FILING WITH THE Sample Clauses

FILING WITH THE. REGISTER OF COMPANIES The 2020 Shareholders’ Agreement was filed with the Register of Companies of Milan on 16 July 020. The Derogation Letter was filed with the Company Register of Milan on 26 March 2021 This document is published on the Company's website at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx, in the “Corporate Governance/Shareholders’ Agreements” section and on the eMarket STORAGE mechanism at
FILING WITH THE. ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE ------------------------------------------------ This Agreement shall be submitted to the Illinois Department of Insurance prior to the effective date hereof pursuant to the requirements of the Illinois Insurance Code.
FILING WITH THE. Delaware Secretary of State of a UCC Financing Statement (and such other filing offices as Lender requires), covering the collateral described in the Existing UCC-1 Financing Statement, which Financing Statement(s) Assuming Party hereby authorizes Lender to file;


  • Covenant Running with the Land The terms of this Agreement constitute a covenant running with the land for the life of this Agreement unless specific terms are expressly made binding beyond the life of this Agreement. Furthermore, the terms herein are hereby expressly made binding upon all heirs, grantees, lessees, executors, assigns and successors in interest of the Owner as to all or any part of the tracts, and are further expressly made binding upon said City and the duly elected or appointed successors in office of its Corporate Authorities.

  • Filings with the NYSE The Company will timely file with the NYSE all material documents and notices required by the NYSE of companies that have or will issue securities that are traded on the NYSE.

  • Covenants Running with the Land All Obligations contained in this Mortgage are intended by Mortgagor and Mortgagee to be, and shall be construed as, covenants running with the Mortgaged Property. As used herein, “Mortgagor” shall refer to the party named in the first paragraph of this Mortgage and to any subsequent owner of all or any portion of the Mortgaged Property. All Persons who may have or acquire an interest in the Mortgaged Property shall be deemed to have notice of, and be bound by, the terms of the Credit Agreement and the other Credit Documents; however, no such party shall be entitled to any rights thereunder without the prior written consent of Mortgagee. In addition, all of the covenants of Mortgagor in any Credit Document party thereto are incorporated herein by reference and, together with covenants in this Section, shall be covenants running with the land.

  • Filings with the Commission The Company will:

  • Business with the Group The Agent and the Arranger may accept deposits from, lend money to and generally engage in any kind of banking or other business with any member of the Group.

  • Dealing with the Company and Others The Holders, without releasing, discharging, limiting or otherwise affecting in whole or in part the obligations and liabilities of any Guarantor hereunder and without the consent of or notice to any Guarantor, may

  • Quarterly Reporting Within forty-five (45) days after the close of the first three quarterly periods of Xxxxx, Inc.’s fiscal year, for Xxxxx, Inc. and its other Subsidiaries (which shall include the SPV), in each case, consolidated balance sheets as at the close of each such period and consolidated related statements of operations, shareholder’s equity and cash flows for the period from the beginning of such fiscal year to the end of such quarter, all certified by its chief financial officer or treasurer.

  • Quarterly Report 5.1 Upon request, the contractor shall provide to the Purchasing Agent a quarterly report, showing all purchases made under the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • Trustee Dealings with the Company Subject to certain limitations imposed by the TIA, the Trustee under the Indenture, in its individual or any other capacity, may become the owner or pledgee of Securities and may otherwise deal with and collect obligations owed to it by the Company or its Affiliates and may otherwise deal with the Company or its Affiliates with the same rights it would have if it were not Trustee.

  • Quarterly Reporting Timeframes Quarterly reporting timeframes coincide with the State Fiscal Year as follows: Quarter 1 - (July-September) – Due by October 10 Quarter 2 - (October-December) – Due by January 10 Quarter 3 - (January-March) – Due by April 10 Quarter 4 - (April-June) – Due by July 10