Evidence that Sample Clauses

Evidence that. (i) the Investors have subscribed or contemporaneously with the making of the initial Advances will subscribe in full in cash an aggregate amount of not less than $63,000,000 (the "Investors' Equity Subscription") for shares in the capital of the Company issued to them pursuant to the Recapitalisation Agreement at Closing; (ii) the Note Issuers shall have received or contemporaneously with the making of the initial Advances will receive in aggregate not less than $160,000,000 pursuant to the Note Purchase Agreement in respect of the issuance and sale of the Notes (the "Note Proceeds") on terms satisfactory to the Facility Agent; and
Evidence that. 7.1.1 each of the Project Accounts; and
Evidence that. 5.4.1 Thayer Equity Investors III have subscribed in full an aggregate amount of not less than $22,750,000 in cash by way of equity in the Company (the "EQUITY SUBSCRIPTION") in the agreed form;
Evidence that. (i) the title to the Vessel is held by the Borrower or the AIE, as appropriate, free of all Security Interests other than Permitted Liens;
Evidence that. (a) in the case of Vessel A, Mortgage A has been or shall, promptly upon the de-registration of the relevant Existing Mortgage be duly permanently registered with the Marshall Islands ship registry; and
Evidence that i. The release of the Release Parcel complies with all applicable subdivision regulations including, without limitation, evidence that the Release Parcel is a separate, legally subdivided lot.
Evidence that. (a) the relevant Vessel is, or immediately following the Utilisation will be, registered in the name of the relevant Borrower under an Approved Flag;
Evidence that. (a) a Notice of Security over Contract (as described in the Commercial Contracts Security Agreement) has been served on each Buyer under an Export Contract and on Albpetrol Sh.A. in relation to the Petroleum Agreements; and
Evidence that. (i) the Mortgage in respect of the Vessel has been duly recorded in the Hong Kong Shipping Register and constitutes a first priority security interest over the Vessel and that all taxes and fees payable to the Hong Kong Shipping Register in respect of that Vessel have been paid in full;