Engage Sample Clauses

Engage the employment of a Temporary Worker or engagement directly or indirectly through any employment business other than through Nurse Plus (whether for a definite or indefinite period) as a direct result of any Introduction or Assignment to the Client and the terms Engaged or Engagement shall be construed accordingly.
Engage i. Frontline employees at the smallest possible natural work unit to identify, in partnership with their managers, what they can do to improve the metric at their work setting such that their efforts drive results at the metric level upon which performance payout will be based;
Engage. To “engage” in a business means (i) to render services in (or with respect to) the Territory for that business, or (ii to own, manage, operate or control (or participate in the ownership, management, operation or control of) an enterprise engaged in that business in (or with respect to) the Territory.
Engage. Solutions Ltd. has no responsibility to any person other than You and nothing in this Agreement confers, or purports to confer, a benefit on any person other than You. If You use the Services or access the Website on behalf of or for the benefit of anyone other than yourself you agree that:
Engage s licensors as well as Red Brick Systems, Inc. and its licensors remain third party beneficiaries to this Agreement.
Engage in the lockout of Employees except during a strike by those Employees; and,
Engage warrants (i) each ENGAGE Product that is Software which is operated on ENGAGE approved hardware and software will substantially conform, for a period of ninety (90) days from shipment, to ENGAGE's specifications for software and hardware requirements prevailing at time of shipment. Receipt by ENGAGE of a written claim under this warranty, and return of such Software must occur within such period as a condition of this warranty. ENGAGE does not warrant that such Software will be error free or that all errors will be remedied. ENGAGE's entire liability and LYCOS's exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be for ENGAGE to make commercially reasonable efforts to remedy, in a manner deemed suitable to ENGAGE, any nonconformance reported in writing within the warranty period; and (ii) each ENGAGE Product that is classified as a Service will be performed in a workmanlike manner in accordance with reasonable commercial standards.