Elect Sample Clauses

Elect. Eng Tools 21-Jul-95 Universal Programmer 32 pin PLCC to 32 Dip Adapter 21.47 493.88 61.12 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 BTL61500090 SA7U 4121 Variable Attenuator 3.99 91.86 11.37 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 VTK51500100 VSg-21 SYNC Generator 36.99 850.79 105.28 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 VTK51500110 DAT-1 Rackmount Frame 3.79 87.21 10.79 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 (2ea) BTL 11400120 AM-60-550 (59412) Modulator 48.96 1,125.97 139.33 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 PBN99900120 2107A-0807TX Transmitter 323.93 7,450.40 921.96 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 PBN99900030 9-ORH Housing 2.48 56.95 7.05 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 PBN99900130 7OR-750-/22-42/54 SC/UPC 46.82 1,076.76 133.24 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 PBN99900140 7-ORT-WB1 SC/UPC 69.84 1,606.24 198.76 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 (4ea) PBN99905010 FC/APC Pigtail 5 meters 19.63 451.46 55.87 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 (50ea) OEM62900010 GRB-1 Grounding Splice Block 0.39 8.90 1.10 Toner Cable Equip 10-Aug-95 (10ea) OEM629000120 GRB-AR Sp Blk w/Lightn Arrestor 1.25 28.71 3.55 Microtek Internation 29-Sep-95 FA,PP,68HC16Z1 Emulator, 1 Mhz, 128K Trace,OMB 386.71 8,894.36 1,100.64 Microtek Internation 29-Sep-95 Overlay, Serial #507AA00545 0.00 0.00 0.00 Microtek Internation 29-Sep-95 PWA, Powerpack, Overlay RAM (1mg) Board 115.88 2,665.20 329.81 Microtek Internation 29-Sep-95 Adapter, PP, To 132 PQFP Clipover 18.76 431.59 53.41 Toner Cable Equip 27-Sep-95 RDRX Return Dual Receiver 171.52 1,592.73 171.52 Toner Cable Equip 29-Sep-95 CT-2084VY Rec/Monitor 47.54 441.43 47.54 TTC 30-Oct-95 Central Office Testing Package (T-Berd) w/ case 1,425.98 13,241.23 1,425.98 Microtek Internation 26-Dec-95 Test Kit Option, PP, Kit68HC16Z1 Ser#503AB00114 777.29 7,217.71 777.29 Arrow 12-Dec-95 ALtera PLS Magnum Development System w/Bitblaster 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Arrow 12-Dec-95 Serial cable; ASAPz standalone Programmer; VHDL 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Arrow 12-Dec-95 Design entry option 708.26 6,576.74 708.26 6,576.74 AT & T Capital 15-Dec-95 Tek/K 465 Cart 41.81 388.19 41.81 388.19 AT & T Capital 24-Jan-96 Tek/K 465 Cart (41.81) (388.19) (41.81) (388.19) AT & T Capital 24-Jan-96 Tek/K212 Cart-replaces Tek/K465 Cart 41.71 387.29 41.71 387.29 AT & T Capital 15-Dec-95 Tek/2465B Oscilloscope P07275 714.32 6,632.93 714.32 6,632.93 AT & T Capital 15-Dec-95 Tek/06201 Probe; Tek/1101A Probe Pwr Sup-P07280 216.79 2,013.03 216.79 2,013.03 AT & T Capital 15-Dec-95 HP8647A Signal Generator PO7278 522.62 4,852.88 522.62 4,852.88 AT & T Capital 18-Dec-95 ...
Elect. INTR.RATE.SEC 5.03(a).............
Elect. Eng., vol. 132, pt. H, no. 6, pp. 395–399, June 1985. [9] M. I. Sobhy, M. H. A. El-Azeem, K. W. Royer, R. J. Langley, and E. A. Parker, “Simulation of frequency selective surfaces (FSS) using 3D-TLM,” in Proc. Comput. Electromag., Apr. 1996, 352–357. [10] I. Anderson, “On the theory of self-resonant grids,” Bell Syst. Tech. J., vol. 54, no. 10, pp. 1725–1731, Dec. 1975. [11] M. J. Archer, “Wave reactance of thin planar strip gratings,” Int. J. Electron., vol. 58, pp. 187–230, 1985. Comparison of the Transmission-Line Matrix and Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods for a Problem Containing a Sharp Metallic Edge Neil R. S. Simons, Riaz Siushansian, Joe LoVetri, and Michel Cuhaci Abstract— We compare Yee’s finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and symmetric condensed-node transmission-line matrix (SCN–TLM) solutions for a cavity containing a metallic fin. Differential equation- based numerical methods are known to produce