DRI Sample Clauses

DRI. 3.2.1. It is to the benefit of all parties to define the timeline and begin the project
DRI. DRI shall indemnify and hold CYBS harmless from and against all claims, suits, demands, actions and proceedings, judgments, penalties, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and costs), losses or liabilities of any kind ("Damages") which may arise or result from (a) the marketing or servicing by DRI of the Programs, except for matters referred to in Section 8.2, and (b) from a material breach of any representation, warranty or agreement of DRI. DRI may not transfer, assign, mortgage, charge, or otherwise encumber or dispose of any of its rights under this Agreement.
DRI. DRI hereby represents and warrants to CYBS that DRI has the requisite authority to enter into this Agreement and the performance of its obligations under this Agreement will not result in the violation of: (i) the organizational documents or Bylaws of DRI, (ii) any agreement, contract, lease, license, document or other commitment, written or oral, with respect to the Programs to which DRI is a party or may become bound, or (iii) any applicable law, rule, license or regulation.

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Management and Control of the Company The Manager shall direct, manage and control the business of the Company to the best of such Manager’s ability and shall have full and complete authority, power and discretion to make any and all decisions and to do any and all things which the Manager shall deem to be reasonably required in light of the Company’s business and objectives.
Opinion of General Counsel of the Company At the Closing Time, the Representative shall have received the opinion, dated the Closing Time, of the General Counsel of the Company, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to counsel for the Underwriters, together with signed or reproduced copies of such letter for each of the other Underwriters substantially to the effect set forth in Exhibit A-1 hereto.
Agreement to Sell and Contribute on the Closing Date On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, Santander Consumer does hereby irrevocably sell, transfer, assign, contribute and otherwise convey to the Purchaser without recourse (subject to the obligations herein) on the Closing Date all of Santander Consumer’s right, title and interest in, to and under the Receivables, the Collections after the Cut-Off Date, the Receivable Files and the Related Security relating thereto, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, as evidenced by an Assignment substantially in the form of Exhibit A delivered on the Closing Date (collectively, the “Purchased Assets”). The sale, transfer, assignment, contribution and conveyance made hereunder does not constitute and is not intended to result in an assumption by the Purchaser of any obligation of Santander Consumer or any Originator to the Obligors, the Dealers or any other Person in connection with the Receivables or the other assets and properties conveyed hereunder or any agreement, document or instrument related thereto.
Services to the Corporation Agent will serve, at the will of the Corporation or under separate contract, if any such contract exists, as a director of the Corporation or as a director, officer or other fiduciary of an affiliate of the Corporation (including any employee benefit plan of the Corporation) faithfully and to the best of his ability so long as he is duly elected and qualified in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws or other applicable charter documents of the Corporation or such affiliate; provided, however, that Agent may at any time and for any reason resign from such position (subject to any contractual obligation that Agent may have assumed apart from this Agreement) and that the Corporation or any affiliate shall have no obligation under this Agreement to continue Agent in any such position.
Parent Parent (i) is duly organized, validly existing and in good standing pursuant to the Laws of its jurisdiction of organization; and (ii) has the requisite power and authority to conduct its business as it is presently being conducted and to own, lease or operate its properties and assets.
Opinion of General Counsel for the Company The General Counsel of the Company shall have furnished to the Representatives, at the request of the Company, her written opinion, dated the Closing Date and addressed to the Underwriters, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Representatives, to the effect set forth in Annex A-2 hereto.
Certificate of Financial Officer – Swap Agreements Concurrently with any delivery of financial statements under Section 8.01(a) and Section 8.01(b), a certificate of a Financial Officer, in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, setting forth as of the last Business Day of such fiscal quarter or fiscal year, a true and complete list of all Swap Agreements of the Borrower and each Subsidiary, the material terms thereof (including the type, term, effective date, termination date and notional amounts or volumes), the net mark-to-market value therefor, any new credit support agreements relating thereto not listed on Schedule 7.20, any margin required or supplied under any credit support document, and the counterparty to each such agreement.
Notices to the Company and Trustee Any notice or demand authorized by this Indenture to be made upon, given or furnished to, or filed with, the Company or the Trustee shall be sufficiently made, given, furnished or filed for all purposes if it shall be mailed, delivered or telefaxed to:
Operations Prior to the Closing Date (a) From the date of this Agreement until the Closing, Seller shall operate and carry on the Business only in the ordinary course and substantially as presently operated. Except as otherwise contemplated herein or as set forth in Disclosure Letter Schedule 7.4, Parent and Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to keep and maintain the Purchased Assets in good operating condition and repair and to maintain the business organization of the Division intact and to preserve the goodwill of the suppliers, contractors, licensors, Employees, customers, distributors and others having business relations with the Division. In connection therewith, Seller shall not, with respect to any Employee of the Division, without the consent of Buyer (not to be unreasonably withheld), (i) transfer such Employee to another business unit of Seller, (ii) terminate any Employee other than clerical or administrative personnel or for cause as determined in good faith by Seller in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice or (iii) otherwise attempt to persuade any such Employee to terminate his or her relationship with Seller or not to commence employment with Buyer after the Closing.
Management and Administrative Services The Investment Adviser shall perform, or arrange for its affiliates to perform, the management and administrative services necessary for the operation of the Fund, including administering shareholder accounts and handling shareholder relations. The Investment Adviser shall provide the Fund with office space, facilities, equipment and necessary personnel and such other services as the Investment Adviser, subject to review by the Board of Directors, from time to time shall determine to be necessary or useful to perform its obligations under this Agreement. The Investment Adviser, also on behalf of the Fund, shall conduct relations with custodians, depositories, transfer agents, pricing agents, dividend disbursing agents, other shareholder servicing agents, accountants, attorneys, underwriters, brokers and dealers, corporate fiduciaries, insurers, banks and such other persons in any such other capacity deemed to be necessary or desirable. The Investment Adviser generally shall monitor the Fund's compliance with investment policies and restrictions as set forth in filings made by the Fund under the federal securities laws. The Investment Adviser shall make reports to the Board of Directors of its performance of obligations hereunder and furnish advice and recommendations with respect to such other aspects of the business and affairs of the Fund as it shall determine to be desirable.