Execute Sample Clauses

Execute acknowledge and deliver any and all instruments to effectuate the foregoing and take all such actions in connection therewith as the Manager may deem necessary or appropriate. Any and all documents or instruments may be executed on behalf and in the name of the Company by the Manager.
Execute a Sublicense Agreement for the development and/or establishment of a research development program for ovarian cancer therapeutics. (Associated fees referenced in Sections 3.1(e) and/or 20.4)
Execute assign and endorse negotiable and other instruments for the payment of money, documents of title or other evidences of payment, shipment or storage for any form of Collateral on behalf of and in the name of Pledgor.
Execute acknowledge, and deliver any affidavits or documents of assignment and conveyance regarding the Technology or the Proprietary Rights;
Execute deliver and endorse with respect to Indebtedness to Bank, promissory notes, loan agreements, drafts, guaranties, subordinations, applications and agreements for letters of credit, acceptance agreements, foreign exchange documentation, applications and agreements pertaining to the payment and collection of documents, indemnities, waivers, purchase agreements and other financial undertakings, leases and other documents and agreements in connection therewith, and all renewals, extensions or modifications thereof;
Execute acknowledge, and deliver any requested affidavits and documents of assignment and conveyance;
Execute amend, modify, provide a written waiver of rights under or terminate any contract, lease, equipment lease or other agreement (in each case, or a series of contracts, leases, equipment leases or other agreements relating to the same or similar property, equipment, goods or services, as applicable, with the same or a related party) that (a)(i) is for a term of greater than three (3) years and (ii) requires payment in excess of $500,000 or (b) requires aggregate annual payments in excess of $500,000, other than contracts, leases or other agreements which are specifically identified in the Annual Budget; provided, that the dollar amount specified in this Section 2.2.2 shall be increased on January 1 of every third Operating Year by the percentage increase in the Index since January 1 of the first Operating Year or the date of the prior increase, as applicable;
Execute a nonpoint source grant agreement with the depart- ment for nonpoint source pollution abatement funds necessary to administer cost−share agreements with eligible recipients. This requirement may be waived if the department and the governmen- tal unit agree to delegate these responsibilities to another unit of government.
Execute. 1.2.7 Where the word "execute" (and grammatical variations thereof) is used in the Contract, it shall (unless the context in which it appears otherwise requires) mean carry out and complete. SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION
Execute. Fetch states S(0) , S(0) Fetch states S(0) , S(0) For each transaction, the two parties independently compute their commitments based on the input and their temporary A B A B Apply transition f to get S(1) , S(1) Apply transition f to get S(1) , S(1) states. Specifically, Xxxxx and Xxx compute their commit- ments for the transaction TXB→A based on x1 as well as Compute commitments c=(c A , cB ) Compute commitments c=(c A , cB ) Sign ⟨ TX , c , d ⟩ Sign ⟨ TX , c , d ⟩ balance(1) and balance(1). These commitments and the deposit