inaccurate results for this type of problem due to the rapid spatial variation of the field distribution in the vicinity of the singularity at the edge of the metal fin. This problem is relevant to the analysis of structures of practical interest such as microstrip and coplanar waveguides. Based on simulations, it is determined that for identical discretizations, SCN–TLM is more accurate than FDTD for this problem. We interpret this result as an indication that the symmetric condensed representation of fields (used within the SCN–TLM) lends itself to a more accurate algorithm than the distributed representation used by Yee. We estimate that the FDTD method requires
Elect. Ohm meter (Ductor Tester) Electrical test Instrument ranging from 0 – 100 A, 50 MVA read out LCD Digital Accuracy 0, 25 operation, Test leads with crocodile clip. Cable Cutter Heavy duty cable conductor cutter size 54 mm, light weight portable hydraulic cutter. 180 degree rotating head allows for easy cutting positions and cuts steel materiel as well as cables GPS Nuvi 2589 LMT Car navigator detailed map, multi touch, capacitive colour, touch screen, window vehicle mounted with suction cup Kito Lever hoist Wrench Spanner Scaffold clamps spanner podger ratchet, dual headed sharp handle ratchet wrench. Spanner with a lever wrench. Tool box Tool box set, comprehensive tool box kit with tool storage units, for the use in the engineering workshop Stripper (Aluminium cable strand) ACR cable stripper with 4dies.bushings of various sizes of conductor from 23mm up to 43mm. Adjustable cutter wheels makes cutting safe. Size 240mm (L) X 100mm (W).
Elect. The Old Testament (OT) course will equip students with a basic literacy of the Hebrew scriptures. The course begins with an examination of the major divisions, authorship, and translations of the OT before surveying each individual book. The second unit examines the impact of the OT on worldview, society and morals, family, human fallibility, modern science, and the value of human life. Students will recognize the impact of Hebrew scriptures on important events and historical documents including the Reformation, the Magna Carta, and the U.S. Constitution. Students will next probe the influence of the OT on language, culture, and literature, including idioms, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Handel’s Messiah, Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, and spirituals. The course will conclude by introducing students to the influence of OT on artworks including The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.
Elect. Engineer 1 1 LW Engineer 1 1 Safety/Training 1 1 Purchasing/Stores 1 1 Accountant 1 1 Admin. Assistant 3 3 Surveyor 1 1 Surveyor Assistant 1 1 Undermanagers 4 4 Sub-Total 0 19 19 SECOND CM UNIT Deputies 1 Miners 6 Tradesman 2 Sub-Total 0 9 0 LW UNIT Deputies 2 Miners 12 Tradesman 4 Sub-Total 0 0 18 OUTBYE Deputies 1 4 Miners 3 2 Tradesman 2 2 Sub-Total 0 6 8 MAINTENANCE Deputies 2 2 Miners 12 12 Tradesman 4 4 Sub-Total 0 18 18 Total 76 83 10% FOR ABSENTEEISM Total Wages 76 83 Grand Total 0 95 102 SYNDICATED MULTI-OPTION FACILITY AGREEMENT Allens Arthur Robinson PRODUCTION SCHEDULE FEB 2002 2003 JAN FEB MAR TOTAL Weeks 4 4 5 52 A/L 1 3 Net Weeks 3 4 5 49 DEVELOPMENT LW5 M/G Total Metres 5417 4167 M/month 1250 1515 Tonnes per month 27500 Yield % 54 Clean tonnes per mth 14850 Total Metres M/month 4480 Tonnes per month Yield % Clean tonnes per mth Total Metres 285 0 0 M/month 750 285 5285 Tonnes per month 16500 6270 0 Yield % 53 53 Clean tonnes per mth 8745 3323 0 SYNDICATED MULTI-OPTION FACILITY AGREEMENT Allens Arthur Robinson YEM2003 APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC DEV Ms 1050 1400 1750 1315 480 1250 1000 1000 1000 DEV Ts 23100 30800 38500 28930 10560 27500 22000 22000 22000 DEV CLEAN Ts 11880 15840 19800 14905 5491 14575 11660 11660 11660

