ENABLING CLAUSE. On a case-by-case basis, one or more Producers or the Union may request certain modifications to the terms and provisions contained in this Agreement to be applicable only to a specific production(s). The party proposing the modification shall provide all appropriate and necessary information and documentation for the other party(ies) to evaluate the proposed modification. The Union(s) or the Producer(s), as applicable, shall give good faith consideration to said modifications and make reasonable efforts to respond to the other party within three (3) business days of receipt of the supporting information and documentation. Any such modifications to this Agreement shall be memorialized in a letter signed by all affected parties and shall only apply to the specific production.
ENABLING CLAUSE. By written agreement between Company and Union, other provisions may be substituted for the provisions of this Title.
ENABLING CLAUSE. 10.01 It is recognized that from time to time certain terms and conditions of employment for Local 409 employees may require alteration from those contained in this Collective Agreement in order to enable the employees and Employers of the unionized sector to obtain certain work or execute certain work in a manner that is deemed to be prudent.
ENABLING CLAUSE. 17.01 If for any reason peculiar to a given geographical area, this Agreement requires amendment, the Union shall be entitled to enter into a memorandum with the Association giving effect to such amendment and any such amendment shall not be construed as a breach of this Agreement.
ENABLING CLAUSE. 9.01 The terms and conditions of this collective Agreement may be changed or amended by written Agreement between the Employer Bargaining Agency and the Union.
ENABLING CLAUSE. 19.01 The Union agrees that in order for the Contractor to obtain work and to engage crew leaders, or pieceworkers, the rates as set out in this collective agreement must be competitive with other contractors providing similar services. To this end the Union agrees to meet with the Contractor on an as needed basis to discuss rates and to adjust them if they are not competitive in any area as the parties hereto may agree in writing.
ENABLING CLAUSE. To the fullest extent permitted by law the Company hereby covenants and agrees to cause the Charter and By-laws to give effect to the terms and provisions contained in this Agreement. To the fullest extent permitted by law, each of the parties covenants and agrees to vote their Equity Securities and to take any other action reasonably requested by the Company or any Stockholder to amend the Charter and By-laws so as to give full effect to and to avoid any conflict with the provisions hereof.
ENABLING CLAUSE. 38.01 The Local Union, in conjunction with the Employer’s representative or the Employers bidding work in the respective areas, may determine on a job by job basis if special dispensation is required to become competitive, and should the necessity arise, may, by mutual agreement and in writing, amend or delete any terms or conditions of the Agreement for the length of the job.