Financial or Other Advantage Sample Clauses

Financial or Other Advantage. Each Guarantor and Limited Guarantor acknowledges that it has derived or expects to derive a financial or other advantage from the Loans obtained by the Borrower from the Lender.
Financial or Other Advantage. The Guarantors acknowledge they have derived or expect to derive a financial or other advantage from the Loans obtained by the Borrower from the Bank.

Related to Financial or Other Advantage

  • Gas Imbalances, Take-or-Pay or Other Prepayments The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, allow gas imbalances, take-or-pay or other prepayments with respect to the Oil and Gas Properties of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary that would require the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary to deliver Hydrocarbons at some future time without then or thereafter receiving full payment therefor to exceed one half bcf of gas (on an mcf equivalent basis) in the aggregate.

  • EFFECT OF PROPERTY VALUE APPEAL OR OTHER ADJUSTMENT If the Applicant has appealed any matter relating to the valuations placed by the Appraisal District on the Applicant’s Qualified Property, and such appeal remains unresolved at the time the Third Party selected under Section 4.3 makes its calculations under this Agreement, the Third Party shall base its calculations upon the values placed upon the Applicant’s Qualified Property by the Appraisal District. The calculations shall be readjusted, if necessary, based on the outcome of the appeal as set forth below. If as a result of an appeal or for any other reason, the Taxable Value of the Applicant’s Qualified Investment is changed, once the determination of the new Taxable Value becomes final, the Parties shall immediately notify the Third Party who shall immediately issue new calculations for the applicable year or years using the new Taxable Value. In the event the new calculations result in a change in any amount paid or payable by the Applicant under this Agreement, the Party from whom the adjustment is payable shall remit such amount to the other Party within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the new calculations from the Third Party.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Extensions of Credit The Company does not have any outstanding extension of credit, in the form of a personal loan, to or for any director or executive officer (or equivalent thereof) of the Company except for such extensions of credit as are expressly permitted by Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Indebtedness Except as described in the Prospectus, there are no outstanding loans, advances (except normal advances for business expenses in the ordinary course of business) or guarantees or indebtedness by the Company to or for the benefit of any of the officers or directors of the Company or any of the members of any of them.

  • No Unlawful Contributions or Other Payments Neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries nor, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, any employee or agent of the Company or any subsidiary, has made any contribution or other payment to any official of, or candidate for, any federal, state or foreign office in violation of any law or of the character required to be disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus or the Prospectus.

  • Are There Different Types of IRAs or Other Tax Deferred Accounts? Yes. Upon creation of a tax deferred account, you must designate whether the account will be a Traditional IRA, a Xxxx XXX, or a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account (“CESA”). (In addition, there are Simplified Employee Pension Plan (“SEP”) IRAs and Savings Incentive Matched Plan for Employees of Small Employers (“SIMPLE”) IRAs, which are discussed in the Disclosure Statement for Traditional IRAs). • In a Traditional IRA, amounts contributed to the IRA may be tax deductible at the time of contribution. Distributions from the IRA will be taxed upon distribution except to the extent that the distribution represents a return of your own contributions for which you did not claim (or were not eligible to claim) a deduction. • In a Xxxx XXX, amounts contributed to your IRA are taxed at the time of contribution, but distributions from the IRA are not subject to tax if you have held the IRA for certain minimum periods of time (generally, until age 59½ but in some cases longer). • In a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account, you contribute to an IRA maintained on behalf of a beneficiary and do not receive a current deduction. However, if amounts are used for certain educational purposes, neither you nor the beneficiary of the IRA are taxed upon distribution. Each type of account is a custodial account created for the exclusive benefit of the beneficiary – you (or your spouse) in the case of the Traditional IRA and Xxxx XXX, and a named beneficiary in the case of a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account. U.S. Bank, National Association serves as Custodian of the account. Your, your spouse’s or your beneficiary’s (as applicable) interest in the account is nonforfeitable.

  • Suits or Other Proceedings Upon any Executive Officer of the Borrower obtaining knowledge of any litigation or other proceedings being instituted against the Borrower or any Subsidiary, or any attachment, levy, execution or other process being instituted against any assets of the Borrower or any Subsidiary that could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect, promptly deliver to the Administrative Agent written notice thereof stating the nature and status of such litigation, dispute, proceeding, levy, execution or other process.

  • FINANCIAL EFFECTS 7.1 The Exclusive Agency Agreement is not expected to have any immediate material effect on the earnings per share and net assets per share of Datasonic Group for the financial year ending 31 March 2019 and will not have any effect on the issued share capital and substantial shareholders’ shareholdings of Datasonic.

  • No Transfer Taxes or Other Fees There are no transfer taxes or other similar fees or charges under Federal law or the laws of any state, or any political subdivision thereof, required to be paid in connection with the execution and delivery of this Agreement or the issuance and sale by the Company of the shares.

  • FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS There will be no transfer of funds between the Parties under this Agreement and each Party will fund its own participation. All activities under or pursuant to this Agreement are subject to the availability of funds, and no provision of this Agreement shall be interpreted to require obligation or payment of funds in violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act, (31 U.S.C. § 1341).