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  • Election The President, the Treasurer and the Secretary shall be elected annually by the Trustees. Other officers, if any, may be elected or appointed by the Trustees at any time. Vacancies in any office may be filled at any time.

  • Elections Any employee eligible to vote in a Federal, Provincial or Municipal election or a referendum shall have four (4) consecutive clear hours during the hours in which the polls are open in which to cast his/her ballot.

  • Right If Change in Control occurs and if, in respect of the Executive, a Triggering Event occurs on or before the Expiry Date, the Executive shall be entitled to elect to terminate his employment with the Corporation and to receive a payment from the Corporation in the amount an amount represented by the formula A × (B + C) where: A = 3; B = the highest annualized rate of monthly base salary received by the Executive in the thirty-six months immediately preceding the Change in Control; and C = the highest bonus amounts received by the Executive in the calendar year of the Change in Control or in any one of the three calendar years immediately preceding the calendar year of the Change in Control; subject to the monetary limitations set out in Article 4 below.

  • Net Issue Election The Holder may elect to receive, without the payment by the Holder of any additional consideration, shares of Preferred Stock equal to the value of this Warrant or any portion hereof by the surrender of this Warrant or such portion to the Company, with the net issue election notice annexed hereto duly executed, at the principal office of the Company. Thereupon, the Company shall issue to the Holder such number of fully paid and nonassessable shares of Preferred Stock as is computed using the following formula: where: X = the number of shares of Preferred Stock to be issued to the Holder pursuant to this Section 4. Y = the number of shares of Preferred Stock covered by this Warrant in respect of which the net issue election is made pursuant to this Section 4. A = the Fair Market Value (defined below) of one share of Preferred Stock, as determined at the time the net issue election is made pursuant to this Section 4. B = the Purchase Price in effect under this Warrant at the time the net issue election is made pursuant to this Section 4.

  • Notice Periods The notice period (expressed in Working Days) to be given by the Customer in respect of Clause 38.1 shall be the number of whole days that is 20% of the total duration of the final SOW to be executed under this Contract, up to a maximum of 30 Working Days. Partial days shall be discounted in the calculation and the duration of the SOW shall be calculated in Working Days. For example, if the duration of the SOW is 10 Working Days: 20% of the SOW is 2 days. The Notice Period = 2 Working Days; or if the duration of the SOW is 62 Working Days, 20% of the SOW is 12.4. The Notice Period = 12 Working Days. The Parties acknowledge and agree that: the Customer’s right to terminate for convenience and without cause under Clause 38.1 is reasonable in view of the subject matter of this Contract and the Agile nature of the Services being provided; the Contract Charges paid during the notice period given by the Customer in accordance with Clause 38.1 are a reasonable form of compensation and are deemed to fully cover any costs or Losses incurred by the Supplier which may arise either directly or indirectly as a result of the Customer exercising the right to terminate without cause. The Customer shall have the right to terminate this Contract at any time with immediate effect by written notice to the other Supplier if: the Supplier commits a Supplier Default and if the Supplier Default is not, in the opinion of the Customer, capable of remedy; or the Supplier Default is a Material Breach of this Contract. the Supplier is unable to provide a change proposed by the Customer; Either Party may terminate this Contract at any time with immediate effect by written notice to the other Party if: the other Party commits a material breach of any term of this Contract (other than failure to pay any amounts due under this Contract) and, if such breach is remediable, fails to remedy that breach within a period of fifteen (15) Working Days of being notified in writing to do so; an Insolvency Event of the other Party occurs, or the other Party ceases or threatens to cease to carry on the whole or any material part of its business; or

