Final Sample Clauses

Final. If the ARCHITECT has delegated responsibility for any portion of the PROJECT’s design to other engineers, the ARCHITECT shall ensure that such engineers submit the necessary Interim Verified Reports (Form DSA 6-AE) to DSA, the Project Inspector and the DISTRICT during the course of construction and prior to the Project Inspector’s approval and sign off of the above sections of the PIC’s as they relate to the portions of the PROJECT that were delegated to such engineers.
Final. Neither party to this Agreement shall be liable to the other party for consequential, special or punitive damages under any provision of this Agreement or any delay by reason of circumstances not reasonably foreseeable and beyond its reasonable control, including acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, acts of God and any resulting power failure, insurrection, war, and riots. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or failure of communication or power supplies beyond its control, USBFS shall take all reasonable steps to minimize service interruptions for any period that such interruption continues. USBFS shall as promptly as possible under the circumstances notify the Fund in the event of any service interruption that materially impacts USBFS’s services under this Agreement. USBFS will make every reasonable effort to restore any lost or damaged data and correct any errors resulting from such a breakdown at the expense of USBFS as soon as practicable. USBFS agrees that it shall, at all times, have reasonable business continuity and disaster recovery contingency plans with appropriate parties, making reasonable provision for emergency use of electrical data processing equipment to the extent appropriate equipment is available. Representatives of the Fund shall be entitled to inspect USBFS’s premises and operating capabilities, books and records maintained on behalf of the Fund at any time during regular business hours of USBFS, upon reasonable notice to USBFS. Moreover, USBFS shall provide the Fund through the CCO Portal, at such times as the Fund may reasonably require, copies of reports rendered by independent registered public accounting firms on the internal controls and procedures of USBFS relating to the services provided by USBFS under this Agreement. Notwithstanding the above, USBFS reserves the right to reprocess and correct administrative errors at its own expense. USBFS shall promptly notify the Fund upon discovery of any material administrative error, and shall consult with the Fund about the actions it intends to take to correct the error prior to taking such actions. A “material administrative error” means any error which the Fund’s management, including its Chief Compliance Officer, would reasonably need to know to oversee Fund compliance.
Final. Shareholder (the “Information Security Program”). The Information Security Program complies and shall comply with reasonable information security practices within the industry. Upon written request from the Fund, USBFS shall provide a written description of its Information Security Program. USBFS shall promptly notify the Fund in writing of any breach of security, misuse or misappropriation of, or unauthorized access to, (in each case, whether actual or alleged) any information of the Fund (any or all of the foregoing referred to individually and collectively for purposes of this provision as a “Security Breach”). USBFS shall promptly investigate and remedy, and bear the cost of the measures (including notification to any affected parties), if any, to address any Security Breach. USBFS shall bear the cost of the Security Breach only if USBFS is determined to be responsible for such Security Breach. In addition to, and without limiting the foregoing, USBFS promptly cooperate with the Fund or any of their affiliatesregulators at USBFS’s expense (only if USBFS is determined to be responsible for such Security Breach) to prevent, investigate, cease or mitigate any Security Breach, including but not limited to investigating, bringing claims or actions and giving information and testimony. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, the obligations set forth in this paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement. USBFS will provide the Trust with certain copies of third party audit reports (e.g., SSAE 16 or SOC 1) through access to USBFS’s CCO Portal (limited to two persons) to the extent such reports are available and related to services performed or made available by USBFS under this Agreement. The Trust acknowledges and agrees that such reports are confidential and that it will not disclose such reports except to its employees and service providers who have a need to know and have agreed to obligations of confidentiality applicable to such reports.
Final. Thirty (30) days after the Contractor shall have substantially completed the work required of it under the Contract the Engineer will prepare an approval of Final Payment Request. Thereafter the TOWN DISTRICT will pay to the Contractor the remaining amount of the Contract balance less a sum equal to two (2) times the value of any remaining items to be completed and less an amount necessary to satisfy any claims, liens or judgments against the Contractor which have not been suitably discharged. As the remaining items of work are satisfactorily completed or corrected, the TOWN DISTRICT shall promptly pay, upon receipt of a requisition for these items less an amount necessary to satisfy any claims, liens or judgments against the Contractor which have not been suitably discharged. Any claims, liens and judgments referred to in this section shall pertain to the project and shall be filed in accordance with the terms of the applicable Contract and/or applicable laws.
Final. InspectionFinal Inspection -----------------
Final. (3) Perform its duties hereunder in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and provide any sub-certifications reasonably requested by the Fund in connection with any certification required of the Fund pursuant to the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002 (the “SOX Act”) or any rules or regulations promulgated by the SEC thereunder, provided the same shall not be deemed to change USBFS’s standard of care as set forth herein.