EXERCISED Sample Clauses

EXERCISED. If the option is exercised, the buyer has elected to exercise their rights to buy or sell the stock depending on the type of option involved. Exercising an option obligates the seller to perform under the contract. SOLD Most individual investors will elect to sell their rights to another investor rather than exercise their rights. The investor who buys the option from them will acquire all the rights of the original purchaser.
EXERCISED. Indications On each Exercised Indication Date, Auxilium shall be entitled to assume responsibility for, and have sole discretion over, all continuing Development activities for the Product for each such Exercised Indication. Auxilium shall have one (1) year after the relevant Exercised Indication Date to initiate Stage II Development for such Exercised Indication, provided, however, that such obligations shall not be binding upon Auxilium to the extent that BTC fails to (i) deliver material Product Data to Auxilium in accordance with Section 2.4, or (ii) supply Auxilium with material amounts of clinical supplies of the Product for use in the Field in accordance with the delivery scheduled specified by Auxilium under the terms of Section 6.3.
EXERCISED. Outstanding at December 31, 1997................. 458,118 $0.27 Granted............................................ 651,725 $4.62 Canceled........................................... (2,565) $0.27 Exercised.......................................... -- --------- Outstanding at December 31, 1998................. 1,107,278 $2.79 ---------
EXERCISED. The Board of Directors shall be entitled to determine if and when Termination has occurred with respect to the Participant.
EXERCISED. “Exercised” shall mean that the Option or a portion thereof is being exercised or terminated pursuant to the terms of the Plan.
EXERCISED. Number supervised directly Nil Highest level supervised Nil SUPERVISION RECEIVED General Supervisor of assigned
EXERCISED. The notice must be accompanied by payment of a certified check, official bank cashier's check or money order in an amount equal to the Exercise Price multiplied by the number of shares requested and a duly executed copy of this Agreement. At the discretion of the Committee, the Grantee may pay all or a portion of the purchase price by tender of Common Stock or a combination of stock and cash or other means determined by the Committee.

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  • Exercise of Call Option In connection with an exercise of the option contained in Condition 6(b) (Redemption and Purchase – Issuer's Call Option) in relation to some only of the Securities, this Global Security may be redeemed in part in the principal amount specified by the Issuer in accordance with the Conditions and the Securities to be redeemed will not be selected as provided in the Conditions but in accordance with the rules and procedures of Euroclear and Clearstream, Luxembourg (to be reflected in the records of Euroclear and Clearstream, Luxembourg as either a pool factor or a reduction in principal amount, at their discretion).

  • Exercise a) Exercise of the purchase rights represented by this Warrant may be made, in whole or in part, at any time or times on or after the Initial Exercise Date and on or before the Termination Date by delivery to the Company (or such other office or agency of the Company as it may designate by notice in writing to the registered Holder at the address of the Holder appearing on the books of the Company) of a duly executed facsimile copy (or e-mail attachment) of the Notice of Exercise Form annexed hereto. Within two (2) Trading Days following the date of exercise as aforesaid, the Holder shall deliver the aggregate Exercise Price for the shares specified in the applicable Notice of Exercise by wire transfer or cashier’s check drawn on a United States bank unless the cashless exercise procedure specified in Section 2(c) below is specified in the applicable Notice of Exercise. No ink-original Notice of Exercise shall be required, nor shall any medallion guarantee (or other type of guarantee or notarization) of any Notice of Exercise form be required. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Holder shall not be required to physically surrender this Warrant to the Company until the Holder has purchased all of the Warrant Shares available hereunder and the Warrant has been exercised in full, in which case, the Holder shall surrender this Warrant to the Company for cancellation within five (5) Trading Days of the date the final Notice of Exercise is delivered to the Company. Partial exercises of this Warrant resulting in purchases of a portion of the total number of Warrant Shares available hereunder shall have the effect of lowering the outstanding number of Warrant Shares purchasable hereunder in an amount equal to the applicable number of Warrant Shares purchased. The Holder and the Company shall maintain records showing the number of Warrant Shares purchased and the date of such purchases. The Company shall deliver any objection to any Notice of Exercise Form within two (2) Business Days of receipt of such notice. The Holder and any assignee, by acceptance of this Warrant, acknowledge and agree that, by reason of the provisions of this paragraph, following the purchase of a portion of the Warrant Shares hereunder, the number of Warrant Shares available for purchase hereunder at any given time may be less than the amount stated on the face hereof.

  • Exercise of Repurchase Right The Right of Repurchase shall be exercisable only by written notice delivered to the Optionee prior to the expiration of the 60-day period specified in Subsection (b) above. The notice shall set forth the date on which the repurchase is to be effected. Such date shall not be more than 30 days after the date of the notice. The certificate(s) representing the Restricted Shares to be repurchased shall, prior to the close of business on the date specified for the repurchase, be delivered to the Company properly endorsed for transfer. The Company shall, concurrently with the receipt of such certificate(s), pay to the Optionee the purchase price determined according to Subsection (d) above. Payment shall be made in cash or cash equivalents or by canceling indebtedness to the Company incurred by the Optionee in the purchase of the Restricted Shares. The Right of Repurchase shall terminate with respect to any Restricted Shares for which it has not been timely exercised pursuant to this Subsection (e).

