Entry by Lessor Permitted Sample Clauses

Entry by Lessor Permitted. Lessee shall permit Lessor and its employees, agents and contractors to enter the Premises and all parts thereof (i) upon twenty-four (24) hours notice (or without notice in an emergency), including without limitation, the Building and all parts thereof at all reasonable times for any of the following purposes: to inspect the Premises; to maintain the Premises; to make such repairs to the Premises as Lessor is obligated or may elect to make; to make repairs, alterations or additions to any other portion of the Project and (ii) upon twenty-four (24) hours notice to show the Premises and post no more than two “To Lease” signs which are customary in size and location for similarly situated and sized buildings (without blocking windows or access) for the purposes of reletting during the last six (6) months of the Lease Term (provided that Lessee has failed to exercise its option to extend) or extended Lease Term to show the Premises as part of a prospective sale by Lessor or to post notices of nonresponsibility. Lessor shall have such right of entry without any rebate of rent to Lessee for any loss of occupancy or quiet enjoyment of the Premises hereby occasioned. ARTICLE XV ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE