Financial or Other Advantage Sample Clauses

Financial or Other Advantage. Each Guarantor and Limited Guarantor acknowledges that it has derived or expects to derive a financial or other advantage from the Loans obtained by the Borrower from the Lender.
Financial or Other Advantage. The Guarantors acknowledge they have derived or expect to derive a financial or other advantage from the Loans obtained by the Borrower from the Bank.

Related to Financial or Other Advantage

  • Gas Imbalances, Take-or-Pay or Other Prepayments The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, allow gas imbalances, take-or-pay or other prepayments with respect to the Oil and Gas Properties of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary that would require the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary to deliver Hydrocarbons at some future time without then or thereafter receiving full payment therefor to exceed one half bcf of gas (on an mcf equivalent basis) in the aggregate.

  • Effect On Other Advances If notice has been given pursuant to Sections 12.1, 12.2 or 12.3 suspending the obligation of any Lender to make any, or requiring Eurodollar Advances of any Lender to be repaid or prepaid, then, unless and until such Lender (or, in the case of Section 12.1, the Administrative Agent) notifies the Administrative Borrower that the circumstances giving rise to such repayment no longer apply, all Advances which would otherwise be made by such Lender as to the Eurodollar Advances affected shall, at the option of the Administrative Borrower, be made instead as Base Rate Advances.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Extensions of Credit The Company does not have any outstanding extension of credit, in the form of a personal loan, to or for any director or executive officer (or equivalent thereof) of the Company except for such extensions of credit as are expressly permitted by Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Indebtedness Except as described in the Prospectus, there are no outstanding loans, advances (except normal advances for business expenses in the ordinary course of business) or guarantees or indebtedness by the Company to or for the benefit of any of the officers or directors of the Company or any of the members of any of them.

  • Court Action or Other Legal Processes (a) Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the liability of NYSERDA to make an interest payment to a Contractor pursuant to this Exhibit shall not extend beyond the date of a notice of intention to file a claim, the date of a notice of a claim, or the date commencing a legal action for the payment of such interest, whichever occurs first.

  • No Unlawful Contributions or Other Payments Neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries nor, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, any employee or agent of the Company or any subsidiary, has made any contribution or other payment to any official of, or candidate for, any federal, state or foreign office in violation of any law or of the character required to be disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus or the Prospectus.

  • Suits or Other Proceedings Upon any Executive Officer of the Borrower obtaining knowledge of any litigation or other proceedings being instituted against the Borrower or any Subsidiary, or any attachment, levy, execution or other process being instituted against any assets of the Borrower or any Subsidiary that could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect, promptly deliver to the Administrative Agent written notice thereof stating the nature and status of such litigation, dispute, proceeding, levy, execution or other process.

  • No Transfer Taxes or Other Fees There are no transfer taxes or other similar fees or charges under Federal law or the laws of any state, or any political subdivision thereof, required to be paid in connection with the execution and delivery of this Agreement or the issuance and sale by the Company of the shares.

  • No Brokers' or Other Fees Except for Morgan Stanley, whose fees and expenses will be paid by Peabody, no Person has acted directly or indirectly as a broker, finder, investment banker or financial advisor in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby, and no Person is entitled to any fee or commission or like payment in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby based upon any agreement, arrangement or other understanding made by or on behalf of Peabody or Buyer.

  • Fire or Other Casualty 17.1 In the event of damage to or destruction of the Premises caused by fire or other casualty, or any such damage to or destruction of the Building necessary to provide normal services and access to the Premises in accordance herewith (“Event of Casualty”), Landlord, after receipt of written notice thereof from Tenant, shall undertake to make repairs and restorations with reasonable diligence, unless this Lease has been terminated by Landlord or Tenant as hereinafter provided or unless any mortgagee which is entitled to receive casualty insurance proceeds fails to make available to Landlord a sufficient amount of such proceeds to cover the cost of such repairs and restorations. If (i) in Landlord’s sole judgment, the damage is of such nature or extent that more than one hundred and eighty (180) days would be required (with normal work crews and normal work hours) to repair and restore the Premises or the Building, as the case may be; or (ii) in Landlord’s sole judgment, the damage is of such nature or extent that it is uneconomical to repair and restore the Premises or the Building, as the case may be; or (iii) less than one (1) year then remains on the current Lease Term, Landlord shall so advise Tenant within thirty (30) days after the Event of Casualty (“Landlord’s Notice of Casualty”), and either party shall have ten (10) Business Days after receipt of Landlord’s Notice of Casualty to terminate this Lease by written notice to the other. If either party elects to terminate this Lease in the case described in clauses (i), (ii) or (iii) above, then the Lease Term shall expire ten (10) Business Days after such notice is given, and Tenant shall vacate the Premises and surrender the same to Landlord in accordance with the terms of this Lease.