Effort Sample Clauses

Effort. The Contractor will provide the full benefit of the Contractor's and as applicable, their Personnel's, knowledge, expertise, technical skill and ingenuity in connection with the provision of the Services and is responsible for ensuring that appropriate attention, time, and effort is dedicated to deliver the Services pursuant to this Agreement.
Effort. The Members shall devote such time to the Company as is appropriate to supervise and complete in an effective manner the tasks and activities assigned to them, but shall not be required to devote their full time efforts to the Company.
Effort. Dr. Scanlan will allocate the following effort to accomplish the deliverables described in section II above:
Effort. Both Phytera and Lilly shall use their best efforts to conduct work on the Program so as to achieve the agreed-to-goals for the Program as described in the Research Plan. During the first Research Year, Phytera shall devote to the Program and Lilly shall fund [ ]* FTEs, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing. The number of FTEs to be dedicated to the Program for subsequent Research Years shall be determined by Lilly in its sole discretion; provided, however, that (i) the effort of Phytera funded by Lilly for the second Research Year can be no less than [ ]* FTEs, and (ii) Lilly's decision with respect to the number of FTEs to be dedicated to the Program and to thereby be funded by Lilly for Research Years after the first Research Year shall be communicated in writing to Phytera at least [ ]* prior to the end of the preceding Research Year. The FTEs dedicated by Phytera to the Program shall have an optimal combination of experience and training in the Field. Lilly shall provide reasonable scientific effort as required by the Research Team during the course of the Program. Such scientific effort shall be consistent with sound scientific and business judgment as determined by Lilly. 2.5
Effort. Executive shall devote his full business time, skill and efforts to the business of Employer and its subsidiaries and shall not engage in any other business activities, duties, or pursuits whatsoever, or directly or indirectly render any services of a business, commercial, or professional nature to any other person or organization, whether for compensation or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors of the Company (the “Company Board”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Executive may (i) serve in any capacity with any civic, educational or charitable organization, or any trade association, without seeking or obtaining approval by the Company Board, provided such activities and service do not materially interfere or conflict with the performance of his duties hereunder and (ii) with the approval of the Company Board, serve on the boards of directors of other corporations that are not involved in commercial banking or similar business activities.
Effort. The Executive shall be required under this Agreement to provide services to the Company for eight (8) business days per month during the Term (irrespective of the Company's vacation schedule), which services shall be provided at the Company's principal executive offices. The Executive shall coordinate the scheduling of such eight (8) business days with the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and, on such days, the Executive shall use his best efforts to be present at such offices for at least nine (9) hours per working day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., during which time he shall devote his full working time, effort, skill and attention to the business, operations and affairs of the Company and to the furtherance of the interests, business and prospects of the Company. The Executive shall perform the Executive's duties and responsibilities hereunder diligently, competently, faithfully and to the best of his ability, judgment and skill. The parties acknowledge that during the Term the Executive may engage in any activity during his non-working time, provided that such activities and commitments are not in conflict with the business or activities of the Company and its subsidiaries and are otherwise consistent with Paragraph 6.1 of the Prior Agreement which is incorporated herein by reference; provided, however, that subject to such other activities and commitments, the Executive shall use his best efforts during such non-working time to be available, by telephone to the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the Board.
Effort. Dr Trede will allocate the following effort to accomplish the deliverables set forth in Section I above:
Effort. The Company shall use its best efforts to comply with the provisions of the Acquisition Act in connection with the Transactions.