Eligible Sample Clauses

Eligible. Section 3 Eligible Employees are those who reside in the City of Moore and whose total household income is less than 80% of the Area Median Income. The table below may be used as a guide to employees to determine whether their household income is above or below 80% AMI. This form must be completed by all firms working on a Section 3 project even if the firm is not a “Section 3 Business.”
Eligible. Any person whose name is on an employment or reemployment or layoff list for a given class.
Eligible. To qualify for this leave, an employee must take the leave to:
Eligible. A nurse shall not be eligible for a leave of absence in an amount greater than indicated in this Agreement without the written approval of the Vice President Patient Care Services/Operations Services, but in no case will leave of absence exceed one (1) year.
Eligible. Author(s) means authors: (i) who are affiliated with a Member Institution, including but not limited to: researchers, teaching staff, and students; (ii) who are designated as one of the corresponding authors within Wiley’s workflow; (iii) who have signed one of the then-current open access publishing agreements used by the Publisher to publish an article Open Access; and (iv) for whom a Member Institution has confirmed the author’s affiliation. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the sole responsibility of the Member Institution to verify if an author is an Eligible Author. If the Member Institution confirmed the affiliation of an author with respect to an article, this author will be deemed an Eligible Author.
Eligible. Any person certified by TENNCARE as eligible to receive services and benefits under the TennCare program. As it relates to CHOICES a p erson is eligible to receive CHOICES benefits only if he/she has been enrolled in CHOICES by TENNCARE.
Eligible. An Employee is eligible for transfer unless the administration shows that the 5 Employee is needed in his current building/program due to unique skills or certification and 6 the opening occurs after the last student school day. In addition, if there are no vacancies 7 district-wide, but transfers are necessary, employees with unique skills/certification may not 8 be eligible for transfer if no other current employee has the same required skills/certification.
Eligible. Eligible means qualifying for and meeting the most current stipulated requirements (at the time written Release Orders are issued and executed by the County to the Contractor) of the Public Assistance grant program, FEMA Publication FP-104-009-2 Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide all current FEMA fact sheets, guidance documents and disaster-specific documents. Eligible also includes meeting any changes in definition, rules or requirements regardingdebris removal reimbursement as stipulated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency prior to or during a debris removal project.