to suspend the employee in order to investigate the allegation. TEMPORARILY REASSIGN/SUSPEND If a decision to temporarily reassign or suspend an employee is made, the superintendent, principal, vice-principal, program director, finance and operations manager, or residence manager will meet with the employee to inform him/her of the nature of the allegation and of the temporary reassignment/suspension. If the employee is suspended, he/she will be presented with the letter of suspension at the meeting. TIMELlNES The investigation will be completed as soon as possible. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION PROVINCIAL AND DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL PART A PER 3.4 Page 3 of 3 RESOLUTION/CLOSURE The superintendent, principal, vice-principal, program director, finance and operations manager, or residence manager is responsible for ensuring that the employee receives a verbal and a written explanation of the results of the investigation and of any disciplinary measures taken.
Finding. The proposed project is a major alternative energy facility. It does not qualify as a minor alternative energy facility because the production of electrical energy is not intended to primarily offset part of all of the beneficiary’s requirements for electricity per KCC Section 17.61.010(11)(a)(iii). Instead, the solar energy will be distributed to the existing electrical grid.
Finding. The organization, structure and staff utilization of the Medical Division are not optimal for the Division to accomplish its goals.