  • FUND ELECTIONS Each Fund (or its Investment Advisor acting on its behalf) may elect to enter into and execute foreign exchange transactions with third parties that are not affiliated with the Custodian, with State Street Global Markets, which is the foreign exchange division of State Street Bank and Trust Company and its affiliated companies (“SSGM”), or with a sub-custodian. Where the Fund or its Investment Advisor gives Proper Instructions for the execution of a foreign exchange transaction using an indirect foreign exchange service described in the Client Publications, the Fund (or its Investment Advisor) instructs the Custodian, on behalf of the Fund, to direct the execution of such foreign exchange transaction to SSGM or, when the relevant currency is not traded by SSGM, to the applicable sub-custodian. The Custodian shall not have any agency (except as contemplated in preceding sentence), trust or fiduciary obligation to the Fund, its Investment Advisor or any other person in connection with the execution of any foreign exchange transaction. The Custodian shall have no responsibility under this Agreement for the selection of the counterparty to, or the method of execution of, any foreign exchange transaction entered into by the Fund (or its Investment Advisor acting on its behalf) or the reasonableness of the execution rate on any such transaction.

  • 83(b) Election Within 30 days after the acquisition of Incentive Units on the Effective Date, Employee will make an effective election (an “83(b) Election”) with the Internal Revenue Service under Section 83(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and the regulations and guidance promulgated thereunder (the “Code”) in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto.

  • Term and Election The Board of Trustees shall be divided into three classes, designated Class I, Class II and Class III. Each class shall consist, as nearly as may be possible, of one-third of the total number of trustees constituting the entire Board of Trustees. Within the limits above specified, the number of the Trustees in each class shall be determined by resolution of the Board of Trustees. The term of office of the first class shall expire on the date of the first annual meeting of Shareholders or special meeting in lieu thereof following the effective date of the Registration Statement relating to the Shares under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The term of office of the second class shall expire on the date of the second annual meeting of Shareholders or special meeting in lieu thereof following the effective date of the Registration Statement relating to the Shares under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The term of office of the third class shall expire on the date of the third annual meeting of Shareholders or special meeting in lieu thereof following the effective date of the Registration Statement relating to the Shares under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Upon expiration of the term of office of each class as set forth above, the number of Trustees in such class, as determined by the Board of Trustees, shall be elected for a term expiring on the date of the third annual meeting of Shareholders or special meeting in lieu thereof following such expiration to succeed the Trustees whose terms of office expire. The Trustees shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Shareholders or special meeting in lieu thereof called for that purpose, except as provided in Section 2.3 of this Article and each Trustee elected shall hold office until his or her successor shall have been elected and shall have qualified. The term of office of a Trustee shall terminate and a vacancy shall occur in the event of the death, resignation, removal, bankruptcy, adjudicated incompetence or other incapacity to perform the duties of the office, or removal, of a Trustee.

  • Number and Election of Directors The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than one nor more than fifteen members, the exact number of which shall initially be fixed by the Incorporator and thereafter from time to time by the Board of Directors. Except as provided in Section 2 of this Article III, directors shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast at each Annual Meeting of Stockholders and each director so elected shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting of Stockholders and until such director’s successor is duly elected and qualified, or until such director’s earlier death, resignation or removal. Directors need not be stockholders.

  • Refuse Tenant shall store all Tenant's trash and garbage within the Premises or in other facilities designated By Landlord for such purpose. Tenant shall not place in any trash box or receptacle any material which cannot be disposed of in the ordinary and customary manner of removing and disposing of trash and garbage in the city in which the Building is located without being in violation of any law or ordinance governing such disposal. All trash and garbage removal shall be made in accordance with directions issued from time to time by Landlord, only through such Common Areas provided for such purposes and at such times as Landlord may designate. Tenant shall comply with the requirements of any recycling program adopted by Landlord for the Building.