Financing and Other Agreements Sample Clauses

Financing and Other Agreements. Buyer shall have obtained and consummated financing arrangements, or amended its existing financing arrangements, on terms and conditions satisfactory to Buyer, sufficient to enable the Buyer to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby (including without limitation to assume or refinance the indebtedness of the Companies) without causing a default, penalty or premium to occur under any agreements or arrangements to which Buyer is a party or by which Buyer is bound, all as determined by Buyer in its sole discretion.
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  • Agreements and Other Documents As of the Closing Date, each Credit Party has provided to Agent or its counsel, on behalf of Lenders, accurate and complete copies (or summaries) of all of the following agreements or documents to which it is subject and each of which is listed in Schedule 5.17: supply agreements and purchase agreements not terminable by such Credit Party within sixty (60) days following written notice issued by such Credit Party and involving transactions in excess of $1,000,000 per annum; leases of Equipment having a remaining term of one year or longer and requiring aggregate rental and other payments in excess of $500,000 per annum; licenses and permits held by the Credit Parties, the absence of which could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect; instruments and documents evidencing any Indebtedness or Guaranteed Indebtedness of such Credit Party and any Lien granted by such Credit Party with respect thereto; and instruments and agreements evidencing the issuance of any equity securities, warrants, rights or options to purchase equity securities of such Credit Party.

  • Contracts and Other Agreements Property Manager shall maintain at the Records Office one original (or a copy, if no original is available) of all contracts, occupancy leases, lease abstracts, tenant income certifications, equipment leases, maintenance agreements and all other agreements relating to the Property.

  • Indebtedness and Other Contracts Except as disclosed in SCHEDULE 3(MM), neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries (i) has any outstanding Indebtedness (as defined below), (ii) is a party to any contract, agreement or instrument, the violation of which, or default under which, by the other party(ies) to such contract, agreement or instrument would result in a Material Adverse Effect, (iii) is in violation of any term of or in default under any contract, agreement or instrument relating to any Indebtedness, or (iv) is a party to any contract, agreement or instrument relating to any Indebtedness, the performance of which, in the judgment of the Company's officers, has or is expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. SCHEDULE 3(MM) provides a detailed description of the material terms of any such outstanding Indebtedness. For purposes of this Agreement: (x) "INDEBTEDNESS" of any Person means, without duplication (A) all indebtedness for borrowed money, (B) all obligations issued, undertaken or assumed as the deferred purchase price of property or services including (without limitation) “Capital Leases” in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (other than trade payables entered into in the ordinary course of business), (C) all reimbursement or payment obligations with respect to letters of credit, surety bonds and other similar instruments, (D) all obligations evidenced by notes, bonds, debentures or similar instruments, including obligations so evidenced incurred in connection with the acquisition of property, assets or businesses, (E) all indebtedness created or arising under any conditional sale or other title retention agreement, or incurred as financing, in either case with respect to any property or assets acquired with the proceeds of such indebtedness (even though the rights and remedies of the seller or bank under such agreement in the event of default are limited to repossession or sale of such property), (F) all monetary obligations under any leasing or similar arrangement which, in connection with generally accepted accounting principles, consistently applied for the periods covered thereby, is classified as a capital lease, (G) all indebtedness referred to in clauses (A) through (F) above secured by (or for which the holder of such Indebtedness has an existing right, contingent or otherwise, to be secured by) any mortgage, lien, pledge, charge, security interest or other encumbrance upon or in any property or assets (including accounts and contract rights) owned by any Person, even though the Person which owns such assets or property has not assumed or become liable for the payment of such indebtedness, and (H) all Contingent Obligations in respect of indebtedness or obligations of others of the kinds referred to in clauses (A) through (G) above; (y) "CONTINGENT OBLIGATION" means, as to any Person, any direct or indirect liability, contingent or otherwise, of that Person with respect to any indebtedness, lease, dividend or other obligation of another Person if the primary purpose or intent of the Person incurring such liability, or the primary effect thereof, is to provide assurance to the obligee of such liability that such liability will be paid or discharged, or that any agreements relating thereto will be complied with, or that the holders of such liability will be protected (in whole or in part) against loss with respect thereto; and (z) "PERSON" means an individual, a limited liability company, a partnership, a joint venture, a corporation, a trust, an unincorporated organization and a government or any department or agency thereof.

  • Covenants and Other Agreements Purchaser shall have performed its covenants and agreements herein on or prior to the Closing Date in all material respects.

  • Compliance with Law and Other Agreements The Company shall maintain its business operations and property owned or used in connection therewith in compliance with (a) all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances governing such business operations and the use and ownership of such property, and (b) all agreements, licenses, franchises, indentures and mortgages to which the Company is a party or by which the Company or any of its properties is bound. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company shall pay all of its indebtedness promptly in accordance with the terms thereof.

  • Waiver and Other Action This Agreement may be amended, modified or supplemented only by a written instrument executed by the parties against which enforcement of the amendment, modification or supplement is sought.

  • Due Diligence and Other Documents The Borrowers shall have delivered to the Administrative Agent such other documents, certificates and opinions as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request.

  • Contracts and Other Instruments The board of directors may authorize any officer(s), agent(s) or employee(s) to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the corporation, or of any division thereof, subject to applicable law. Such authority may be general or confined to specific instances.

  • Performance of This and Other Agreements Punctually pay or cause to be paid all amounts payable by it under this Agreement and the other Operative Agreements and observe and perform in all material respects the conditions, covenants and requirements applicable to it contained in this Agreement and the other Operative Agreements.

  • Voting and Other Action Neither PFPC Trust nor its nominee shall vote any of the securities held pursuant to this Agreement by or for the account of the Fund, except in accordance with Written Instructions. PFPC Trust, directly or through the use of another entity, shall execute in blank and promptly deliver all notices, proxies and proxy soliciting materials received by PFPC Trust as custodian of the Property to the registered holder of such securities. If the registered holder is not the Fund, then Written Instructions or Oral Instructions must designate the person who owns such securities.

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