Equipment Lease Sample Clauses

Equipment Lease. CUE shall also supply such pagers on a --------------- thirty-six (36) month lease at $*** per month provided that:
Equipment Lease. Contemporaneously with the execution of this Lease, Tewel Corporation ("Tewel") and Tenant have entered into that certain Equipment Lease (the "Equipment Lease") providing for the lease by Landlord and Tewel to Tenant of all furniture, fixtures, trade fixtures, equipment, machinery, tools, and other personal property therein described (collectively, the "Equipment") located on and used in connection with Premises. It is intended that this Lease be coterminous with the Equipment Lease. Any termination of this Real Property Lease shall automatically be deemed to effect a termination of the Equipment Lease.
Equipment Lease. Any Equipment, including Required Equipment, provided by Reachify hereunder is leased to Subscriber. Pricing on a Service Order reflects an equipment lease, not a purchase.
Equipment Lease. CUE will make available a lease program which provides that the pagers can be leased on a thirty-six (36) month lease at $*** per month provided that:
Equipment Lease. As part of a Solution, Customer may lease certain hardware from WolfePak (“Equipment”) during the Lease Term. The “Lease Term” begins on the date WolfePak delivers the Equipment to Customer and lasts for the period specified in the applicable Order Form, unless earlier terminated. WolfePak shall retain ownership and title of all Equipment throughout the Lease Term and thereafter, and shall be responsible for maintaining the Equipment as specified below. Customer shall not grant, or authorize any other party to grant, any security interest in the Equipment or otherwise take any steps or fail to take any steps that may in any way encumber WolfePak’s ownership of the Equipment.
Equipment Lease. Tenant shall not enter into any equipment lease that is not a capital lease for equipment having a fair market value exceeding U.S.$50,000, or annual lease expense exceeding U.S.$50,000, without the prior written consent of Landlord, and all such Equipment Leases shall expressly authorize a turnover to Landlord or its designee of such equipment and Equipment Lease pursuant to the terms of the Turnover Agreement. Tenant agrees to turn over delivery of such equipment to Landlord or its designee in good operating condition and repair at the termination of this Lease. The dollar limits in this Section 4.7 shall increase annually by 3%, compounded annually.
Equipment Lease. “Equipment Lease” means a personal property lease covering any item(s) of FF&E identified as such in the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit L.
Equipment Lease. Seller has provided Buyer with a true and complete copy of the Equipment Lease and all amendments thereto. As of the Effective Date, no party to the Equipment Lease has issued notice that any other party thereto is in default in the performance of its obligations under the Equipment Lease, and the Equipment Lease is in full force and effect.
Equipment Lease. In addition to the fees and expenses set forth in Article III, Paragraphs A and B hereof, MMC shall pay NYDM, subject to Article III.D below, a monthly equipment lease payment in a reasonable amount which the parties agree to negotiate in good faith in the event this Agreement becomes effective.
Equipment Lease. ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF LEASE Date & Time Charges begin: (fill in only if not same as below)