Finally Determined Sample Clauses

Finally Determined. Determined by any final, nonappealable judicial order or pursuant to a binding alternative dispute resolution procedure.

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  • Final Determination His/her determination is final unless, within ten (10) days after notification, a recognized employee organization requests in writing to meet and confer thereon.

  • RESOLVED That the legal opinion delivered pursuant to the partnership agreement of the partnership as described in the proxy statement under "The Mergers -- Legal Opinion for Limited Partners," in form and substance as set forth in Exhibit A to these merger proposals, be and hereby is approved as in form and substance satisfactory to the limited partners of such partnership in their reasonable judgment. EXHIBIT A TO APPENDIX D OPINION OF [OPINION SHOULD BE SUBSTANTIALLY TO THE FOLLOWING EFFECT] Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., As Sole or Managing General Partner of 25 Publicly-Held Limited Partnerships Named in the Proxy Statement dated , 1999 1400 Williams Square West 5205 North O'Connor Blvd. Irving, Texas 75039 We are of the opinion that neither the grant nor the exercise of the right to amend each of the partnership agreements allowing each partnership to merge with and into Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. will result in the loss of limited liability of any limited partner or result in any of the partnerships being treated as an association taxable as a corporation for federal income tax purposes. APPENDIX E FORM OF AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER, dated , 1999, to be effective as of the Closing Date (as defined below) (the "MERGER AGREEMENT"), is entered into by and among Pioneer Natural Resources Company, a Delaware corporation ("PIONEER"), Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., a Delaware corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer ("PIONEER USA"), and each of the limited partnerships referred to below (the "PARTNERSHIPS").

  • Company Determination Final Any determination that the Company or the Board of Directors must make pursuant to this Article is conclusive.

  • No Liability for Good Faith Determinations The Company and the members of the Board shall not be liable for any act, omission or determination taken or made in good faith with respect to this Agreement or the Restricted Stock Units granted hereunder.

  • Claims Excluded from Arbitration The following matters will not be subject to arbitration but will instead be adjudicated in the courts of Xxxxxx County, Texas or such other court in which jurisdiction and venue are proper: (a) an action for possession or for injunctive remedies provided under applicable landlord-tenant laws or to enforce intellectual property rights; (b) a suit by Owner or its assignee for collection of amounts owed by Resident under this Agreement; and (c) any claim or dispute for which applicable law (as determined by a binding court decision) or the applicable arbitration rules do not permit arbitration and require adjudication in a specific civil court. Matters within the jurisdiction of an applicable small claims court may also be brought in that court in lieu of arbitration.

  • Payment in the Event Losses Fail to Reach Expected Level On the date that is 45 days following the last day (such day, the “True-Up Measurement Date”) of the Final Shared Loss Month, or upon the final disposition of all Shared Loss Assets under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement at any time after the termination of the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement, the Assuming Institution shall pay to the Receiver fifty percent (50%) of the excess, if any, of (i) twenty percent (20%) of the Intrinsic Loss Estimate less (ii) the sum of (A) twenty-five percent (25%) of the asset premium (discount) plus (B) twenty-five percent (25%) of the Cumulative Shared-Loss Payments plus (C) the Cumulative Servicing Amount. The Assuming Institution shall deliver to the Receiver not later than 30 days following the True-Up Measurement Date, a schedule, signed by an officer of the Assuming Institution, setting forth in reasonable detail the calculation of the Cumulative Shared-Loss Payments and the Cumulative Servicing Amount.

  • Challenge to Good Faith Determination Whenever the Board of Directors of the Company shall be required to make a determination in good faith of the fair value of any item under this Section 4, such determination may be challenged in good faith by the Holder, and any dispute shall be resolved by an investment banking firm of recognized national standing selected by the Holder and reasonably acceptable to the Company.

  • Indemnification Determinations Indemnification of a Covered Person pursuant to Section 8.2 shall be made if (a) the court or body before whom the proceeding is brought determines, in a final decision on the merits, that such Covered Person was not liable by reason of Disabling Conduct or (b) in the absence of such a determination, a majority of a quorum of disinterested, non-party Trustees or independent legal counsel in a written opinion make a reasonable determination, based upon a review of the facts, that such Covered Person was not liable by reason of Disabling Conduct.

  • Determination of Excise Tax Liability Unless the Company and the Executive otherwise agree in writing, the Company will select a professional services firm (the “Firm”) to make all determinations required under this Section 6, which determinations will be conclusive and binding upon the Executive and the Company for all purposes. For purposes of making the calculations required by this Section 6, the Firm may make reasonable assumptions and approximations concerning applicable taxes and may rely on reasonable, good faith interpretations concerning the application of Sections 280G and 4999 of the Code. The Company and the Executive will furnish to the Firm such information and documents as the Firm reasonably may request in order to make determinations under this Section 6. The Company will bear the costs and make all payments for the Firm’s services in connection with any calculations contemplated by this Section 6. The Company will have no liability to the Executive for the determinations of the Firm.

  • Good Faith Determination The Company shall from time to time make the good faith determination whether or not it is practicable for the Company to obtain and maintain a policy or policies of insurance with reputable insurance companies providing the officers and directors of the Company with coverage for losses incurred in connection with their services to the Company or to ensure the Company’s performance of its indemnification obligations under this Agreement.