Execute Sample Clauses

Execute. This License shall be executed in three (3) copies, each copy of which shall be as an original.
Execute acknowledge and deliver to AIOP and to any and all requisite entities and for authorities having jurisdiction over the Permits all documents as may be required to effectuate the terms and provisions of the second paragraph of Section 1.1 of this Agreement; and
Execute acknowledge and deliver to Buyer an affidavit attesting to the non-foreign status of Seller (or such affiliate of Seller as required under Treasury Regulation Section 1.1445-2(b)(2)(iii) to the extent that Seller is disregarded for federal income Tax purposes) in the form prescribed in Treasury Regulation Section 1.1445-2(b)(2);
Execute for the benefit of sportstrac.com and the underwriter of said Piggyback Registration, any such so-called "lock-up" agreement as sportstrac.com or said underwriter may require. Any such lock-up agreement shall provide, among other things, that the Holder will not, without the underwriter's and sportstrac.com's prior written consent (which consent may be withheld or denied in said underwriter's and sportstrac.com's sole and absolute discretion), offer for sale, sell, sell short, "short against the box", grant any option, right or warrant with respect to, or otherwise dispose of (or announce any intention to undertake any of the foregoing) all or any of the Registrable Securities for the time period set forth in said lock-up agreement.