  • Exercise of Repurchase Option The Repurchase Option shall be exercised by written notice signed by an officer of the Company or by any assignee or assignees of the Company and delivered or mailed as provided in Section 17(a). Such notice shall identify the number of shares of Stock to be purchased and shall notify Purchaser of the time, place and date for settlement of such purchase, which shall be scheduled by the Company within the term of the Repurchase Option set forth in Section 2(a) above. The Company shall be entitled to pay for any shares of Stock purchased pursuant to its Repurchase Option, at the Company's option, in cash or by offset against any indebtedness owing to the Company by Purchaser, or by a combination of both. Upon delivery of such notice and payment of the purchase price in any of the ways described above, the Company shall become the legal and beneficial owner of the Stock being repurchased and all rights and interest therein or related thereto, and the Company shall have the right to transfer to its own name the Stock being repurchased by the Company, without further action by Purchaser.

  • Exercise of the Option Prior to the expiration thereof, the Optionee ---------------------- may exercise the exercisable portion of the Option from time to time in whole or in part. Upon electing to exercise the Option, the Optionee shall deliver to the Secretary of Holdings a written and signed notice of such election setting forth the number of Option Shares the Optionee has elected to purchase and shall at the time of delivery of such notice tender cash or a cashier's or certified bank check to the order of Holdings for the full Exercise Price of such Option Shares and any amount required pursuant to Section 15 hereof. Alternatively, if Holdings is not at the time prohibited from purchasing or acquiring shares of its capital stock by applicable law or under the terms of any debt or lease facility, the Exercise Price may at the option of the Optionee be paid in whole or in part by delivery of shares of the Class B Common Stock owned by the Optionee provided that Optionee has owned such shares for at least six (6) months. The value of any such shares delivered or withheld as payment of the Exercise Price shall be such shares' Fair Market Value. In addition, Holdings shall cooperate with Optionee to facilitate a sale of Option Shares through a broker to pay the exercise price provided such sale is otherwise permitted under this Agreement, the Certificate of Incorporation or the Stockholders Agreement or under applicable law. The Committee further may, in its discretion, permit payment of the Exercise Price in such other form or in such other manner as may be permissible under the Plan and under any applicable law.

  • Option Right Landlord hereby grants to the originally named Tenant herein (the "Original Tenant") and any "Affiliate Assignee" or "Permitted Transferee," as such terms are defined in Sections 14.8 and 14.9, below, or other assignee of Tenant's entire interest in the Lease that is approved by Landlord pursuant to Article 14, below (an "Approved Assignee") one ( I ) option to extend the Lease Term for a period of five (5) years (the "Option Term"). The option to extend shall be exercisable only by notice delivered by Tenant to Landlord as provided in Section 2.2.3, below, provided that, as of the date of delivery of such notice, Tenant is not in default under this Lease (beyond the expiration of any applicable notice and cure period expressly set forth in this Lease). Upon the proper exercise of the option to extend, and provided that, at Landlord's option, as of the end of the initial Lease Term, Tenant is not in default under this Lease (beyond the expiration of any applicable notice and cure period expressly set forth in this Lease), the Lease Term shall be extended for a period of five (5) years. The rights contained in this Section 2.2 shall be personal to the originally named tenant herein (the "Original Tenant"), and any Affiliate Assignee, Permitted Transferee or Approved Assignee (and not any sublessee or other "Transferee," as that term is defined in Section 14 . 1, below, of Tenant's interest in this Lease). In the event that Tenant fails to timely and appropriately exercise its option to extend in accordance with the terms of this Section 2.2, then the option to extend granted to Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Section 2.2 shall automatically terminate and shall be of no further force or effect.

  • Option I was granted an option (the “Option”) to purchase shares of the common stock (the “Option Shares”) of ARCA biopharma, Inc. (the “Company”) pursuant to the Nuvelo, Inc. 2004 Equity Incentive Plan, as amended to date (the “Plan”), my Notice of Grant of Stock Option (the “Notice”) and my Stock Option Agreement (the “Option Agreement”) as follows: Grant Number: Date of Option Grant: Number of Option Shares: Exercise Price per Option Share: $

  • Right of Exercise Subject to the provisions hereof, each Registered Warrantholder may exercise the right conferred on such holder to subscribe for and purchase one (1) Common Share for each Warrant after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time and in accordance with the conditions herein.

  • Standard Option The Connecting Transmission Owner shall design, procure, and construct the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades, using Reasonable Efforts to complete the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades by the dates set forth in Appendix B hereto. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall not be required to undertake any action which is inconsistent with its standard safety practices, its material and equipment specifications, its design criteria and construction procedures, its labor agreements, and Applicable Laws and Regulations. In the event the Connecting Transmission Owner reasonably expects that it will not be able to complete the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades by the specified dates, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall promptly provide written notice to the Developer and NYISO, and shall undertake Reasonable Efforts to meet the earliest dates thereafter.

  • Exercise Terms The Optionee must exercise the Option for at least the lesser of 100 shares or the number of shares of Stock as to which the Option remains unexercised but exercisable. If this Option is not exercised with respect to all or any part of the shares subject to this Option prior to its expiration, the shares with respect to which this Option was not exercised shall no longer be subject to this Option.