EIS Sample Clauses

EIS. (a) If, before the date being the Operative Date for the purposes of the Fourth Amending Deed, Clepco or the State becomes aware that an EIS is, or will be, required in relation to the ESEP Project, it shall be entitled to terminate this Deed by giving, prior to that date, notice of termination to the other party.
EIS. “EIS” means the NASA Xxxx Development Plan Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, dated July 2002, which served as a primary basis for the ROD (as defined in Section 1.173), but excluding the NAPD TDM Plan, provided that the goals and requirements contained in Sections 2, 3.1 and 3.2 of the NADP TDM Plan remain part of the EIS to the extent required by the NADP MIMP.
EIS. EIS" means the NASA Xxxx Development Plan Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, which was adopted by the ROD. SAA2 - 402923

Related to EIS

  • Staff Development A regular and ongoing staff development program shall be maintained and made available to all shifts and to all personnel with programs posted in advance. The posting will indicate if attendance is mandatory. Every effort will be made by the Employer to provide reasonable advanced notice of mandatory education. To ensure employees have the ability to complete mandatory education, when possible, a minimum of two (2) months advance notice will be given of the education requirements. Topics to be offered will be determined by discussions between nurses, management and the Clinical and Education Practice Subject to patient care needs and with appropriate advance notice, the Employer will make a good faith effort to release nurses to attend mandatory education and continuing education programs within employees FTE unless scheduled on time off by mutual agreement. Mandatory education programs will be scheduled in an effort to accommodate varying work schedules. Nurses required by the Employer to attend mandatory staff development programs will be compensated at the applicable rate of pay for hours spent in the program. The employer will make their best effort to make employees whole for their entire shift if a mandatory education is scheduled on a day in which an employee was regularly scheduled to work and was released from work by offering productive and nonproductive opportunities within the pay period for all hours missed. The Employer will provide contact hours for continuing education programs. It shall be the responsibility of the presenter to complete and submit the application process on a timely basis. The ABC Committee will have a quarterly agenda item to discuss: new and upcoming educational opportunities, additional educational interests from employees, access to computers and/or other tools necessary to facilitate training and professional development, and review the offerings for mandatory education classes to evaluate if enough classes are being offered at appropriate times to accommodate variable shifts.