Female Sample Clauses

Female. This leave may commence on: expiration of her Maternity Leave, or the day the child is born, or day the child comes into her actual care and custody.
Female k. When not fully known, dates of birth will be entered as follows:
Female. Do you have any medical or mental conditions? No Yes If yes, explain: Do you have any Allergies? No Yes If yes, explain: Are you taking any medication? No Yes If yes, explain: In the unlikely event of injury or illness, please indicate who should be contacted: NAME: RELATIONSHIP: __ PHONE (DAY): ( ) PHONE (NIGHT): ( ) Medical/Health Insurance Information: INSURANCE CARRIER: GROUP NUMBER: ID #: In the unlikely event of illness or injury, consent is hereby given to provide emergency medical care, hospitalization or other treatment, which may become necessary. ( Guardian’s Initials) Participant’s or Release of Image: From time to time we use the “participant’s likeness” in our brochures, DVD’s, website, or other promotional materials. I xxxxx xxxxx to International Transition Services, LLC and to any third-party authorized by International Transition Services, LLC, the rights without limitation of time, territory or of any other nature, to use; in whole or in part, the name, image, likeness, voice, physical attributes, distinctive characteristics, now known or hereafter known, of the participant’s Likeness, in whole or in part; all of which are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Participant’s Likeness”. ( Participant’s or Guardian’s Initials) Participant Signature: Date:
Female. Full Time Wrapper Part Time Wrapper
Female. Female employees shall be entitled to receive a 'topping-up' of UIC benefits to ninety-three percent (93%) of normal salary to a maximum of twenty-five (25) weeks of such leave.
Female. 2. Minority Business - means a business:
Female. All clauses of this Agreement apply to female help as well as male help. The Company will maintain the payment of wages lost by the local union representatives in the Union business of one day or more, make all regulardeductions and inturn be fully reimbursedby the local PREMIUMTIME Over Hours of Work Work done in excess of eight (8) hours between Sunday and a.m. Monday will be paid for at the double-time rate and work done in excess of eight (8) hours in any other workday by employees covered by Section and shall be paid for at the time and one-half rate, except; on shutdown holidays when double time shall apply to all hours worked, or when such work in excess of eight hours is caused by an exchange of shifts by employees with approval of their Supervisor, or when such work of up to two hours in excess of a tour worker’s regular shift is to replace an employee who is tardy, or when a tour worker swings to another shift under a normal swing schedule and thereby works hours in one day. Over Hours of Work Any employee requiredto work for more than hours shall receive double time after the 16th hour of work and double time shall continue until the job is completed. It is understood and agreed that in the application of this clause double time will be paid after the 16th hour of work in any one day between and a.m. or after the 16th hour of continuous work.
Female. No players aged 17 can play within the front five of the scrum in adult rugby. AND
Female. All clauses of this Agreement apply to female help as well as male help.
Female. Tunic, every two years (initial issue tunics) Pair Trousers, every two years (2 Culottes may be selected in lieu of pair of trousers. Initial issue culottes.) Blouses, every two years Ties,every two years Pullover Sweater, every two years Cap, every two years if requested by employee Top Coat (replaced when considered necessary by Management) Winter Coat (replaced when considered necessary by Management) Summer Jacket (replaced when considered necessary by Management). The time limits specified are approximate. Seasonal items will be issued at the appropriate time. The current issue of clothing supplied by the Commission is to be worn only on duty or while going to or from work. The current issue of clothing shall be turned in if requested by the Commission, when the employee’s work no longer requires that type of clothing or when the employee leaves the service of the Commission. Coach Operators and Inspectors be paid a dry cleaning allowance of per year.